Tiberius Familly History

Aheron was born as a 4th son to Luther Tiberius, his whole life he lived in shadows of his older brothers, he was a savant and a scholar and so he lived a reclusive life, never having much interest in leading a Void ship and commanding thousands of lives. His older brother Bloodwyn constantly picked on him, he even went that far that he mutilated Aheron giving him a huge scar from the right side of his abdomen to his right ear. Aheron’s eldest brother Alric was the only one who understood Aheron and showed him brotherly respect.

Even Lord Luther, Aheron’s Father gave up hope that his will become someone notable, so Lord Luther tried to get the most of it, he arranged a marriage between Aheron and Liuva the daughter of a fellow Rogue Trader in the Neighboring sector, hoping this will strengthen the Unity between them. Liuva was the youngest daughter of Lord Gabriel “the Grey” Lycan, she was a natural beauty, a bit shy in front of strangers, but very sociable with friends, Aheron and Liuva already met on Aheron’s Home world were they both attended most prestigious University in that part of the universe, they had some of the best professors of that time perhaps even millenniums back. It didn’t take long before they grow fond of each other. Aheron admitted his love the best way he knew how, one night he called her out to garden and under a full moon he gave her the most beautiful rose and recited the most romantic poems and stories he knew, he was a hopeless romantic, and she surprised him when she stared to recite back same masterpieces only the female roles, that night they pledged their love to each other with moon and stars as their witnesses.

Aheron was rejoiced with his fathers decision, he could not sleep for days, learning and practicing dozens and hundreds of poems and songs that he would recite to the Love of his Life, he was at the peak of his life, he was bursting with it, nothing and no one could ruin this moment, this feeling, he would not allow it, for the first time he felt something so strong inside of him, something that finally gave him confidence and courage and he grasped on to it, promising never to let go. No matter what Bloodwyn did, he could not break Aheron, even more, when they dueled, Aheron started fighting more offensively which was unusual, since he was always defending and trying to yield quickly, now Aheron fought with all his might, he displayed the level of strength and agility no one excepted from him, he even managed to cut Bloodwyn on his cheek and mess up his beard. It took four guards to stop Bloodwyn from shooting Aheron, even Alric had to step in and calm Bloodwyn.

Everything was going in Aheron’s favor, till that day, September 4th, the day his loved one vanished, no one knows what exactly happened, was the ship destroyed by pirates or did it disappear in the warp. The biggest search and rescue operation that part of the universe has seen was launched, dozens of ships searched for the remains of the Light Cruiser Vulfila, but nothing was found, only clue was an Astropathic message that said: “Help us, they are everywhere…”. Aheron was mad with grief, he locked him self up in his room for days, at beginning he screamed, he shouted and cursed this unpredictable twist of fate, he broke his hands by punching walls, he raged day and night. Everyone that could hear him were frighted, nobody could have imagined that small, quiet Aheron wound react like this, no one dared enter his room, until few days later, his father Lord Tiberius, his Brother Alric and his Great Uncle Claudius barged in fearing for his life, what they saw was not Aheron, but hollow man eyes filled with anger and anguish, thirst for revenge and pain, he stumbled towards them and fell, it took months before he was fully healed, but he was not the same anymore, his eyes were deeper and his look more serious. They say: “Pain can mold even the most foolish boy, into a grown man”. Aherons whole life collapsed around him, he was sinking ever deeper, and there was nothing he could do about it. Then his Great uncle Claudius took him under his wing, he taught him all important life lessons, something they could not teach Aheron at school, he taught him that sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain because life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain. There was whole chapter of life’s lessons in front of Aheron and he was yet to uncover them. While spending time with Claudius, Aheron decided, he will go to his father and ask for an opportunity to prove himself , he wanted to go and travel amongst the stars, he wanted to push his boundaries, to see his limit, to test his capacity, he wanted change, he need it, but above all he wanted to find out what happened Liuva.

His father approved of his request, and placed him as a first officer aboard Bloodwyn’s ship the Sanguinian Krieg. Bloodwyn was surprised but fathers decision and even more with Aherons request all that combined with the way Aheron started behaving after his tragedy, forced Bloodwyn to reassess his opinion of Aheron, and pushed him to think that he just might become something. Although he continued to order Aheron around and tried to break him under the weight of responsibility’s, this time he did not do it just to see his younger brother suffer, but in hope that he will make him into a fine Captain one day.

And so, they have arrived upon Port Wonder, not knowing what lays before them, they started their approach towards the docks… The Righteous Path

Tiberius Familly History

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