Tiberius Dynasty

Troubled waters
Talking with the Orks

Starting in the path of void combat, in a wide salvo of ork torpedoes, unbeknown to the them they maneuvered out of the way, after they failed five auger scans. The wide salvo hit Avarice doing heavy damage to already damaged ship.

They retaliated back with a full salvo that did considerable damage to the ork Krooza, even through their heavy prow armor.

That made the Ork warboss accept the parley to see what the ’umies want.
After some negotiating they convinced the orks to split the ship, getting the kanonz from Avarice, aka Broadside Macrocannons.
Aheron managed to insult the orks and try to get killed by the massive creature.

They continued towards the enginearium to get the strange teleportarium.

Killed more then 12 Marines in close combat, buy the luck of bolter turrets.

After the rift
Warped out

After a terrible warp incident from a warp drive explosion, Explorers found themselves near the ’Undred’UndredTeef. On the bridge of Avarice they murdered in self defense 3 innocent Slaaneshi Noise Marines.

After that the debate what to do with Avarice was escalating out of hand. Disabling the bridge with explosives is the best choice they had, doing inoperable damage to the bridge.

As they had no time since a ork ship was on their way they decided to disembark the ship and are debating between negotiating with the Orks or fighting them or will they mayhaps abandon Avarice and the demolition team.

The Event Horizon
Consequences of inexperience

The aftermath of the unsuccessful negotiations between Vexillarious and Aheron was briefly devastating. What the three horrid noise marines didn’t manage to do was kill the Officers and Stormtroopers. But they did slaughter the skitarii and damage the officers severely. But as the unknowing heroes were waging their small battle on the bridge of the Avarice – another, more deadly game was being played between the Satyricon and the other cruiser, the Eternal Lament. The Eternal Lament was obviously no match for the Repulsive Grand Cruiser, but the young Rogue Trader, inexperienced and also a bit bloodthirsty ordered the ship to fire the entire arsenal at the already damaged enemy. This proved to be unwise since the swift zaythian macrocannons made massive damage to the ship’s warp engine. What a surprise it must have been to Vexillarious when instead of running away their ship’s warp core imploded into immaterium ripping a colossal warp gate sucking everything within 16 void units in along with the few pieces of itself that didn’t immediately turn into cinders.

Unready for the transition, the crew of the Satyricon was immediately exposed to the sights they couldn’t have ever even imagined, which was enough for most of them to instantly commit suicide, while others went through horrible mutations, some of them fusing with the nearby equipment and ship walls. Scylla’s face was quickly warped in terror and her hands started shaking uncontrollably. She couldn’t even move on her own volition as tears shot down her tender pale cheeks, soaking in the misery and pain her crew was being subjected to. Emiel fell to the floor, for the wave after wave of the warpstorm did not just touch his physical being, it resonated with his wide open mind. When the Gellar fields finally kicked in and Scylla found the time to gaze down upon her cousin, she was already in shock and thus ready to take in the sight of his ever-shifting visage and eyes of inexplicable colour. Although it was nothing compared to what her eye caught a glimpse of a second before the emergency shutters closed, it was still similar enough – the warp storm and his eyes, as if there was a similar sensation when trying to define the colour, or was it just the residual hallucination due to the transition…

On the other bridge, Acheron watched as horrid fleshy daemonic wings sprung from Coolbreeze’s back, ripping through his carapace and skin. The trooper immediately started screaming in pain and shock and tried desperately to comprehend what was happening. The other two stormtrooper’s watched in horror while Echo’s emotions, known only to himself were coiling and changing as the warp washed over them. Luckily, they were soon caught by the Satyricon’s normalcy field. Acheron tried to order Echo to grab Coolbreeze so that they could make him calm down, but Echo coldly refused. A new sensation began flowing through his inductors, he was slightly disgusted by such orders and did not see the point in helping the wretched human. He turned instead to look at his three tech priest companions and when he saw them fused together in an unholy mound of flesh and metal he immediately raised the multimelta and ended them, just like the remnants of the skitarii who were beyond help due to this unfortunate outcome. He aimed the melta back at Coolbreeze, as if threatening to undo him too unless he comes to his senses immediately. Luckily Quentin and Davos restrained Coolbreeze and Acheron managed to talk some sense into him, charming him into calming him down effectively.
Aheron then turned to Echo and said, “This must be the warp! We were surely plunged into the warp by some kind of warp gate or rip! We must contact the Satyricon at once.” To Echo those words were not even necessary, he had already raised the vox caster to try and get in contact with the grand cruiser, despite the minefield threat. To their surprise the mines were gone and no explosion had occurred. The line was quite weak tho, he gathered only that they were drifting towards the edge of the Satyricon’s Gellar field, so he quickly decided to take initiative and connect himself to the bridge to try and ignite the Avarice’s own Gellar field. To everyone’s relief his actions were a success and as he stood there connected via many cables and electoo’s to the main data access under the commander’s throne, a familiar feeling of Gellar field kicking in went through everyone’s gut. Echo afterwards tried to contact the Satyricon again and asked to be patched to Scylla.

Meanwhile Emiel was drawn to the ship’s windows, and despite the warp shutters he could feel the immaterium calling to him. He had the sensation that if he could only turn off the Gellar field, that awful Bellacane Gellar field, he could maybe understand it and navigate it, become of it. Luckily Scylla managed to snap him out and order him and some skitarii to go check up on Vylo the navigator, since he was giving no response and a servitor had reported him being indisposed. Emiel agreed. He went up infront of the nav tower but as the skitarii opened the door an unusual chill started to spread through the hallway. Skitarii were quickly frosted over and Emiel decided to step away and ordered the servants to bring his winter clothing. Afterward he gave the order to the skitarii to go inside and shoot all hostiles. But there were none, Vylo was indeed indisposed – chomping down on a servitor. When he was interrupted he just asked, “Where are we? Why are we in warp!” Emiel decided to ignore what he saw and asked Vylo if he was able to get them out of there, to which the navigator nodded and proceeded to plan a route out of the warp storm.

