Tiberius Dynasty

The Event Horizon
Consequences of inexperience

The aftermath of the unsuccessful negotiations between Vexillarious and Aheron was briefly devastating. What the three horrid noise marines didn’t manage to do was kill the Officers and Stormtroopers. But they did slaughter the skitarii and damage the officers severely. But as the unknowing heroes were waging their small battle on the bridge of the Avarice – another, more deadly game was being played between the Satyricon and the other cruiser, the Eternal Lament. The Eternal Lament was obviously no match for the Repulsive Grand Cruiser, but the young Rogue Trader, inexperienced and also a bit bloodthirsty ordered the ship to fire the entire arsenal at the already damaged enemy. This proved to be unwise since the swift zaythian macrocannons made massive damage to the ship’s warp engine. What a surprise it must have been to Vexillarious when instead of running away their ship’s warp core imploded into immaterium ripping a colossal warp gate sucking everything within 16 void units in along with the few pieces of itself that didn’t immediately turn into cinders.

Unready for the transition, the crew of the Satyricon was immediately exposed to the sights they couldn’t have ever even imagined, which was enough for most of them to instantly commit suicide, while others went through horrible mutations, some of them fusing with the nearby equipment and ship walls. Scylla’s face was quickly warped in terror and her hands started shaking uncontrollably. She couldn’t even move on her own volition as tears shot down her tender pale cheeks, soaking in the misery and pain her crew was being subjected to. Emiel fell to the floor, for the wave after wave of the warpstorm did not just touch his physical being, it resonated with his wide open mind. When the Gellar fields finally kicked in and Scylla found the time to gaze down upon her cousin, she was already in shock and thus ready to take in the sight of his ever-shifting visage and eyes of inexplicable colour. Although it was nothing compared to what her eye caught a glimpse of a second before the emergency shutters closed, it was still similar enough – the warp storm and his eyes, as if there was a similar sensation when trying to define the colour, or was it just the residual hallucination due to the transition…

On the other bridge, Acheron watched as horrid fleshy daemonic wings sprung from Coolbreeze’s back, ripping through his carapace and skin. The trooper immediately started screaming in pain and shock and tried desperately to comprehend what was happening. The other two stormtrooper’s watched in horror while Echo’s emotions, known only to himself were coiling and changing as the warp washed over them. Luckily, they were soon caught by the Satyricon’s normalcy field. Acheron tried to order Echo to grab Coolbreeze so that they could make him calm down, but Echo coldly refused. A new sensation began flowing through his inductors, he was slightly disgusted by such orders and did not see the point in helping the wretched human. He turned instead to look at his three tech priest companions and when he saw them fused together in an unholy mound of flesh and metal he immediately raised the multimelta and ended them, just like the remnants of the skitarii who were beyond help due to this unfortunate outcome. He aimed the melta back at Coolbreeze, as if threatening to undo him too unless he comes to his senses immediately. Luckily Quentin and Davos restrained Coolbreeze and Acheron managed to talk some sense into him, charming him into calming him down effectively.
Aheron then turned to Echo and said, “This must be the warp! We were surely plunged into the warp by some kind of warp gate or rip! We must contact the Satyricon at once.” To Echo those words were not even necessary, he had already raised the vox caster to try and get in contact with the grand cruiser, despite the minefield threat. To their surprise the mines were gone and no explosion had occurred. The line was quite weak tho, he gathered only that they were drifting towards the edge of the Satyricon’s Gellar field, so he quickly decided to take initiative and connect himself to the bridge to try and ignite the Avarice’s own Gellar field. To everyone’s relief his actions were a success and as he stood there connected via many cables and electoo’s to the main data access under the commander’s throne, a familiar feeling of Gellar field kicking in went through everyone’s gut. Echo afterwards tried to contact the Satyricon again and asked to be patched to Scylla.

Meanwhile Emiel was drawn to the ship’s windows, and despite the warp shutters he could feel the immaterium calling to him. He had the sensation that if he could only turn off the Gellar field, that awful Bellacane Gellar field, he could maybe understand it and navigate it, become of it. Luckily Scylla managed to snap him out and order him and some skitarii to go check up on Vylo the navigator, since he was giving no response and a servitor had reported him being indisposed. Emiel agreed. He went up infront of the nav tower but as the skitarii opened the door an unusual chill started to spread through the hallway. Skitarii were quickly frosted over and Emiel decided to step away and ordered the servants to bring his winter clothing. Afterward he gave the order to the skitarii to go inside and shoot all hostiles. But there were none, Vylo was indeed indisposed – chomping down on a servitor. When he was interrupted he just asked, “Where are we? Why are we in warp!” Emiel decided to ignore what he saw and asked Vylo if he was able to get them out of there, to which the navigator nodded and proceeded to plan a route out of the warp storm.

