Tag: Servitor


  • Joseff

    First of the two most loyal companions of [[:mordechai | Mordeca]]i, a faithful friend and a good shoulder to cry on. Always ready to lend an ear to his problems, never made fun of him and kept all of his secrets. A gentle soul and a damn good cook.

  • Michael

    Second most loyal companion of [[:mordechai | Mordecai]], he is a jokester of the two, his favorite jokes are with his eye and falling over stuff. Many many warp days were spent laughing at his jokes and gags. After a good cry on [[:joseff | Joseff’s]] …

  • C1-14U1\1C'/

    The servoskull that's been tagging along for more than 20 years on Echo's journeys. 20 flawless years of service and companionship. Just to be lost on the cursed Tiberius homeworld when the crew was accused of heresy and apprehended. Had it not been for …

  • c14n63dd1n

    Although not as brilliant as Echo's former companion, it serves him pretty well. Echo misses the nanofireflies greatly tho.