Emiel returned to Scylla with good news, but the poor psyker Norberto who came to back them up in case the navigator had an accident couldn’t bear the sight of Emiel’s new face. He lost his mind and collapsed to the floor twitching and spasming until he dried up into a prune-like mummy barely maintaining a breath. Scylla, further exhibiting her inexperience, then ordered the skitarii to purge the bridge of any tainted crew, to which the other crewmembers reacted violently, some even attempting to assassinate her. The crew was soon reduced to a handful of terrorized miserable officers who could barely hold the bridge together. She was about to have a mutiny on her hands and yet she could not realize the error in her ways. She called for her trusted companion Sigismund several times before he finally answered. It seemed like he was interrupted but reported everything being fine. The comms officer soon asked her if he could patch trough a call from Echo. Her relief was soon exhausted when instead of the usual optimistic and warm-like voice she heard a disembodied electronically synthesized monotone and depressing sound reporting 100% admech companion casualties and 100% human companion survivors, ship crew 95% probability of cultists or worse. He asked for a rescue operation and noted their current position on the bridge of the Avarice. But was interrupted by another call Scylla got from Vylo “Grab onto something!” and soon they were all expelled out back into the Koronus.

A few seconds went by before Echo managed to pinpoint their location using the Avarice’s instruments. He reported the location to Scylla and Acheron as being in the Accursed Demesne, near the ork infested quartet of planets under a jont name “Hundred Hundred Fangs”. He immediately underlined the need to quickly leave this system and asked if Scylla had enough living crew aboard the Satyricon to lend a skeleton crew to the Avarice. But unfortunately there wasn’t enough, so he and Acheron started debating whether Acheron should try to influence the people onboard the Avarice to cooperate in return for safe passage away from the bloodthirsty orks. Echo’s stance was leaning towards belief that the crew was probably comprised of horribly mutated or possessed cultists and hereteks. Maybe even more chaos space marines. While Acheron’s opinion was that there may be different groups, some still loyal and untainted and that he could offer them some kind of deliverance if they helped. It was obvious to everyone around that Echo had somehow changed, especially as he pointed vulgarly towards poor Coolbreeze and used him as an example of vile mutation that could be manifesting in all of the people on Avarice. Acheron was surprised and Quentin felt he needed to protect his comrade from Echo by standing in between. Upon seeing this Echo said to Acheron, “When it happened to you I didn’t leave you behind.” Then turning towards Quentin as he obviously pushed the stormtroopers towards mutiny, “And don’t worry Quentin, I have no intention of killing your comrade.” Kompast was obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation as he was sweating uncomfortably, and there was this unbearable itch in his chest, under his armor that was troubling him. He just wanted to take it all off and get some miracle cure from Echo to null the itch, but the Explorator now seamed so intimidating and strange that Kompast became very hesitant.

Echo saw that the debate was gonna cost them precious time and devised a means to maintain their safety. He purged an entire parameter surrounding the bridge effectively clearing it of inhabitants as well as of atmosphere. It could prove to be a useful buffer zone in case there were more infernal noise marines or other daemonic abominations lurking around. He consulted Scylla on their options stating that the best option was for him to purge the entire ship of the unfortunate crew and then mount tethers between the two ships so that they could start towing it towards Barsuvian to repair it. Scylla also seemed inclined towards going to Barsuvian but was deeply troubled about the other suggestion that Echo made.

Pain of Companions
also Prime got shot.

- After a visit from the Winterscale they decided to accept the contract
- They did not betray Kind’s trust, and only shook the deal a bit.
- Acquire the contract from Barsuvian to Footfall to transport the questionable cargo within after the deadline.
- Emiel goes for Footfall with Maxwell they spend time partying all nights. He also decided to promise establishing the Egarian Dominion mining operation for the Kasballica Mission.
- The cargo hatches mid flight to Footfall.
- Spend the trip hunting the creatures.
- Sigismund tries to kill Acheron Prime, and succeeds with the help of a friend.