Emiel returned to Scylla with good news, but the poor psyker Norberto who came to back them up in case the navigator had an accident couldn’t bear the sight of Emiel’s new face. He lost his mind and collapsed to the floor twitching and spasming until he dried up into a prune-like mummy barely maintaining a breath. Scylla, further exhibiting her inexperience, then ordered the skitarii to purge the bridge of any tainted crew, to which the other crewmembers reacted violently, some even attempting to assassinate her. The crew was soon reduced to a handful of terrorized miserable officers who could barely hold the bridge together. She was about to have a mutiny on her hands and yet she could not realize the error in her ways. She called for her trusted companion Sigismund several times before he finally answered. It seemed like he was interrupted but reported everything being fine. The comms officer soon asked her if he could patch trough a call from Echo. Her relief was soon exhausted when instead of the usual optimistic and warm-like voice she heard a disembodied electronically synthesized monotone and depressing sound reporting 100% admech companion casualties and 100% human companion survivors, ship crew 95% probability of cultists or worse. He asked for a rescue operation and noted their current position on the bridge of the Avarice. But was interrupted by another call Scylla got from Vylo “Grab onto something!” and soon they were all expelled out back into the Koronus.

A few seconds went by before Echo managed to pinpoint their location using the Avarice’s instruments. He reported the location to Scylla and Acheron as being in the Accursed Demesne, near the ork infested quartet of planets under a jont name “Hundred Hundred Fangs”. He immediately underlined the need to quickly leave this system and asked if Scylla had enough living crew aboard the Satyricon to lend a skeleton crew to the Avarice. But unfortunately there wasn’t enough, so he and Acheron started debating whether Acheron should try to influence the people onboard the Avarice to cooperate in return for safe passage away from the bloodthirsty orks. Echo’s stance was leaning towards belief that the crew was probably comprised of horribly mutated or possessed cultists and hereteks. Maybe even more chaos space marines. While Acheron’s opinion was that there may be different groups, some still loyal and untainted and that he could offer them some kind of deliverance if they helped. It was obvious to everyone around that Echo had somehow changed, especially as he pointed vulgarly towards poor Coolbreeze and used him as an example of vile mutation that could be manifesting in all of the people on Avarice. Acheron was surprised and Quentin felt he needed to protect his comrade from Echo by standing in between. Upon seeing this Echo said to Acheron, “When it happened to you I didn’t leave you behind.” Then turning towards Quentin as he obviously pushed the stormtroopers towards mutiny, “And don’t worry Quentin, I have no intention of killing your comrade.” Kompast was obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation as he was sweating uncomfortably, and there was this unbearable itch in his chest, under his armor that was troubling him. He just wanted to take it all off and get some miracle cure from Echo to null the itch, but the Explorator now seamed so intimidating and strange that Kompast became very hesitant.

Echo saw that the debate was gonna cost them precious time and devised a means to maintain their safety. He purged an entire parameter surrounding the bridge effectively clearing it of inhabitants as well as of atmosphere. It could prove to be a useful buffer zone in case there were more infernal noise marines or other daemonic abominations lurking around. He consulted Scylla on their options stating that the best option was for him to purge the entire ship of the unfortunate crew and then mount tethers between the two ships so that they could start towing it towards Barsuvian to repair it. Scylla also seemed inclined towards going to Barsuvian but was deeply troubled about the other suggestion that Echo made.

After the rift
Warped out

After a terrible warp incident from a warp drive explosion, Explorers found themselves near the ’Undred’UndredTeef. On the bridge of Avarice they murdered in self defense 3 innocent Slaaneshi Noise Marines.

After that the debate what to do with Avarice was escalating out of hand. Disabling the bridge with explosives is the best choice they had, doing inoperable damage to the bridge.

As they had no time since a ork ship was on their way they decided to disembark the ship and are debating between negotiating with the Orks or fighting them or will they mayhaps abandon Avarice and the demolition team.

Troubled waters
Talking with the Orks

Starting in the path of void combat, in a wide salvo of ork torpedoes, unbeknown to the them they maneuvered out of the way, after they failed five auger scans. The wide salvo hit Avarice doing heavy damage to already damaged ship.

They retaliated back with a full salvo that did considerable damage to the ork Krooza, even through their heavy prow armor.

That made the Ork warboss accept the parley to see what the ’umies want.
After some negotiating they convinced the orks to split the ship, getting the kanonz from Avarice, aka Broadside Macrocannons.
Aheron managed to insult the orks and try to get killed by the massive creature.

They continued towards the enginearium to get the strange teleportarium.

Killed more then 12 Marines in close combat, buy the luck of bolter turrets.


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