Lien Ryn

Full of tattoos, cold purple eyes and white hair

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
70 54 65 71 39 30 37 32 31
Movement Carrying/Lifting/Pushing
3/6/9/18 1,800kg/3,600kg/7,200kg
Insanity Wounds Fate Points Corruption
25 21 4 10


Awareness (Per) +20 Dodge (Agi) +20 Speak Language (Int)
Low Gothic
Secret Tongue (Int)
Common Lore (Int)
Intimidate (Str)
Survival (Int) Deceive (Fel) Literacy (Int)
Wrangling (Int) Disguise (Fel) Scholastic Lore (Int)
Tactica Imperialis
Forbidden Lore (int)
Command +10

Special Abilities

Re-roll Initiative
Immune to Fear (1), (2)
-5Fel with Imperial Cult
-10Fel on the first meeting
-5Fel with Men; +5Fel with Women
+2DMG Unarmed
Weapon Master: Melee


Ambidextrous Autosanguine Chem-Geld
Meditation Unshakable Faith Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal) Melee Weapon Training (Universal) Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)
Sound Constitution x6 Quick Draw Rapid Reaction
Rapid Reload Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) True Grit
Crushing Blow Leap Up Take Down
Bulging Biceps Iron Jaw Frenzy
Double Team Blind Fighting Hatred (Pirates)
Furious Assault Battle Rage


Angel Pattern Mk.IIb PowerArmour (AP:12 All) with:
Replacement power cell rack
Sonar auspex emitter
Infra-Red Optic Overlays
Drug injector unit, Lamp
Void Thrusters
Magnetic boots
Holo-Suit:Holo-suits apply a -20 to all Ballistic and Weapon Skill Tests targeting the user. The user also gains +30 to Concealment Tests if they are stationary, and attempts to target them with Ranged Weapons suffer an additional -20 penalty.


Name Class Damage Pen Range ROF Clip Reload
Eviscerator Melee 2d10+19R 5
Special Rules
Tearing, Unwieldy
Name Class Damage Pen Range ROF Clip Reload
Boltgun (Locke) x2 Basic 1d10+5X 4 90m S/2/4 24 Full
Special Rules
Name Class Damage Pen Range ROF Clip Reload
Lightning Claw x2 best craft Melee 1d10+24 E 8
Special Rules
Power Field Tearing


Photo-contacts Recoil Gloves Stag Helm
Ceremonial Armour Respirator Extended Magazine
Mag-Lock Holster, Scabbard x3 Fire Selector x2 Omni scope
Stummer Magnoculars Manacles
Ashen Skull Carnelian Sievestone Lingua Vox Servitor

Special Ammo

Tox Rounds Acid Shells Organgrinder Rounds
Tracer Shells


Frag Photon Flash Plasma
Stun Virus x3 Melta Bomb x3


Blackbone Bracing Internal Blade Synthetic mussel craft
Thief’s Light

Born on the frontier world Serilia a relatively peaceful jungle world with occasional “visits” from pirates and raiders. She was raised in a small and friendly village until one day she made a terrible discovery. From that day on her life changed for the worse and nothing was the same.

What exactly happened we will learn soon…

Small but tough, standing about 165 cm tall, with a white hair tied in a wolf’s tail haircut, full of tattoos from top to bottom. Gleaming with her cold purple eyes, her lips with a small cut on the left side colored with a dark lipstick daring you to try anything and see what happens. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Lien Ryn

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