The Coronation
Passing the title

- Echo has set up several techpriests and acolytes to provide long term palliative care to the injured warriors Kompost i Sigismund whom were the only two wounded in the battle against the Necron Lord. After a heavy employ of the Diagnostor tool, Echo has concluded that Sigismunds wounds are rather grave and that there was approximately 7% chance for Sigismund to die. Kompast fared a lot better with his wounds. His eye was severely damaged, it would need a bionic replacement, but he was steadily recovering, prognosis said that he would be fully operational in one month time. He needed rest and was in pain, but he was conscious and stable. In the meantime Aheron was nowhere to be found. Possibly went to investigate the capture of the creature that stalked the mess hall that Echo dubbed the Technovore, for its diet that he concluded consisted of electronic devices, depending on the strength of the machine spirit inside it. Nemesis of any follower of the Cult Mechanicus. It was kept and subdued in a cage that it could eat its way out of, but was constantly kept unconscious by the high powered shock batons, under the watchful eye of Quentin and Coolbreeze.
- Meanwhile Echo was contacted by Regis to ask a most perplexing question, Regis described events that unfolded within the walls of the Cargo Hold against the Necron Lord without ever witnessing them, this sparked Echo’s curiosity and with further investigation Regis gave the information that LaRoix was having visions that came to be prophetic. They described that Sigismund and Kompast were wounded and that there was a disagreement between Echo and Aheron but then he said something highly disturbing. He said that Spyiridon and Satyricon were wired with explosives and it was Aherons doing,
- Regis was on his way to the meeting with the deamonhost Ces Rass, how he came to be with that knowledge of the deamonhost amongst them was rather riveting, the words came from one of the Praetorian Guard, Davos Taal, but the wisdom was not his, for it caused him great distress.
Against Echo’s advice not to attend the meeting that could have fatal outcome for Regis, he went anyway. Echo demands the full report from Regis
- Echo demands emil tells him what he knows because of the risk that he may not return from the meeting , emil tells about dataslate he left with all the information in his room on satiricon
- Echo decides to go down to the enginarium to speak to ericaah
- He asks her oppinion about Bessy and „Echo Prime“, what to do with either and asks for a detachment of enginseers to accompany him at all times
- Echo sorts out tech priests to see which ones are competent for which tasks (1 h duration)
- Regis meets Cess Rus alone
- He is told that acheron is behind the mutiny and that mutiny is basicaly fake, in order to make the officers order the ships to sail once more
- He said acheron commanded this right after Scilla came onboard, but he never talked to acheron in person
- Davos got hurt so emil and scylla send him to satyricon to get examined by echo
- Acheron calls echo to come to lien ryn’s former room to crack open a safe for him
- Echo obliges after finishing the tech priests sorting
- The afe is too tough, archeotech, echo suggests a competent safecracker since they can’t afford to loose the eldar starchart that is inside
- Echo returns to autotemple to find that sombody had killed all the acoytes and shot sigismund twice to the chest, and the bugger survived, well barely, kompast claims it was acheron
- Echo quickly calls quentin and coolbreeze back to the autotemple to guard the injured, so they had to put down the technovore creature on echo’s orders, loosing much potential profit therefore
- Echo orders ericaah to lock the enginarium and guard it because there may be an intruder onboard
- Echo has to make the difficult decision to take the inquisitor out of the stasis chamber and put sigismund inside because he couldn’t survive an operation in such primitive and unsterile conditions, even if they had a replacement heart for him on hand
- The inquisitor is badly wounded and dressed in eldar xeno tech armor and equipped with xeno gadgets and weapons, echo treats his injuries as best as possible and predicts a very hard recovery
- Emil calls echo to report on his findings, echo assures him that it’s not possible that acheron is behind this, at least not the acheron they know and communicate with, alluding that his „prime“ version could be behind it or flyol kern is playing with their minds and promisses to keep an eye on acheron and also guard sigismund, while emil sends a guard to check on the primes
- echo asks that emil ask maxwell to lend them two or three doctors to take care of the injured temporarily so that echo doesn’t have to spend all his time with them, and asks that he tries to find out what kind of inquisitor this could be and what they could do with him
- scilla is in a bad shape after hearing of acheron’s possible betrayal, she thinks everything is grim and dark, emil has to put her to sleeep in order for her not to loose her mind or die of exhaustion
- echo demands that acheron doesn’t leave his room and explains to him someone has been impersonating him, acheron shows no signs of guilt
- echo puts a servoskull in acheron’s room so that he can watch over him during the night from the auto temple
- emil drugs scilla with obscura to make her sleep
- everyone spends a pretty tense night with interrupted sleep
- acheron supposedly stays in his room the entire night and sleeps
- echo tends to the wounded while the doctors rest
- in the orning echo examines davos and determines he doesn’t know why he had blackouts and a nosebleed. Everything seems to be ok with his health
- tech priests report the same thing kompast said, that acheron came in, took kompastsá guns and shot sigismund two times to the chest and killed all the acolytes
- some of them report acheron had used both his arms, and some report the he horrified them by removing his helmet
- kompast closed his eyes when aheron took off the helmet out of what he learned from previous sightings
- echo tells everyone it wasn’t acheron but an impersonator and that they were on lockdown until they determine who’s behind the attack
- acheron contacts echo after waking up in his room and finding his digimelta in his pocket, echo confirms noone entered his room during the night nor did he sleepwalk
- he warns acheron that people might be making a conspiracy against him because someone came into the autotemple and almost killed the missionary, suggest he should stay where he is but acheron insists he come into the autotemple to pray, echo accepts seeing the opportunity to test him for gunpowder and to keep an eye both on him and on sigismund
- echo talks to kompast to warn him that acheron would come to pray, kompast demads echo’s protection and a promise of his survival but echo only explains that he’d do everything in his power to protect the peace and that noone may guarantee kompast his life since he’s an arch militant, but he also makes him believe that acheron was impersonated and that someone is trying to put the apple of discord between them
- acheron comes over and tries to talk but echo asks him not to speak in the autotemple because his voice and pressence frightens the people, acheron reluctantly agreed.
- Echo questions Davos in the confessional about what happened during their investigation of the mutiny on spiridon, Davos reluctantly admits lady scilla was tortured by an officer from the satiricon, he had no recollection of what happened to himself or with emil, echo suspects domination by emil
- Coolbreeze replaces davos on duty as scilla’s personal bodyguard on spiridon
- Scilla wakes up and feels strange, emil admits to heving no choice left but to force her to sleep by drugging her. He tries to calm her emotions by telling her what echo thinks took place and how in his oppinion it was all a ruse to make them go to war with eachoter
- Scilla doesn’t want to believe but calms down for the time being
- When emil leves the room she decides to roam on her own, coolbreeze follows
- Echo explains to acheron after his prayer, outside of the autotemple that he has to give up the throne to scylla now in order to quell the mutiny and improove the morale of the men
- He urges acheron they go

Final nail in the coffin
Missing a meeting with a C'tan

… Aheron picked up the loudhailer and spoke to the masses. He urged them to stop this senseless violence and focus their attention on their new leader, The Notch, who had proven himself in the eyes of the brutish savages by slaying their previous leader Rahzeark in a heartstopping duel, hanging from winches over an endless pit.

Surprisingly the masses quieted down and paid attention. Only several more wet thuds could be heard way in the back, as the screeching unnatural voice of the heavily mutated Rogue Trader transmitted over the loudhailers, captivating the vast audience and pulling them out of their frenzy.

