Anya Nucra

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
27 27 27 32 34 36 32 32 51
Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing
3/6/9/18 27kg/54kg/108kg
Insanity Wounds Fate Points Corruption
0 13 0 0


Awareness +20 (Per) Charm +10 (Fel) Command (Fel)
Deceive +20 (Fel) Inquiry +20 (Fel) Scrutiny +20 (Per)
Stealth +20 (Agi) Common Lore (Int)
Adeptus Ministorum
Language (Int)
High Gothic
Dodge (Agi)

Special Abilities

Nothing Escapes My Sight: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points, she may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed at an Awareness or Inquiry skill test with a number of degrees of success equal to his Perception bonus.
Faith is All:When spending a Fate point to gain a +10 bonus to any one test, she gains a +20 bonus instead.
Faith in the Creed: Whenever she spends a Fate point, he rolls 1d10. On a result of 1, the character’s total number of Fate points is not reduced.


Keen Intuition: Anja has trained extensively to notice objects that seem out of place or hidden. This can bring the smallest irregularity to prominence, revealing the betrayal festering beneath the surface. After failing an Awareness skill test, she can re-roll the test with a –10 modifier.
W. Training: Chain, SP
Clues from the Crowds: It is often difficult to extract information from groups such as
hive gangs or Administratum scribes, as often numbers can bolster recalcitrance to questioning.Anja knows that such groups can hold critical information to complete an investigation, and can throw more effective nets when interrogating groups and reveal valued clues. Once per day, she can re-roll a test made to gather information from a group of people.
Face in the Crowd: A successful investigation often involves trailing suspects without their knowledge, the better to follow them to hidden dens or criminal activity. With training, the Anja can ensure none notice her presence, through careful replication of a
crowd’s mannerisms or even joining gatherings while still keeping a careful eye on her quarry. When employing the Shadowing special use of the Stealth skill, she can use her Fellowship characteristic instead of her Agility.


Imperial Robe: 1AP all


Name Class Damage Pen Range ROF Clip Reload
Stub Revolver Pistol 1d10+3 I 0 30m S/-/- 6 2 Full
Special Rules
Name Class Damage Pen Range ROF Clip Reload
Warhammer Melee 1d10+3 I 1
Special Rules
Concussive (1), Primitive (8)


Laud Hailer Servo Skullr

Anya Nucra

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