Acquisitions Availability Sheet based on population and Time it takes: Cheat Sheet

Acquired by planet

Detailed Acquisitions by location


Special Homeworld Acquisition Rule

Notable Acqusitions players have

This is to help you figure out what junk you have. You are allowed to make wiki pages with your allotted junk that you find necessary to function. Putting all of your worldly possessions in one page, so you can open it on a session and have it all under control. Not needing to go through 10 something books to read what the hell it is and what it does.

Aheron Tiberius Items Acquired: Captain’s Acquisitions

Echo Notch Items Acquired : Explorator’s Acquisitions

Lien Ryn Items Acquired : Arch Militant’s Acquisitions

Duncan Items Acquired : Seneschal’s Acquisitions

Um Nama Nar’ayan Items Acquired: Navigators Acquisitions


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