Hull: Cruiser
Class: Ork “kroozer” designation – typically either Kill Kroozer or Terror Ship
Dimensions: Varies; 4.5 km long approx, 1.1 km abeam approx.
Mass: 30 megatonnes approx.
Crew: hordes of Grotz and Boyz
Accel: 2.7 gravities max sustainable acceleration
NPC Starships Crew

Amongst the largest of the most commonly encountered Ork vessels, a “kroozer” is broadly analogous to the cruisers of the Imperial Navy in mass and armament. Kroozers are heavily armed, mounting eclectic clusters and batteries of heavy macrocannons. Thick prows protect these lumbering craft from enemy fire as they rush headlong towards their victims. Two distinct designs of kroozer have been regularly identified over the centuries. The Kill Kroozer mounts gun batteries of various sizes, and is a common sight in Freebooter fleets.

Terror Ships replace some guns with great holes in the flanks of the ship containing launch bays for squadrons of fighta-bommas. Other kroozers may conform to one of these configurations, or mount other weapons such as torpedo tubes or crackling energy weapons.

Speed: 5 Manoeuvrability: +0 Detection: +10
Morale: 100 Crew Population: 100 Crew Rating: Crack (40)
Turret Rating: 1 Weapon Capacity: Prow 2, Port 2, Starboard 2 Void Shields: 1(2)
Armour: 23 prow, 19 port and starboard, 16 stern Hull Integrity: 90

Essential Components
Looted Drive, Warp Engine, Single Void Shield Array, Air Pumps, ‘Uge Teef, Boyz Barracks, Kaptin’s Bridge, Searchy Gubbinz

Supplemental components
Choose two prow weapons from the following.: A ship may have one Zzap Kannon or Torpedo Launcha.

Prow Kannonz (Macrobattery; Strength 1d5+2; Damage 1d10+3; Crit Rating 5; Range 9)
Prow ‘Eavy Gunz (Macrobattery; Strength 6; Damage 2d10; Crit Rating 4; Range 3)
Zzap Kannonz (Lance; Strength 2; Damage 1d10+4; Crit Rating 3; Range 6)
Torpedo Launcha (Torpedo Tubes; Strength 1d5+2; Damage 2d10+14, TerminalPenetration 3; Range 35)

These torpedo tubes are loaded with Looted Torpedoes, and may be loaded with different torpedoes (such as boarding torpedoes) at the GM’s discretion.

Choose two port and two starboard weapons from the following list. Launch bays may only be selected once per side:

Gunz Battery (Macrobattery, Strength 1d5+1; Damage 1d10+4; Crit Rating 6; Range 5)
‘Eavy Gunz (Macrobattery; Strength 4; Damage 2d10; Crit Rating 4; Range 3)
Launch Bayz (Launch Bay; Strength 2) This bay holds 2 squadrons of Fighta-bommas and 2 squadrons of Assault Boats.
Kustom Kannonz (Macrobattery; Strength 1d5; Damage 1d10+2; Crit Rating 5; Range 6)
These “flash gunz” are slightly more reliable than regular gunz, and may re-roll their Strength result before firing each turn.
Da Hold: Typically laden with all manner of scrap, junk and detritus, the hold of an Ork kroozer is nonetheless likely to contain at least some items of worth. If the ship is captured with this Component intact, the captors gain 100 Achievement Points.
Armoured Prow: The bonuses for this gigantic snarling Ork visage are already included in the ship’s statistics.

In addition, roll once on Table 3–1, and once on Table 3–2 to generate two
Ork upgrades.

Extra Shield Generator: The ship’s generators have been boosted and reinforced. The ship gains 1 additional Void Shield.

Armoured Kaptain’s Bridge: The bridge is clad in massive sheets of heavy armour plating, protecting the kaptin from the ravages of battle. If this Component takes a Critical Hit, becomes Damaged, Disabled or loses Power, roll 1d10. On a 4 or more, the Component is unharmed.

Modifier summary

The following modifiers may be further altered by specific upgrades.
• +10 bonus on all Command Tests involving boarding actions and
Hit and Run attacks.
• When losing Crew Population, lose one less than normal.
• +10 bonus on all Pilot tests to increase Speed
• +1d5 Seed during any manoeuvre action when the ship does
not turn
• –10 penalty on all tests made while on silent running


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