Tag: Former Crew


  • Konig H. K. aka Voidmaster

    His list of hated things extends far into the black reaches of the void. He loved each and every ship like they were his little children. Centuries of life took its toll on his body, having his body augmented with various implants to help stave off the …

  • Wyn

    Born on the Holy Terra in the crem of the Navis Nobilitae, provided with everything necessary for breeding the perfect navigator capable of steering entire fleets of ships. She was the most prized possession of the House Tiberius. Her strange petite …

  • Bloodywn Tiberius

    *Bloodwyn Tiberius* - 3th. Son of Luther Tiberius, Former Captain of the Sanguinian Krieg, killed in ambush on port wonder, although official records state it was an attempted robbery, it is suspected Captain Hadarak Fel stands behind the attack.

  • Vorian Blade

    *Vorian Blade* was born on *[[Luther Macintyre IX | Luther Macintyre IX]]*, Imperial desert death world. He spent his childhood scavenging bodies of unfortunate and unwise and thus helping his small community to survive. At one point when he was 15, …