Located in Furibundus and entierly constructed out of the void through imported materials, Footfall is a collection of man-made asteroids bound together and nominally administrated by the current Liege, Bernhardt Wilhelm Friedrich Rosencrantz (although he is heavily “advised” by fellow interested parties like his predecessors were). Since it is not an official Imperial outpost, theoretically any Warrant of Trade could allow a Rogue Trader to claim ownership of Footfall, but those foolish enough to exercise this power tend not to survive the inauguration ceremony. The obvious ruler tends to just be the most murderous and foolheaded thug to reach the top for the time being.

Much like the position of Liege, the ownership of the various asteroids in orbit around Footfall tend to default to the usurper of the previous ruler. However there are some more stable regions in the system for the traveler, most of which are found in the twenty central asteroids of Footfall, anchored around the Macro-statue of the God Emperor.

Longshore– The largest region in Footfall, this battle-cruiser sized Asteroid has been hollowed out and retrofitted to be the standard port of call for most travellers to Footfall
Pit of Voices – The Astropathic Choir of Furibundus
Boneyard – A dumping ground for things that people do not wish to see the light of day again. Predominately bodies.
Shield Shrines– A series of there asteroids that generate the massive void shields that protect Footfall.
Hab-Fanes – Impressive structures on the outside that are home to countless menial labourers, broke travellers and those that have attracted powerful enemies. A popular target for press gangs.
Liege’s Court – Another of the founding structures of Footfall, this is an ancient Cruiser that has been remodelled and serves as the palace of the current Liege.
Chapel of the Third Congregates – A huge shrine to the God-Emperor that is packed with devotees and Ecclesiarchy alike. Holy pilgrimages leave constantly from here to bring worlds into the Imperial Fold.
The Red Schola– An otherwise unimpressive structure, the highest trained hypno-conditioned slaves emerge from this place. No prices is ever asked for these servants, only favours that are kept private to outside ears.
Spire of Intoxicants– A trading house for elements too dangerous to be dealt on the Longshore, narco-gangs and worse patrol its streets peddling their wares and seizing the unwary visitor.
Xenosium – A structure meant to simulate any environment that a Xenos traveller could need, it is always deserted whenever an official patrol comes through the system.

Balance of Powers in Footfall

Black Brotherhood
Seven Witches
Kasballica Mission
Obsidian Emporial
The Tutors
Astral Knives
True Path
Disciples of the Dark Gods


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