Aheron Tiberius

Rogue Trader and the former leader of the Tiberius Dynasty


Deceased thrice?

Missing in Action

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
52 40 41 40 46 50 42 40 62
Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing
4/8/12/24 56kg/112kg/225kg
Insanity Wounds Fate Points Corruption
60 17 1 30
Feel No Pain 1d5 Wounds, loses track of his own wounds
Nightmarish Gain Fear (3) his visage becomes terrifying to look at
Invulnerability, Split Personality Disorder (Scheming megalomaniac)

Special Ability’s
+10 etiquette on interaction with Nobility and in Formal events.
+10 to interaction skills to all who understand the importance of Renowned Warrant.


  • Acrobatics (Ag)
  • Awareness (Per) +10
  • Blather (Fel)
  • Charm (Fel) 20 (10 M.O)
  • Ciphers (Int)
  • Command (Fel) +20
  • Commerce (Fel)
  • Common Lore (Int) (Imperium, Rouge Traders, Kronus Expanse)
  • Decive (Fel)
  • Dodge (Ag) +20
  • Drive (Ag) (Hover, Skimmer)
  • Evaluate (int)
  • Forbiden Lore (Int) (Xenos)
  • Inquiry (Fel)
  • Literacy (Int)
  • Logic (Int)
  • Preformer (Fel)
  • Parry (WS) +10
  • Pilot (Ag) (Flyers, Space Craft)
  • Scholastic Lore (Int) (Astromancy, Imperial Warrants, Legend)
  • Scrutiny (Per)
  • Secret Tongue (Int) (Rogue Traders)
  • Speak Language (Int) (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Traders Cant)
  • Trade (Int) (Voidfarer)

Paranoia (Brook no insult),
Air of Authority,
Melee Weapon Training (Universal),
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal),
Renowned Warrant,
True Grit (Bonus for being stubborn)
Sound Constitution(x3),
Two weapon wielder (Melee),
Iron Jaw (Mutation from the dinner party)
Enemy (Navis Nobilitae)
Swift Attack
Double Team
Leap Up
Quick Draw

Armour: Ignatus Pattern Power Armour, (Replacement power cell pack rack, Sonar Auspex Emitter, Infra-Red Optic Overlays, Drug Injector Unit, Lamp, Vox Caster, Void Thrusters, Magnetic Boots.
(Arms 8, Body 8, Head 8, Legs 8)
Pressure Carapace Armour, with deflective construction and Impact gel cells
(Arms 7, Body 7, Head 7, Legs 8) (2, Impact, Rending, Explosion)
Xeno Cloak, +3 Ac to from behind, +30 concealment, Invisibility.
Weapons: Bolt Pistol (30m; S/2/–; 1d10
5x; Pen 4, Clip 8; Reload Full), Reliable, Tearing 3,5kg
Inferno Pistol (10m; S/–/–; 2d10+8; Pen 13; Clip 3; Reload Full; Best Crafted)
Digital Weapon (Ring; Melta) (3m; S/-/-; 2d10+4E; Pen 12; Clip 1; Reload 2 Full (Complicated);
Mono Sword (1d10+1; Pen 2; Balanced/Best Crafted; 10 Parry/WS 3kg
Multi-Melta (Mars) (60M; S/-/-/; 4d10
5 E; Pen 13; Clip 10; Reload 2 Full (Blast (1))
Gear: Set of Fine Clothing, Recoil Glove, Preysense goggles, Photovisor, Grav Chute, Magnoculars, Belasco Dueling Pistols, Diagnosticiator, Journal, Chrono, Microbead, Power Filed, Filtration Plugs, Journal, Lord-Captains Baton, Mefonte’s Orthodoxy, Auto quill.


Aheron was born as a 4th son to Luther Tiberius, his whole life he lived in shadows of his older brothers, he was a savant and a scholar and so he lived a reclusive life, never having much interest in leading a Void ship and commanding thousands of lives. His older brother Bloodwyn constantly picked on him, he even went that far that he mutilated Aheron giving him a huge scar from the right side of his abdomen to his right ear. Aheron’s eldest brother Alric was the only one who understood Aheron and showed him brotherly respect. After suffering great tragedy by losing his wife to be Liuva, Aheron had his downfall that lasted for months after which he never was the same. Aheron recovered under the careful eye of his Great uncle and tutor Claudius, deciding to change his life and test his limits he asked his father for permission and joined his brother Bloodwyn aboard the Sanguinian Krieg.

Tiberius Familly History

After their short time together, Bloodwyn dies in an ambush orchestrated by another Rogue Trader, Hadarak Fel, suddenly Aheron Becomes a Captain and is once again at the crossroads of his life.

The Righteous Path

Aheron Tiberius

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