Tiberius Dynasty Family Tree

Beremod Tiberius – Considered the founder of the family and the first Lord of the sector, although little is known about him as he is shrouded in mystery of the times past, the tales of his life are being past from father to son, from generation to generation, the tales of his great deeds and even greater battles, considered one of the first Traders in the history of the Imperium (of course many family’s claim that for their founders), it is told his ship The Thurismod is a remnant of the Dark age of Technology or at least built after the one from that period, it is unknown what happened to Beremod’s ship, some say it was destroyed in mighty battle, others state that it was requisitioned by Tech-priests of Mars for it is possessed with great Machine Spirit, the family story goes it is “lost” on purpose, to protect it, only to be found again in the family’s most darkest hour. Few believe that the ship existed, even fewer that it still exists.

Many generations Of Tiberius family, some were great and some were not, some were lost hoped to be found and some were removed never to be found, all they have done, they’ve done for the family, if they had not, they were not the part of the family for that is the Code of the Tiberius established by Its founder Beremod Tiberius

Godwin Tiberius – Son of the Thiudareiks, Former Captain of the Fritigern

Odovacar Tiberius – Son of the Godwin Tiberus, Former Captain of the Emperors Will
(Claudius Tiberius – Son of the Godwin Tiberus, Officer upon the Emperors Will, Bastard Brother to Odovacar Tiberius)

Luther Tiberius – Son of the Odovacar Tiberius, Former Captain of the Winged Fury

Alaric Tiberius – 1st. Son of Luther Tiberius, Captain of the Emperors Will

Geberic Tiberius- 2nd. Son of Luther Tiberius, Lord of the 3rd Planet in Family’s System.

Bloodwyn Tiberius – 3th. Son of Luther Tiberius, Former Captain of the Sanguinian Krieg, killed in ambush on port wonder, although official records state it was an attempted robbery, it is suspected Captain Hadarak Fel stands behind the attack.

Acheron Tiberius – 4th. Son of Luther Tiberius, Captain of the Sanguinian Krieg.

Tiberius Dynasty Family Tree

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