It was problematic to decide what to do with the mutants and where to go next. The heroes were in disarray, leaderless and could reach no consensus until their Arch Militant slammed his foot down and said: “The hell is wrong with you lot?! We will do as we did before, send these creatures to the underdecks to deal with that problem and we will continue in an orderly fashion – clearing the Mess Hall next and moving on to the Astropathic Choir chambers.”

Echo cleverly remarked that an awful peril might lie in those chambers. Their former Astropath that still plagued these halls might reside there. He was of course talking about Flayl Kern. “We should leave this for when we can hire some psykers to assist in taming Kern” suggested Echo, which no one disputed and so they proceeded towards the Mess Hall where strange sacrifices were offered to unknown creatures. Something they could not pick up over the observance shrines.

As they arrived in the great hall they were welcomed by eerie silence. After some careful exploring of the blood trail that led to the third floor, the men immediately spotted some occult ritualistic sacrificial circle. Regis concluded that it was some kind of evolved ritual of superstitious sailors’ offering to the strange fates of the void in order to let them set sail once more. The reason why this had to be done by ancient sailors had been lost, perpetuated only as a tradition by the new generations devoid of sanity, let alone reason or education.

As they lingered debating the circle of swords, they heard shots fired from up above. Something very fast-moving and humanoid was reported by the soldiers, who claimed to have landed several shots but no blood or any trace was left behind. It had escaped through the vent.

In order to lure the creature, the officers concluded that they needed live bait. Ideas became orders and two members of the royal guard went back to the holding pens where the supermutants had previously kept their “food” down in the barracks, and dragged out one female clan member from the crew quarters that was not yet eaten. There were several people there but those who resisted capture had to be put down, since the extraction of a single “food” unit was impossible with that many of them down there. Around two dozen people were gunned down by Quentin and Coolbreeze on Kompast’s order, after which they captured the only remaining prisoner that had a good sense to keep her head down. She was dragged off by the two stormtroopers doing their duty, kicking and swearing in an unknown tongue at them. Unfortunately they passed right by Scylla who watched all of this in shock while Aheron was blathering at her. The woman was soon bound inside the occult circle made of eight power swords protruding from the floor and left with their power fields jury-rigged to the auxiliary power supply of the messhall generators to make an eerie glow. Her swearing became screaming after 10 or so minutes of dreadful solitude as the officers and the two members of the royal guard hid in order to ambush the creatures that they were hunting.

After a dozen minutes of the victims kicking and screaming the hiltless unpowered sword that she was bound to started to give way and to be pulled out of the ground, to which Kompast reacted and gassed the girl with one of the crowd suppression grenades. She quickly passed out and there was silence once more, although not for long. The chairs and tables began to screech as they were pushed aside by something moving through the hall. As it was to show its ugly head, something attacked Emil and Kompast from all sides. They managed to hide the Explorator so well behind the bar that none of the creatures spotted him, so he quickly charged, breaking the wooden furnishings before him to save his fellow men. The abominations were metalline in visage and skin, with many strange protrusions as if tools and weapons were integrated into their bodies. They grabbed Emil and Kompast’s weapons and quickly started eating them. The stormtroopers were helpful in gunning them down while Kompast demonstrated his skill with the secondary weapon of his choice – the greatsword. The creatures were very slow and stupid, and almost destroyed themselves by attempring to chew on Emil’s melta canister. Echo was quick enough to stop the one creature that was actually fast and went for the woman set up as bait. To his horror, it lounged at him in an attempt to devour his mechanical respirator unit but he managed to dodge it several times. The combat was resolved without any casualties. One of the creatures escaped back into the vents, which Scylla noticed and almost gunned down with a single shot.
The officers agreed that they needed to capture this creature and not let it roam around destroying parts of the ship. So Scilla was chosen to call Maxwell and ask him to lend 300 shock batons to her people, and thanks to her sweet charm the favor was granted. Even though she was in half a mind about it, she was just too proud to beg, but listened to the advice that would seem that all were as of one mind about. Even the soldiers nodded when Scylla looked at them, silently ushered by Aheron behind Scyllas back.
As they got back to the bridge of the Grand Cruiser, a walk that took more than half an hour, they found several crates of provisions and about three hundred shock mauls, two heavy bolters and five or six plasma guns lying on the gound recently delivered by Maxwell’s men. The soldiers started unpacking everything and putting it to good use. They sent some people with these weapons to capture the thing and put it in a cage.
As the rest went to relax after a fight, Echo devoted his time on fixing the Lathe Pattern Power sword. That was the one not powered up in the circle of swords. It was a heretical thing, combining a power field with a Lathe pattern sword, as light as a feather but deadly even to other non-power weapons. But as per usual Acheron managed to talk him into repairing this weapon for him. He even had his previous power sword grip redy for Echo to install.
In several hours after the men have relaxed and rested they wanted to move out, but instead Emiel, the Dynasties seneschal summoned all the officers to the Strategic Intelligence room, commonly referred to as the War Room. He then brought to everyone’s attention that the morale of the men o Spiridon was getting dangerously low. It’s been two months now since the men were in anything but dark waters of this unknown region of space and they were getting frustrated and angry. To make matters worse there were talks of mutiny. Something that he and Scylla were qualified to take care of, which they insisted on rather heavily. Aheron found it rather suspicious. He had even previously insisted on Echo surveiling the two of them but Echo refused, as he did now when Acheron tried to secretly communicate with him in this meeting via a dataslate. It was obvious that Scilla took offense to this blatant secrecy. Because of this, Acheron had them tracked and their movements reported only to him. Since Echo did not want to do that for him he found someone who will. Soon after Sigismund joined the meeting with the news from the Melodium – the cleansing was a success.

