Erica (Aaaah!)

Mysterious new member of Echo's department


This lovely Mechanicus Priest originally arrived to Irae Juste along with Alaric’s Tech Priests to help Echo diagnosticate the engines. To their techna-lingua conversations she would occasionally add her own “Aaaaaah!” input with varying intonation, which greatly provoked Echo’s curiosity, but the other Tech Priests claimed that her vox apparatus is broken.

When Alaric revoked his crew’s assistance, she was the one to stay behind hidden, until Echo and Besse found her in the enginarium. Her physical appearance had been greatly augmented to the point that the only reason Echo suspected she was of the female gender was the fact that Alaric doesn’t have any male crewmembers (apart from the press-ganged). To Besse’s disappointment he interfaced with Erica through their Electoos and found that the malfunction is not in the vox apparatus but in her Cortex implant. They agreed on talking in yes/no sentences in such a way that she would “Aaaah” once for yes and twice for no.

When they finally arrived in Port Wander after recruiting the pirate crew, she got a cortex implant replacement from the local Cult Mechanicus outpost. That was how they finally found out her name. Echo has since decided to keep her in his service and find more tech priests to help manage the colossal vessel.

Erica (Aaaah!)

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