Tiberius Dynasty

Bile and Rot

Exploring the Mediace Decks

As they entered the medbay Echo Notch was leery of connecting to the Medbay observation and control shrine because of possible viruses. 

As they entered the complex only darkness, debris, gurneys and medical equipment and aparature scattered across the hallways. They ventured deeper and deeper, clearing the rooms as they went along. In each room they checked the vents, and were very suspicious of venturing further, until they got to strange perspiring walls. Checking the material seeping out of the walls the Explorator concluded that it was metal. It was perplexing him and he suggested to go back, as he noticed via his auspex scanner that there is a strange substance in the air. 
After several blood analysis they found they are contaminated by the strange virus. 
ArchMilitant and the Explorator spent several minutes discussing the course of action they should take. They decided that since they are already infected they should push on. 

Not more than 25 meters down the hall they have seen a strange pipe mutated appearing organic and every several moments it was pumping something slimy and disgusting stopping the seeping fluids.

They heard some noises coming up from the room on the right, as they have ventured inside the room they have seen the terror greet them. Bloated oversized soaked corpses, skinny skeletal like but rather fresh rotting corpses walking around, that Echo recognized as Aheron. What the hell was going on here was the question on their minds right after incoherent screaming from terror. 
After two people melting from noxious vomit, including Helios, member of the royal guard and an unnamed armsmen, the daemonic entities have succumb to heavy weapons fire.

They later discovered in medbay that there is a huge disgusting vat filled with corpses and remains of whoknowswhat inside, polluting the entire medbay. Further study of the virus noted that the victims without cortex implants would have the virus dormant. While the few Engineseer’s have built the new synopses in the brain on the expense of their muscles, which were atrophying quickly. Echo could not do anything to help them. He employed them to fixing the medbay, as a form of quarantine.

[I cannot remember what was roleplayed when not in the medbay, but it was a lot of it. Someone write down MEANTIME on Spyridon]

Meanwhile on Spyridon:

[Write something here plz anyone] 


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