Emiel and Scylla decided against Aherons whims to go and take care of the brewing mutiny onboard Spiridon. After this meeting Acheron, Echo, Kompast and Sigismund ordered the arming of the men with the serious weaponry they got from Maxwell and left for the Cargo hold. They warned Sigismund that it was possible that a really fierse xeno was dormant among some men who call themselves “the Silent ones”. They also mentioned that they possibly had another stasis chamber in there with a slumbering Inquisitor they found at the same abandoned space station as the xeno. Sigismund was furious that they haven let the man out of stasis immediately after discovery. Somehow they managed to agree that they would first try to negotiate with the silent ones, and not go in guns blazing. But it wasn’t of any use since once they entered the cargo hold they immediately noticed that something was amiss. Strange markings were worked into the walls and an eerie green glow was coming from the far side of the huge hall. In the middle of the room stood eight crystalline pillars and by each of the pillars stood one cowled figure, each of their faces gray and scarred, their lips moving in unison. Words forming from their lips, more hisses then sounds, their attention focused on a crouching figure in the middle of the obelisks.
Unfortunately they soon found out that the figures’ chanting was the only thing keeping the xeno at bay. After they had dispatched them a huge creature skeletal machine rose from its crouching stance, his visage truly terrible to behold. He held out his hand and started summoning something from a levitating crystal as the room grew colder and colder.
After emptying several volleys, of gunfire the officers realized that its power field is way too strong to pierce it by ranged weapons alone. They’d have to get in close. Seeing the true terror that is the Necron Lord, Echo’s cortex implant quickly calculate that the only way to raise their chances of survival from 5% to 50% was for him to immediately go towards the controls for emergency decompression, to try and vent out everything within the cargo hold. The process required complex incantations and ritualistic gestures and he suffered from inefficiency to cover all the stations at once, so the it took longer than ususal. Quentin and Coolbreeze were petrified with fear upon seeing the Necron and couldn’t help themselves but flee the room. The fight had an unfavorable outcome as two of the officers were gravely wounded. Father Sigismund suffered a wound he may not recover from and Kompast lost an eye and a good bit of his face. Thanks to his incompetence in disarming the Necron Lord, being disarmed himself instead, Acheron survived the brutal attack that downed two of his mates. He returned with a vengeance and fury to unleash upon the dark creature. His attacks were unhindered by the strange seismic device that shook the air around the Necron, stopping several of his previous blows, but the newfound zeal and fury pummeled the creature so hard that its reanimation protocol ceased to function.

Upon realizing that the creature is down, Echo managed to abort the decompression procedure and rushed to stabilize the two fallen comrades while Acheron was picking through the Necron’s parts. It seemed as though a morbid curiosity had been boiling inside him, his head glowing with desire upon noticing the Necron Lord’s scythe-like weapon.

As soon as he finishedstabilizing Sigismund and Kompast, Echo turned his attention towards the xeno, and since he had recalled that these creatures use nanobots and scarabs to repair themselves he reasoned that the only logical choice was to immediately blow it out of the airlock. Acheron started protesting and begging the Explorator not to do so. He made insane claims that he didn’t want the creature to cause misery to somebody else who may find it floating around in the void, but Echo knew him too well and realized he was willing to forego everyone’s safety just to have a chance of profiting from the creature’s corpse. When the Necron was gone, Echo ordered the men to carry the wounded carefully back into the autotemple, as well as the remaining stasis pod containing the supposed inquisitor. Acheron just sulked around and went away with them, leaving the bloodied and gory aftermath of their battle to be cleaned at some other time.

