Luther Tiberius

Spiteful, Just, Honour over everything else, Ex-Prime of the Tiberius Dynasty




Luther Tiberius – Son of the Odovacar Tiberius, Former Captain of the Winged Fury

Primus of the Tiberius Dynasty over 40 years.

In that time the Dynasty has prospered and built a Hive world in his own system.
Died of old age at the year of 94, accepted no rejuvenates, nor bionics.

Father of

  • Alaric Tiberius – 1st. Son of Luther Tiberius, Captain of the Emperors Will
  • Geberic Tiberius- 2nd. Son of Luther Tiberius, Lord of the 3rd Planet in Family’s System.
  • Bloodwyn Tiberius – 3th. Son of Luther Tiberius, Former Captain of the Sanguinian Krieg,
  • Acheron Tiberius – 4th. Son of Luther Tiberius.

Luther Tiberius

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