Duncan medical logs

132.789.M41 (not sure witch year it is in campaign)
I just finished all possible tests and scans on me. There is nothing visibly wrong with my eyes, head or anything. There is no medical explanation why do I see things rot in front of my eyes if I look at them for too long. This is fifth time I do all those tests. There can be no error or doubt. Damage to my sight is inside my mind/soul. During unprotected Warp jump my soul got corrupted. I was hoping and praying that I will find some physical damage on my eyes or brain, but truth can not be denied any more. I am tainted. But I refuse to believe that it is irreversible. There has to be a way to cleanse my soul. And I WILL FIND IT.

142.789.M41 (not sure witch year it is in campaign)
I need to acquire some books and records on this subject. Until I can do so, I tried talking to Missionary on board. Old man seems hardened by long and difficult life, but I am not sure if he truly understands what he preaches. Nevertheless, I will carefully examine all phrases he used for clues. I also asked him for a few holly books. I suspect that they are full of metaphors and superstitions, but hidden in them I might find some clue to how to combat taint. After all, legends tell that in time when Emperor walked the Universe, many things could be healed. Only when man willingly gives over his soul to Chaos was irreversible.

176.789.M41 (not sure witch year it is in campaign)
I managed to secure for myself some amount of books and records regarding Warp and Warp corruption. Material is mostly philosophical in nature, but it might provide some useful insights. I wonder if any other of Officers or crew have problems since the jump, that are subtle as mine or I am only one lucky to survive being tainted. Or unlucky. Time will tell.

178.789.M41 (not sure witch year it is in campaign)
Today on stuff meeting, I noticed strange anomaly to my condition. Looking at Acheron I realised that he is not rooting in front of my eyes. He even started glowing white light. I am still not sure what to think about it. Does that mean that I respect him more than I realise. Or maybe it is some sick sense of humour from depth of my mind. Or it is trick of Warp. Or blessing and sign from Emperor. I am confused.

Duncan medical logs

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