Cleansing of the Supermutants
The drop of fresh blood in the chlorine pool

After a talk with Scyla, Emiel contacted Echo Notch and told him that Sigismund’s presence is required on the ship in order to cleanse it. Additionally the presence of Cynthia, Maxwell’s Arch-militant would be beneficial. The decision was made that Sigismund would come to the ship, but his movement would be restricted to the temple as much as possible. Scyla had a delightful dinner with captain Diana, where she got to know her better. In the mean time the cleaning party was quarantined since they were infected with the unknown virus. Echo managed to determine that it is dormant no matter what he did to it, and that it has no effect on the humans. To his horror he discovered that the virus is active on the tech-priests , it affected their brains making them smarter but their bodies were deteriorating. The blessings of the machine god helped Echo to cleans himself from the virus completely, the people who were in void suits were sent to Maxwell’s ship, those who were infected stayed in the medical bay, and the rest went to rest. The first part of the mass was held in the cargo bay of “Spyridon” and it went without problems after it was finished it was time to transport father Sigismund and the acolytes to the “Satyricon” to do the second part of the mass. Emiel went with them as well. After a brief persuasion whether or not Sigismund would wear a void-suit when they disembark on the navigator tower, luckily he agreed to put one on. There was an official welcoming party for him but he ignored it and went straight to the temple. Upon arriving there he announced that the door of the temple are from now open to all and that they shall never be closed again. After inspecting the bodies he proclaimed that the temple is a holy ground and that the Emperor himself looked upon it. As an additional proof he found a holy 111Mace111. The acolytes cleaned the temple, putting the bodies in the praying 111chambers111, and the mass had begun. In the middle of it Aheron came to attend it. He walked to the center, the people moved from him since they sensed something foul. In addition he didn’t remove his helmet. One of the acolytes tried to persuade him to remove it but Aheron manged to bluff his way out of it. The mass was finished and with the people gone, all of Sigismund’s attention was focused on Aheron who stayed to pray some more. The atmosphere between the two was so tense that one could cut it with a knife.Sigismund asked to be left alone with Aheron, and seeing the unwillingness of the others to leave them, he gave his weapons to Echo and asked Aheron to do the same. After that they were left alone. The conversation was not pleasant, but luckily it went without a fight. Sigismund attacked Aheron that during his time he did nothing but trying to accumulate his personal wealth, that he has forgotten about spreading the light of the Emperor and that this was his punishment. Aheron tried to defend himself but to no avail. In the Aheron showed his new face to Sigismund, and he demanded from the good captain to come to the temple every day and to confess his sins. After that the conversation was over. Aheron came out and wanted to talk to his officers about the future of the family, so they went to his room. There he first talk alone with Echo about his new face and should he hide it from the officers, to which Echo said yes. The rest of the officers were then invited in, and briefed on the situation. Aheron could not be the face of the family anymore for obvious reasons and therefore he would retire but remain the head of the family, so a new trader was needed. The firs choice was Emiel, but he declined and suggested that Scyla would be a better choice, after a brief debate it was decided that she will take the mantle of leadership but Aheron and the rest will teach and guide her until she is capable of doing thing herself. That was the end of the meeting and everyone went to sleep, almost everyone. Kompast, Echo and the resto of the storm-troopers went to bury their comrade who died in the med-bay. During the night Eco made a mask for Aheron. The morning came and Scyla was invited to join the rest of the officers on board the “Satyricon”. On board the “Spyridon” cleaning of the ship has began and even a dozen tech-priests from “Satyricon” were sent to help. Kompast was drilling his men and preparing them for the day ahead. Echo gave the mas to Aheron but it was worse with the mask, so they decided to wait wit the mask until they liberate the manufactorum. Upon arriving Scyla was amazed by the sheer size and power of a repulsive grand cruiser. Amazement went to discomfort when she heard Aherons voice, and the first question was where is Sigismund. After she was reassured that he was fine and that nothing bad has happend, the all went to the war-room to discus about the future. She was told that she is the new trader and a new face to the family, and that the rest of the officers will be there to guide her, at least in the beginning. As the meeting drew to an end, they went to the temple where Scyla was more than happy to see Sigismund. 111They talked about her dreams and that they are getting worse111. After that Aheron suggested that she joins them on the next stage of cleansing the ship, to learn how to lead in stressful circumstances. In the mean time Sigismun shall cleanse the melodium. With the preparations done they went to the manufactorum. To Echo’s surprise the station in charge of opening the doors contained the command to shut down the killer-servitors that were in the manufactorum. With the threat disabled it was a great relief that the manufactorum was liberated without a drop of blood being shed. But there was something interesting there. A cannon was built to fire at something outside of the ship, and later the compartment was sealed, it is unknown who built it and for what purpose. The next on the list were barracks. There they a lot of mutants there, and the leader of the mutants challenged them to a duel to determine the new leader of the barracks, the duel would be to the death, above the endless pit. Echo took the challenge and with a flawless victory took the leadership for himself.

Bile and Rot
Exploring the Mediace Decks

As they entered the medbay Echo Notch was leery of connecting to the Medbay observation and control shrine because of possible viruses. 

As they entered the complex only darkness, debris, gurneys and medical equipment and aparature scattered across the hallways. They ventured deeper and deeper, clearing the rooms as they went along. In each room they checked the vents, and were very suspicious of venturing further, until they got to strange perspiring walls. Checking the material seeping out of the walls the Explorator concluded that it was metal. It was perplexing him and he suggested to go back, as he noticed via his auspex scanner that there is a strange substance in the air. 
After several blood analysis they found they are contaminated by the strange virus. 
ArchMilitant and the Explorator spent several minutes discussing the course of action they should take. They decided that since they are already infected they should push on. 

Not more than 25 meters down the hall they have seen a strange pipe mutated appearing organic and every several moments it was pumping something slimy and disgusting stopping the seeping fluids.

They heard some noises coming up from the room on the right, as they have ventured inside the room they have seen the terror greet them. Bloated oversized soaked corpses, skinny skeletal like but rather fresh rotting corpses walking around, that Echo recognized as Aheron. What the hell was going on here was the question on their minds right after incoherent screaming from terror. 
After two people melting from noxious vomit, including Helios, member of the royal guard and an unnamed armsmen, the daemonic entities have succumb to heavy weapons fire.

They later discovered in medbay that there is a huge disgusting vat filled with corpses and remains of whoknowswhat inside, polluting the entire medbay. Further study of the virus noted that the victims without cortex implants would have the virus dormant. While the few Engineseer’s have built the new synopses in the brain on the expense of their muscles, which were atrophying quickly. Echo could not do anything to help them. He employed them to fixing the medbay, as a form of quarantine.

[I cannot remember what was roleplayed when not in the medbay, but it was a lot of it. Someone write down MEANTIME on Spyridon]

Meanwhile on Spyridon:

[Write something here plz anyone] 

Eyes everchanging
Change everlasting

The dimmly lit atmosphere was starting to fill in with cigarette smoke from the exorbitant source that is Octavious Kind. With most present squinting from the sour smoke, apart from the Explorator, the dinner was much more of a negotiations table rather then what poorly made food bits and over-fried vegetables represented. Not long after the servants brought the food, the smalltalk was interrupted by Maxwell’s query and his serious tone. He had an official request for aid from the Tiberius family for the Kind family. Rather for them to help him destroy his Rival, and possibly retrieve his prised possession. The Argo Malleus. With a few nods around the table, members of the Tiberius Dynasty agreed to repay the Kinds for their generosity and sacrifice in these steady waters of this Accursed Demesne.
With that done and the dinner concluded the day was done, and the crew spent it in mingling about the ship and great many questions towards the crew. While Echo spent his time talking with his long lost and abandoned assistant Ericah, Emiel inquired about the faith from father Sigismund and discussed other quandaries with Scylla.

On the morrow they returned to the Satyricon and decided to brave the first component, nearest to the Bridge. The deployable orbit to ground temple to the God-Emperor savily named by the crew, Autotemple. Its majestic halls were vast and the air inside was heavy and stale, its grandeur reflecting light from the small lumensticks and torches of the Explorers, glowing with that golden sheen, making the shadows dance in the strangest ways. The air was heavy for a reason, for the bodies of the deceased littered the hall. They have all died peacefully by the look of things, and their remains were extremely well preserved.

