Emotion mask

Quicksilver oval mask


+20 on all Fellowship tests or Intimidate tests
Providing +4AP (Head)

  • Equipped with
    • Lumen-glow
    • Psyline crystal – Protecting the user from psychic attacks. Providing +10 Resistance to WP test to resist a power and there is a chance to reflect the power if the power focuses on the head region.
    • Auto-Senses – Provides Heightened senses (Sight, Hearing) talent.
    • Built-in Vox systems – Allowing to jam the vox use with a successful (-10) Tech-Use test, apart from having the ability to communicate via vox systems
    • MIU connector ports- Required Best MIU connector to fully utilize the potential of the mask. When connected, it allows the user to peer into the warp, allowing a psynisience test as a free action irrelevant if the user is a psyker or not. Being exposed to the warp requires a Hard (-10) Test or suffer 1d10 insanity. In addition this allows the user to detect Auras of others.

Basic Technique: Aura Reading
Diviners can read a person’s aura, the unconscious projection
of his being in to the warp. This is a very pale shadow, beneath
the notice of most beings, but the diviner can study this aura
to learn about the person.
The psyker can attempt to read the aura of any person
he can see as a Full Action. This requires a successful Focus
Power Test, with every degree of success providing more
information. A psyker can only maintain this power on one
target. If he wishes to divine the well-being of a different
person, he must activate the power again.
If the psyker maintains the power on the same target, he can
increase his Degrees of Success by +1 per round cumulatively,
eventually getting to the full 3 Degrees of Success


A collar studded with many precious gems and jewels, that glimmer and sparkle.
Once worn, it adjusts itself to the wearers emotions, and can be used to portray those emotions in the manner its wearer requires.
Viewers will think the wearer more empathetic, more in tune with their ideas, or more intimidating.

Useful to those that don’t have a face, this mask can change and adapt to the appropriate emotion or just stay intimidating, as the viewer stares into himself reflected and warped over the fine features of the mask.

Emotion mask

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