Mia Ignis DeLore

19 year old girl with a chainsword screaming for the Emperor



Noble Born -5 wp +5 fel
Litheracy, Speak Lan High Gothic, Speak Lan Low Gothic (untrained basic skill)
Etiquette +10 to interaction in formal situations
Legacy of wealth +1 to groups starting profit factor
Supremely Connected – Peer Nobility, Military
Vendetta with Radical Inquisitor Khan (because he’s an asshole and certain someone had no qiarell telling him just that)
Wounds double toughness bonus and 1d5
FP 3
Sleight of hand trained basic
+3 int +2 CP
Unnerving CLARITY +5 wp +6 IP
Dark Voyage
Forbidden lore: Daemonology
Insanity +1

Endurance +1 wound


Mia Ignis DeLore

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