Vorian Blade

Quiet, confused, slow to anger, unpredictable, hard to cool down


Vorian Blade was born on Luther Macintyre IX, Imperial desert death world.
He spent his childhood scavenging bodies of unfortunate and unwise and thus helping his small community to survive.
At one point when he was 15, he made contact with strange off world trader that promised him a lot of supplies if he scavenge certain places on planet. Unknown to Vorian those locations were xenos ruins beneath surface of the world. By skill or luck Vorian managed to bring loot to trader for next two years until elders of his tribe caught him. He was banished to die in desert and he made his way to meet trader. Unknown to Vorian, he was followed by local law (they were tipped off by elders) enforcement and trader was attacked but managed to escape with most of his minions swearing vengeance. Vorian was sentenced to serve in Imperial Army for life.
Determined to survive and thrive he fought countless battles against man foes and became top notch soldier and even officer. He was acquired by the Luther Tiberius.

Looks: 2 meters, full of muscles and criss-crossed with scars. gray eyes and short military style black hair. Chiseled rough face. Skin dark and letheared from exposure to many suns.

Vorian Blade

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