Tiberius Dynasty

Cleansing of the Supermutants

The drop of fresh blood in the chlorine pool

After a talk with Scyla, Emiel contacted Echo Notch and told him that Sigismund’s presence is required on the ship in order to cleanse it. Additionally the presence of Cynthia, Maxwell’s Arch-militant would be beneficial. The decision was made that Sigismund would come to the ship, but his movement would be restricted to the temple as much as possible. Scyla had a delightful dinner with captain Diana, where she got to know her better. In the mean time the cleaning party was quarantined since they were infected with the unknown virus. Echo managed to determine that it is dormant no matter what he did to it, and that it has no effect on the humans. To his horror he discovered that the virus is active on the tech-priests , it affected their brains making them smarter but their bodies were deteriorating. The blessings of the machine god helped Echo to cleans himself from the virus completely, the people who were in void suits were sent to Maxwell’s ship, those who were infected stayed in the medical bay, and the rest went to rest. The first part of the mass was held in the cargo bay of “Spyridon” and it went without problems after it was finished it was time to transport father Sigismund and the acolytes to the “Satyricon” to do the second part of the mass. Emiel went with them as well. After a brief persuasion whether or not Sigismund would wear a void-suit when they disembark on the navigator tower, luckily he agreed to put one on. There was an official welcoming party for him but he ignored it and went straight to the temple. Upon arriving there he announced that the door of the temple are from now open to all and that they shall never be closed again. After inspecting the bodies he proclaimed that the temple is a holy ground and that the Emperor himself looked upon it. As an additional proof he found a holy 111Mace111. The acolytes cleaned the temple, putting the bodies in the praying 111chambers111, and the mass had begun. In the middle of it Aheron came to attend it. He walked to the center, the people moved from him since they sensed something foul. In addition he didn’t remove his helmet. One of the acolytes tried to persuade him to remove it but Aheron manged to bluff his way out of it. The mass was finished and with the people gone, all of Sigismund’s attention was focused on Aheron who stayed to pray some more. The atmosphere between the two was so tense that one could cut it with a knife.Sigismund asked to be left alone with Aheron, and seeing the unwillingness of the others to leave them, he gave his weapons to Echo and asked Aheron to do the same. After that they were left alone. The conversation was not pleasant, but luckily it went without a fight. Sigismund attacked Aheron that during his time he did nothing but trying to accumulate his personal wealth, that he has forgotten about spreading the light of the Emperor and that this was his punishment. Aheron tried to defend himself but to no avail. In the Aheron showed his new face to Sigismund, and he demanded from the good captain to come to the temple every day and to confess his sins. After that the conversation was over. Aheron came out and wanted to talk to his officers about the future of the family, so they went to his room. There he first talk alone with Echo about his new face and should he hide it from the officers, to which Echo said yes. The rest of the officers were then invited in, and briefed on the situation. Aheron could not be the face of the family anymore for obvious reasons and therefore he would retire but remain the head of the family, so a new trader was needed. The firs choice was Emiel, but he declined and suggested that Scyla would be a better choice, after a brief debate it was decided that she will take the mantle of leadership but Aheron and the rest will teach and guide her until she is capable of doing thing herself. That was the end of the meeting and everyone went to sleep, almost everyone. Kompast, Echo and the resto of the storm-troopers went to bury their comrade who died in the med-bay. During the night Eco made a mask for Aheron. The morning came and Scyla was invited to join the rest of the officers on board the “Satyricon”. On board the “Spyridon” cleaning of the ship has began and even a dozen tech-priests from “Satyricon” were sent to help. Kompast was drilling his men and preparing them for the day ahead. Echo gave the mas to Aheron but it was worse with the mask, so they decided to wait wit the mask until they liberate the manufactorum. Upon arriving Scyla was amazed by the sheer size and power of a repulsive grand cruiser. Amazement went to discomfort when she heard Aherons voice, and the first question was where is Sigismund. After she was reassured that he was fine and that nothing bad has happend, the all went to the war-room to discus about the future. She was told that she is the new trader and a new face to the family, and that the rest of the officers will be there to guide her, at least in the beginning. As the meeting drew to an end, they went to the temple where Scyla was more than happy to see Sigismund. 111They talked about her dreams and that they are getting worse111. After that Aheron suggested that she joins them on the next stage of cleansing the ship, to learn how to lead in stressful circumstances. In the mean time Sigismun shall cleanse the melodium. With the preparations done they went to the manufactorum. To Echo’s surprise the station in charge of opening the doors contained the command to shut down the killer-servitors that were in the manufactorum. With the threat disabled it was a great relief that the manufactorum was liberated without a drop of blood being shed. But there was something interesting there. A cannon was built to fire at something outside of the ship, and later the compartment was sealed, it is unknown who built it and for what purpose. The next on the list were barracks. There they a lot of mutants there, and the leader of the mutants challenged them to a duel to determine the new leader of the barracks, the duel would be to the death, above the endless pit. Echo took the challenge and with a flawless victory took the leadership for himself.


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