Bez starca nema udarca, Old feisty goat


Unremarkable: -20 to notice or describe me

Hatred (pirates): +10 WS vs pirates

Heightened senses (sound): +10 to tests specifically involving sound

Charmed: when spending faith point roll D10 on a 9 point not spent

Ill-omened: -5 fellowship with non void born

Shipwise: Pilot an Navigation are basic skills

Void Accustomed: Imune to space travel sickness, zero and low-gravity are not difficult terrain

Jelaous Freedom: Violently react towards prospect of imprisonment; Can make a WP test

Psy rating 2

Pistol weapon training

Soulbound to the Emperor: +20WP vs possession, opposed wp tests vs daemons to resist talent, psychic power, special ability…, Roll extra D10 on perils of the warp and choose favorable

See without eyes: Not affected by effects that target vision, but cant see the untouchables

Psychic Discipline: Telepathic

Psychic Techniques: Astral Telepathy

Weapon: Best craftsmanship Laspistol, Best craftsmanship mono-sword

Gear: Charm, void suit, micro bead(1km communicator), Psy focus(+10 invocation)

Armour: Guard flack armour

Mutation: Regeneration

Corruption: 1

Wounds: 10

Fate Points: 3


I was a part of the crew on board “Litany of blood” it was a ship that belonged to Adaptus Astra Telepathica, there I was studying to be an Astropath Transcendent. But one day the warp opened and swallowed us whole. We were trapped for about two years and in that time most of the crew went insane or gave in to CHAOS. Me and a couple of other survived thanks to the Emperors protection, but suffered some mutations, I became extremely durable, and took on regenerative abilities. When we emerged from warp we couldn’t fit anywhere because everybody thought that we were either insane or devoted to chaos, eye of the Inquistion was upon us. I became a scavenger and lived of the crusts that others threw out. My life became even worse when I was abducted by pirates who wanted a psyker. I was trapped, tortured, and humiliated for years. I swore revenge on them and any other pirate I find when I escape. My chance came when an imperial cruiser started attacking them and I took a smaller ship and escaped, I floated in space for days until a Rogue Trader found me and took me in. He knew what I was so he kept the chains on me and said that I am his property now, but that I have Freedom like any other crew member aboard this ship but if I try to escape he will kill me. I hate that man and wish to kill him. My wish is to break these chains and be free for once in a long long time.
Unfortunately three years after I sworn an oath to kill that man, he has died in the most disgracious way. He was killed by flying debris thrown by a high class psyker, in a petty squabble over promised treasures.


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