Accompanied by the two dozen sailors from the transport ship Spyridon, and Maxwells Archmilitant, Aheron, Echo and Kompast decided the next order of business was the Manufactorum, on the explicit wants of the Explorator. But along the way to the objective, the eerie melody they have known from before started spreading the hallways and reverbing the bones, shaking the soul. The song has disturbed the sailors but it has riled Syntia to a frenzy, emptying a stormbolter into a contingent of troops, decimating them. Her frenzy was subdued by Echo’s mighty mechandendrite. As she regained control they have quickly changed their priorities, they had to find out what was causing the daunting melody. It was time to visit the Melodium.
Attempts at scouting the Melodium doors from inside cover have failed for the strange interference short-circuited the Servoskull. But as they bravely went in (under no fault of the GM) the sight that struck them was terrifying. The grand melodium, was littered by bodies, mutated and in some sort of a zealous frenzy, blowing on strange pipes that extended from the Organ in the far back of the Melodium. On that far podium operating the keys was a strange cowled figure with antlers sprouting from his head as it jerked violently as he struck the keys. He stood up as they unwashed masses stopped blowing the winds of life into the organ, and as the air was taken away from the pipes, they made dying sounds. Figure lunged up and turned around to greet the Explorers. Before even noticing his disturbing visage Syntia ran to face her enemies, but before the Explorers squeezed their triggers, inside Aheron’s head rang the words: Stop! It is me Flayl Kern" I have been protecting this ship you fool!". The words were
so adeptly shaped that they rang like a hammer inside Aherons head. But the echoes had a reverb in the thread of reality, ripping it open a bit and letting in the seeping voices. This words heard by the entities of chaos beyond the veil changed Aheron forever. His skin started burning and he ripped his helmet off in anguish, turning towards his crew to show them the terror he has become. His skin seeping blackness and only things distinguishable on his features were his disturbing glowing eyes. His form was ever changing as the blackness was evaporating downwards.
Seeing this ArchMilitant Kompast could not keep his composure and in a state of panic he threw up inside his sealed light enforcer carapace.

A change is on the horizon
Arrival of the new Tiberius

In the middle of debating the best course of action about cleaning the Satyricon, Regis had excused himself and explained that he has a monstrous headache. Moments later Echo Notch noticed something very disturbing on one of the viewing shrines on the bridge of the Grand Cruiser. A throng of cultists were dragging one of the macro shells to a designated spot, where they were probably going to use it in some deadly ritual. Knowing how dangerous that could be, Echo Notch and Kompost, along with their squad of stormtroopers and a platoon of armed men Astrid agreed to spare, rushed to the macrocannon loading bay. At the same time Aheron rushed over to the lighter bay of the Argus Maleus, pleading Maxwell Kind to prepare a detachment of soldiers and a flier. Unfortunately as he did not give them enough time to do that, he jumped into the first available guncutter by himself and rushed towards the Satyricon to help his friends.

Echo Notch and Kompost soon arrived to the loading bay with their troops and, to their horror, the shell was about to be hit with a large shock maul by a chosen cultist. Kompost immediately took a lasgun from one of the troopers and killed that cultist which was holding the hammer, while Echo Notch sprinted to get closer to the shell. With the chosen one dead, anger overwhelmed the cultists and they started charging at the intruders. There was about one hundred and twenty of them, dressed in tatters with a crazed look in their eyes. Kompost continued to shoot at the ones that were climbing to hit the shell whit smaller hammers.

Echo Notch tried to intimidate the masses by using the power harnessed in his potentia coil to rise from the ground with his Omnissian power axe in hand, releasing crackling bolts of electricity in the process and speaking in a terrifying voice “YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU ARE DOING! YOU DEFILE THE MACHINE SPIRIT OF THIS HOLY VESSEL OF THE OMNISSIAH WITH YOUR HERETICAL DABBLINGS! OMNISSIAH WILL BE ANGERED AND THOU SHALL BE PUNISHED SEVERELY! STAND DOWN AND DISPERSE IMMEDEATELY FOR DEATH SHALL BE A WELCOMING SIGHT AFTER WHAT PUNISHMENT AWAITS YOU…”. But what would work on normal men, did not work on these crazed cultists and they continued their charge. The soldiers, along with Astrid’s men and Kompost, prepared to fight when they noticed that the shock maul was once again in the hands of one of the cultists and the first strike was made. Luckily nothing had happened this time.

Aheron was trying to get to the loading bay as fast as he could, so he thought that it was best if he ask Echo to open a macrocannon tube for him to land inside. But Echo couldn’t spare a second since the strikes to the shell were getting more and more frequent and he feared they could soon ignite the charge. In this dire situation the Explorator’s quick thinking and capabilities saved the day. He piously uttered his prayer to the Omnissiah and extended his hand towards the hammer. Everyone was amazed as the anger of the Omnissiah manifested in Echo’s potentia coil, which released more lightning sparks, evoking a magnetic force that instantly summoned the deadly tool to his hand. To his surprise it was a thunder warhammer, a weapon uncommon amongst non-astartes.

That was the sign to open fire as it did not stop the cultists’ charging. All of the troops started shooting, soon killing most of the cultist and hunting down those that tried to run away. Aheron took Echo’s advice and came to the bridge with the guncutter. He congratulated his friends on a mission well done. As a safety measure gun nests were put in each of the loading bays and patrols were formed to stop the same thing from happening again. After a brief break they tried to get in contact with Regis but he still gave no response. They contacted the bridge on Spiridon but no one had seen or heard him in a couple of hours. Acheron and Echo decided to investigate what is going on personally, while Kompost stayed on the Satyricon to guard it as best as he could. Aheron wanted to pilot the guncutter himself on their way to the other ship, but Echo urged him not to since he didn’t have one arm and on his other the hand was severely damaged. The Rogue Trader stubbornly agreed but insisted Echo lets him be the co-pilot, which soon proved to be a big mistake.

