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The Tiberius Dynasty

After the fortuitous death of his older brother Rogue Trader Bloodwyn Tiberius, young apprentice Rogue Trader Aheron Tiberius was bestowed a captain of a Jericho Pilgrim Vessel,
Ancient vessel that has served the family for generations. His journey of meeting and killing his officers and destroying his family name has just begun.

Coming from a rich family, his ship was well equipped for all but offense, from obscure Tenebro Mazes to secret compartments in the cargo hold, it was ready for all but what awaited.
Former Rogue Traders crew consisted of competent officers and crack voidsmen, which under right command performed their duties marvelously.

Inexperienced Rogue Trader found himself in command over thousands of voidsmen and colourful higher staff. Ranging from the Explorator, Echo Notch, a open minded Tech-Priest of Adeptus Mechanicus, for whom recovery of archeotech was of the utmost priority. Quiet and eerie Arch-Militant Vorian Blade, ancient and wise Void-Master to whom they didn’t refer by name.
Beautiful and charming seneschal,Rushana Saiid. Cute as a button, petite, albino Navigator Wyn with eyes black as the void itself. Press-ganged, enslaved and tortured Astropath Transcendent Mordechai, put into service by Aherons older brother Bloodwyn.

Up to now, they have been through hell and high-water.
Facing a mutiny of deamonic scale aboard their ship, by the fault of bad communication, worse decisions and fits of insanity, resulting in catastrophic 99.8% crew dead, officers included. All thanks to good wine.

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