The Repulsive Grand Cruiser

  • Ship Name: Satyricon
  • Captain: Aheron Tiberius
  • Class: Grand Cruiser
  • Hull:REPULSIVE Class Grand Cruiser
  • Speed: 5
  • Manoeuvrability: 17 (22 Combat)
  • Detection: 15 ( 20 Combat)
  • Turret Rating: 4
  • Shields: 2 (Castellan Double Array)
  • Armour: 19
  • Hull Integrity: 22/85
  • Space Used/Available: 28/90
  • Power Used/Available: 39/68
  • Weapon Capacity: Port 2, Starboard 2, Prow 1, Dorsal 1
  • Crew %: 0/100
  • Morale: 0/88

Grand Cruiser: This ship can use “cruisers only” Components

Cursed: The advanced experimental warp drive of the class
creates unusual harmonics which can cause the Gellar field to
flicker momentarily during warp transit, escalating navigational difficulties. All navigation tests carried out by the ship’s Navigator
during warp travel take a –10 penalty.

Ancient Grand Cruiser: The older types of Grand Cruiser
were finely balanced. As such, this vessel may not gain any
Components that increase the ship’s armour.

Essential Components

  • Jovian Pattern Class 4 Drive [C:Cmn],
  • Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine (CL,C) [C:Good S],
  • Belecane 90.r Gellar Field (-20 WTE Table),
  • Bridge of Antiquity (CL,C,CB,CG) [C:BEST],
  • Ancient Life Support [C:Best],
  • Deep Void Auger Array ,
  • Clan Kin Quarters © [C:BEST]
  • Castellan Double Void shield array

Supplemental Components

  • Cargo Hold & Lighter Bay, (-3 on Manouverability)
Ship Components
Component Location Time
Crew Quality (30) Acquired in Footfall 028.986.M41
Barracks (Best) +2 Morale to Soldiers Acquired in Footfall 030.986.M41
Best Crafted Retro Thrusters Acquired in Footfall 037. 986.M41
Best Crafted Clan-kin Quarters: All Command Tests to defend against boarding and hit and run actions gain +5. In addition, all sources of Morale loss are reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1. Acquired in Footfall 044.986.M41
  • Best Warp Engine – Travel Time -1d5 Days.


Long time ago abandoned and filled with warp puppets, Righteous Wrath sat frozen in the asteroid belt of a long forgotten sector. Waited over ten millennia to be thawed and reclaimed by the Tiberius Dynasty.


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