As Echo sat down in the back, the Pilot strapped himself in next to Aheron and set off from the Satyricon. Since it was a short flight Aheron didn’t find it worth buckling his seat-belt. Soon as they started traveling towards the Spiridon the pilot used subterfuge to divert Aheron’s attention towards a crack in the windshield. As the gullible Rogu Trader turned his head to look at it, the pilot stabbed him in the neck, wounding him greatly. In self-defense, Aheron drew his gun and fired, but unfortunately he missed and instead blew out the windshield. The assassin stabbed him again. Echo heard the claxons as the cabin pressure dropped and tried to kill the assassin quickly shooting him in the head with his melta, but the assassin was too agile and dodged the shot. The result was that the front of the cockpit melted away into the void, exposing Aheron to suffocation.

The struggle for survival continued but with a new enemy, the vacuum. The assassin had proven to be too swift for them and he managed to fell Aheron, despite suffering a direct hit from Echo’s melta. The Explorator realized that it would be quite inconvenient to search the void later for Aheron’s body, so he disregarded his own safety and, with a new prayer to the Omnissiah, managed to lure Aheron’s corpse back into the vessel. The assassin used that opportunity to stab Echo several times, until he lost consciousness.

Upon waking up, Aheron saw the state the craft was in and rushed into the back section to seal it off so he could breathe. The first thing that he thought was that the Officio assassinorum had come to finish the contract that was put on his head more than two hundred years ago. Then he saw Echo floating about and rushed towards him, not noticing the assassin who was in the corner. Once again the struggle for life begun, but this time Aheron was ready and finished the already wounded assassin off. With the compartment sealed and pressurized, Aheron tried to help Echo and see if he was alive, but he didn’t know how. Luckily the next moment Echo awoke. They called in an accident and asked for a pick up from the Spiridon, giving their last known coordinates.

Upon arrival on the Spiridon, Aheron rushed to Regis’ room with Echo and several soldiers, fearing that the assassins may have attacked Regis as well. The door was locked and there was no response from the inside, so Echo decided to hack the panel. Entering the room, they saw a pretty disturbing sight – the usually clean room was now a mess. Table flipped, papers and dataslates all over the floor, blood on the wooden décor and carpet, pieces of clothes everywhere… The sounds of running water was coming from the shower, so they quickly turned their attention towards the bathroom.

They saw Regis standing in front of a broken mirror in ripped clothes and wet, as if staring into something unknown. Echo ordered the men to retreat and started walking slowly towards Regis, talking to him carefully the whole way and trying to get his attention. Regis finally snapped out of it once Echo was right beside him. With a scared look on his face and a trembling voice, the young Tiberius said that he had changed and asked for an astropath’s or a navigator’s help immediately.

Aheron was surprised and disturbed when he heard Regis’ scream in his head, but luckily no one else heard this. Not knowing how dangerous it could be, Echo ordered the soldiers to leave the room and asked Aheron to leave as well. Not wanting to leave, Aheron tried to persuade Echo to let him stay, but luckily La Roix had come over to see what was happening, and Echo asked him to take care of Aheron’s wounds. At that moment one of the crew brought a message for Regis. Aheron was trying to persuade the man to hand it over to him, but Echo took it and rushed Aheron into a neighboring room with La Roix. Aheron didn’t like that but he managed to keep his temper under control.

Moments later the astropath came over and Echo brought him into Regis’ room. After a brief explanation they came to the conclusion that Regis has awakened to the warp. As if this news wasn’t grim enough, the message that Echo gave him was from Scylla, his cousin, who was in a dire situation back on Footfall. After reporting the situation to the others and a brief training from the astropath to help him calm his mind, Regis set off on a voyage to the Footfall with Maxwell Kind. During their trip they talked about business and future mutual endeavors.

They met with an emissary of Dahook near the Footfall in an obscure underworld meeting hub, to hand over 2000 fighters for his arena, in exchange for profit and respect, as per their agreement. Upon completing the transaction, they went on to Footfall. The meeting place which Scylla was the temple of the God Emperor, but since there were a lot of worshippers and other people passing through the temple, the time that it took them to find each other was longer than they expected. Scylla was in the company of the missionary Sigismund, a stern looking priest with a passion for fine beverage.

They went to their hideout to converse briefly, but quickly agreed to move to the Argus Maleus, quite a safer location. After resupplying and buying necessary equipment they were ready to go back to the gate of The Processional. The trip went smoothly, and they spent their time talking to each other and to their hosts. For the first time after months of pursuit, they could rest. The most exciting thing that happened was the discovery that Maxwell had developed some feelings towards Scylla. The two moths’ trip seamed to go by like an instant. During that time, Aheron, Echo and Kompost decided to clear out the crew quarters of the Satyricon and reclaim some of the lost treasures that were on the ship.

Luckily Astrid had been living in Aheron’s former room in the officers’ quarters, and no one had cleaned out his secret stash below the bear hide on the floor. First and most important was the familiy’s Warrant of Trade. Second – the ancient flag of the family and, thirdly, but not less important, was the family’s Blessed Armour of st. Drussus, as well as a couple of Aheron’s personal trinkets.

As the Argus Maleus entered the system, troops aboard the Spyridon have prepared the mess hall and the welcoming committee. The guncutter with the guests landed in the ship’s cargo bay. Aheron was quite excised to meet his mysterious relative. Scylla immediately noted the poor condition of the crew’s uniforms, and the general unkemptness of the vessel. After a formal introduction, they proceeded to the mess hall for a banquet. Their conversation went on late into the evening.


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