Lowly Tech Priest


Besse has been an employee of the Tiberius dynasty for several years as a Tech Priest on the vessel Sanguinian Krieg with duties limited to maintaining the enginerium and other vital parts of the ship in Echo Notches absence. Despite having no help from other Tech experts she managed to run the machines with only some help from basic half-witted grease monkeys and half-functional servitors. But as the quest for wealth and knowledge started to strain the Krieg’s already thin tech savy crew, Echo Notch had to spend more and more time helping her patch up the ship’s overtaxed parts.

The crisis escalated when a gang leader from the pressganged decided to hold her hostage, demanding better conditions for him and his mates. It was resolved only thanks to Mordechai’s galant efforts to parley with the rebels and offer to give the pressganged a voice through their leader and him, wich was good enough to persuade them to release Besse.

Ever since then, Echo Notch had been fearing for her safety and demanding guards to be posted around her for weeks before his mind was at peace again. Unfortunately as the crew got marooned on Zayith her troubles continued as she got into another hostage situation caused by the landship’s very hostile indigenous folk. All officers proceeded to rescue her and the precious items she was working on.

She assisted Duncan to replace Echo Notches limbs, lungs and eye while they were stranded on Zayith for 8 months and worked with them in their techno-shop called “The Cog”. During that time she became very close with Echo Notch as she was conveniently the right person to administer maintenance to his new machine parts. Even telling him her secret – that she was expelled from the Cult Mechanicus, to which he just decided that she is too valuable as an assistant to scorn her for hiding that information.

She went on to be rescued with the remaining Aheron‘s voidsmen and officers to his brother’s cruiser. The relationship between her and Echo Notch stagnated at a sort of “unformal girlfriend” stage because of his ever evolving machinelike coldnes of personality. Despite that, the connection to her has strangely served Echo as a last remaining spark of human emotion, and the desire to remain loyal to their relationship has saved him while enduring the overwhelming presence of women on the long voyage to Tiberius dynasty home planet.



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