Metting Space Marine

“I guess I never told you how I ended up as sidekick of a Space Marine.”

- " I guess you never did" said Alyss, Duncans new assistant.

As you know I was soldier on Zayith. Scout to be precise. It was on one of Emperor damned, useless patrols. I never understood point of those. It is not like city sensors could not find everything I can much faster and blow it up. And all that without me sticking my neck to Orc, Tyranides, radiation and worse. But now when we know about population control ‘project’ by Elder Tacticians it makes much more sense. They wanted me to die. Irony is that I liked those patrols despite the fact that it was miserable experience. It was a chance to roam around for a week or so without some asshole sending me to one or another pointless errand every minute of the day.

But it is not point of my story.

That day my pointless and blissfully uneventful walk in survival suit was interrupted by sounds of gunfire somewhere in hills west of my position. I was contemplating idea to ignore it and do not risk getting shot, but my vox unit crackled and I heard voice of my Sargent:
“Duncan, what the fuck is that noise in your sector?”
“No idea, I am on route to check.”, I lied cursing my luck silently. Later I was often amused by Emperor’s sense for humour at that point, since that mystery gunfire was to be turning point in my life.

It took me couple of hours to trek into the hills and locate place from where gunfire originated. Especially because I took extreme effort to not be seen by anybody still alive in area. You see, I valued my skin highly and did not want to get it punctured in order to satisfy curiosity of some jerk back in a armoured transporter hundred kilometres away.

Sight I found is one of the most chilling things I saw in my life. And that is something I tell you. I saw some pretty nasty stuff since Zayith. All over hilltop there were somewhere around fifty Orc corpses, mutilated, torn apart, crushed. I almost felt sorry for those bastards. Almost. Then I saw huge creature in bulky metal armour moving very slowly. Suddenly it moved very fast and charged me. I managed to dodge its attack by jumping to side and rolling away and part of my brain registered that it moved awkwardly, like it had stiff joins or something. That was probably only reason why it missed me.

I rose and took aim, but what I saw made me lower my gun in order to take a better look. In front of me was, well, human. But three meters tall human in bulking black armour. But not Ogrin or anything like that. There was intelligent look in his eyes as he regarded me and look of nobility of his face. His entire left hand was missing, but in right he was holding huge power axe. Then I noticed that something is wrong. He was standing too stiffly.

At that time I knew nothing about Emperor or his sons, Space Marines. But something, some deep instinct urged me to be friendly toward this giant. Strangely enough I felt safe.

“I… I… do you… what…”, I stared stumbling. Usually I am quite fluid in talking my self out of trouble, but not this time.

“Relax human, I am not going to kill you. I need your help. What is your name?”, said giant in deep rumbling voice.
“Um.. Duncan… what… I mean who are you?”
“I am Wulfaz Stormsson, of Vlka Fenryka, protector of man kind. Help me take off this armour. It’s power is off.”

Something about him made me trust him, so I approached and for next half an hour fiddled with countless joints following Wulfaz’s instructions and answering his questions about myself and my city. After that we agreed that I will repair his armour and he will pull me out of army to be his guide. He told me that he is looking for someone who landed here.

Couple of hours later we were nearing transport vehicle that was to take me back to city. Knowing how paranoid people in command in my city are, I suggested to take transport by force, fix his armour with supplies we had there and then proceed to city.

TODO ambush

About week later Wolfaz and I run into strange people in desert, that turned out to be crew of Captan Acheron, and I managed to tag along and prove myself enough to become their new Senechal. Their old one got killed in some incident as far as I am told.

-“So, how did you end up here Alyss?”

Metting Space Marine

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