Tiberius Dynasty

Out of the frying-pan into the fire

"How long have we travelled?"

The heroes of our story just can’t have a break; some higher power must be meddling with their affairs. But we’ll get to that, first thing’s first.

Ah yes the beautiful warp and our heroes in it, well the journey began as planed and everyone was happy to finally leave the desert planet of Zayth and go back home, well everybody except captain Aheron, for he knew that the wrath of his father was waiting for him at the end of this journey. The trip was rather pleasant until the final stretch when the ship ran into a warp-storm. Luckily the crew was calm and collected and managed to get our heroes out of it without any problems, or so they thought. The first thing they saw was a familiar planet, the second was a big ship docked at the station, Alaric told our captain that it was a present for him and that it will be his new ship. The jaw dropping was interrupted by a hail from the planet asking them to identify themselves, which was the first clue that something was off since they should recognize the ID of the Emperors will. The second clue came in the form of old lady Ash, who greeted them and asked them to come to the planet surface to discuss everything. They got a retinue of five guards in the uniforms of house Tiberius, and a guide who told them that one hundred and sixteen years have passed since their entry into the warp. Still shocked they landed on the surface where they were greeted with a barrel of a cannon and a lot of soldiers. Lady Ash came in person as well and ordered the guards to arrest the heretics. Since no resistance was put they were escorted to the dungeons, while walking captain noticed that there were no flags of his house even though the soldiers were in the uniform of his house. Deep in the dungeons of the castle our adventurers were stripped and put into separated cells, while Echo Notch was put into a stasis field, fortunately he managed to rig the field to let him out in half an hour. While changing into their prison uniforms captain tried to hide a knife but failed, this resulted in the kick from the guards that broke his ribs. Mad with pain Aheron jumped the guard and started attacking, and Mordechai understood that it was a signal to start fighting. He pushed his powers to their limits shouting: “God Emperor protect me, and if you do not then chaos I give myself to thee”, that resulted in a demon appearance and utter chaos started once more, Duncan managed to free Echo and they started running towards the exit, unfortunately Duncan was so shocked that he was unable to talk, while the captain tried to escape but the sight of a daemon was so shocking that he started to convincing himself that everything was going to be alright. They managed to get to the landing-pad and while captain and Duncan were starting the flier, Echo got into the canon and fired upon a deamon. They managed to escape the surface, now they had to find a way to get out of the system. Contacting Alaric, they devised a plan to get to the new ship and get out of the system with both ships. Luckily they had an ID card from the jailer and managed to fool the radio operator, but unfortunately no one was blessed with wait so they had to pump Duncan’s suit with nitrogen from the fire-extinguisher so he would gain some “weight”. Unfortunately the guards caught on and a fight started, luckily they had some help from a strange white haired girl who told them that she is coming with them, and managed to get to the ship somehow. Pushing the ship to its limits they managed to get of the station and started going to a safe distance, but another ship blocked their way, luckily they managed to intimidate the crew and it retreated. Safe from the defensive fire our heroes had a meeting with the new crew member and started discussing on what to do next. When the girl asked what was the plan from now on, still a bit shocked and without thinking captain told the her: “Adapt and overcome bitch” witch resulted in him being punched and unconscious and her put into a room and locked.

That was the first meeting with Lien Ryn.


Storykillinger TeaVioleta

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