Wulfaz Stormsson

Astartes Apostate

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
62 42 15 68 12 67 70 41 67 45 44
Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing
8/16/24/48 ~2,250+ kg/4,500+kg/9,000+kg
Insanity Wounds Fate Points Corruption
32 19 2 12


Awareness (T/Per); Cypher, Chapter Runes (T/Int); Climb (T/S); Common Lore, Adaptus Astartes (T/Int);
Common Lore, Deathwatch (T/Int); Common Lore, Imperium (T/Int); Common Lore, War (T/Int); Concealment (T/Ag);
Dodge (T/Ag); Drive Ground Vehicle (T/Ag); Forbidden Lore, Xenos (T/Int); Intimidate (T/S/48);
Literacy (T/Int/41); Navigation, Surface (T/Int/41); Scholastic Lore, Codex Astartes (T/Int); Silent Move (T/Ag);
Speak High Gothic (T/Int); Speak Low Gothic (T/Int); Tactics, Offense (T/Int); Tracking (T/Int);
Pilot (20/Ag) Acrobatics (10/Ag) Carouse (30/T)
|Tracking (30/Per)

Special Abilities

Burst of Speed (Ag +2 for no. Rounds equal to Rank); Feat of Strength (Unnatural Strength x3 for no. Rounds equal to Rank); Angel Of Death


Unnatural Strength (SBx2) Unnatural Toughness (SBx2) Preomnor (+20 bonus to any Toughness Test against ingested poisons)
Omophagea (learn as Basic Skills a Skill or a Skill Group of a devoured enemy for Int bonus hours) Multi-lung (re-roll failed T Test for drowning/asphyxiation +30 re-rollable T Test vs. gases; breath water) Oolitic Kidney (re-roll failed T Tests vs. Poisons and Toxins)
Neuroglottis (Awareness Test to detect Poisons & Toxins by taste, Awareness -20 by smell; Tracking +10 vs. “tasted” opponent); Mucranoid (re-roll T Tests caused by temperature extremes); Black Carapace (disregard your Hulking size);
Purity Threshold (ignore coruption below 100CP) Angel of Death


Ambidextrous; Astartes Weapon Training; Bulging Biceps; Counterattack;
Deathwatch Training; Double Team; Hardy; Heightened Senses* (Hearing; Sight);
Killing Strike Nerves of Steel; Quick Draw; Resistance (Psychic Powers);
Swift Attack; True Grit; Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee); Unarmed Master;
Unarmed Warrior; Crushing Blow Wall of Steel Berserk Charge
Assassins Strike Disarm Furious Assault Hunter of Aliens
Resistance, Cold, Heat Hatred (Tyranids, Orks, Chaos Space Marines) Talented (Carouse, Tracking) Leap up
Slayer of Deamons

Astartes Power Armour (Arms/Head/Legs 8; Body 10; SB+2; Dark Sight; Heightened Senses* (Sight: Sound); Called Shot as Half Action; fire Basic weapons w. one hand; Move +1; delicate tasks Ag -10); Armour History (Thy Strength be Legend; S +10);


Name Class Damage Pen Range ROF Clip Reload
Astartes Power Axe Melee Melee 1d10+8 E 6
Special Rules Power Field, Unbalanced


Bio-Monitor & Injector (Armour integrated, T Test +10 vs. Toxic Quality; Stun expires in 1 round; Pain Suppressor 6 doses, ignore Crit effects 1d10 rounds); Chapter Trapping;
Magboots (armour integrated); Nutrient Recicler (armour integrated, 2 weeks autonomy);


BC Left Hand; BC Left Eye;

XP Spent 32,000


Wulfaz Stormsson

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