Tiberius Dynasty

We are not alone

Tiny footsteps in the darkness

Immediately Echo Notch got into an open conflict with the Overseer, about whether they should send someone back outside to fetch supplies for the people and send a distress signal to the ship that was hopefully still in orbit. The Overseer said that he had turned on the emergency SOS broadcast on the Voxcaster previous to vacating his headquarters, but Echo didn’t know if he was to trust this due to the previous find of the biomass in this man’s head, and the worker’s claims of it being a brain parasite.

The Rak’gol invasion had successfully been halted by the storm bolters on the Rhino and Predator’s grenades, but this didn’t mean they weren’t waiting for one wrong step from the humans to continue their attack. Finally the Overseer gave in and sent out a couple of workers to try and see if the coast was clear. One of the men got all the way to the hubs and started bringing some food but then all of a sudden contact was lost, and everyone decided to stop further expeditions. Due to the worker’s impeded intellect, the latch on the rhino was left open on the outside so Echo was forced to weld the other door to the vehicle shut so that the Rak’gol could not come in through it. And thus they abandoned the rhino and the entrance hoping that on some other side they could find a warmer corner or exit from the maze. This was ludicrous and typical stressed out humans grabbing onto a straw in Echo’s opinion but he agreed to help find a way through the maze. A small expedition of our four heroes and Adept Zepha set out to search on the right side of the maze, while the Overseer, Captain Bren and the mercenaries went the other way. The civilians stayed back with the Predator and the storm troopers at the entrance. Echo told Corporal Quentin to stay calm and guard the people. He’d leave the empty bolt shells from the predator as breadcrumbs in the maze and try to return as soon as they found a decent place for the people to hide.

Carefully studying the maze, Echo deduced that it bent and overlapped in impossible ways. It’s walls were also made from some unfamiliar metal, stronger than Aheron’s sword – which he had to find out in the hard way. But the weirdest feeling was the feeling of constantly being watched and followed. Then they ran into a dead end that was just perfectly un-drafty that the people could hurdle up there for the time being. When they tried to call this in they found out the their microbeads were out of range. So they went back on foot. In the hallway they found a strange footprint, elongated and almost humanoid like. A long and slender figure appeared in the hallway in front of them. Emil and Aheron found that it looked quite a bit like an Eldar while Echo was still contemplating the footprint. They decided not to raise their guns but instead call the creature to negotiations.

It was a she and she admitted to have been following the group since they landed on this site. She mocked their attempts and warned them they have no idea what they have tread upon. She said that even now as they speak her team was on their way to slay their civilians back at the entrance, which was good since they had almost discovered the vault of treasures she was planning to crack open and plunder in the name of the Eldar. After making this claim she disappeared and Echo urged the group to decide quickly which they would choose – to try and save the civilians who may already be dead or try to get to the vault first. His analysis showed that considering Aheron’s current debt to the Casaballica he had only one choice – to get whatever in in the vault at all costs, so he voted for the Vault. But Emil quickly protested and voted for the civilians, because he didn’t want the storm troopers to get killed in their absence. Zepha shyly added her vote to save the civilians, while Aheron and Kompost just stood there and couldn’t make a choice. Their judgement was split between the two, and nothing Echo Notch said was gonna make them decide. Finally Emil took the initiative and ran back towards the entrance. Everyone followed.

They arrived just in time to witness the horrible carnage of the other expedition by some kind of monster that indeed was roaming the maze. Luckily the predator had discouraged it from attacking the civilians and the stormtroopers, and Overseer Leerus had escaped the creature by a hairbreadth. The Eldar was lying. She had just wanted to test Aheron and his posse, which she soon admitted. They agreed to cooperate an kill the monster of the maze together. They had a theory that it was a horribly mutated human who had at some point gotten lost in the maze. An experiment of some kind, something that they found out was not strange in a city made by the Yu’vath race, such as this one. A warp experiment.

The Eldar didn’t want the civilians and soldiers to see her so she kept to the back of the procession. Emil talked to her for she seemed to only listen to his opinion and disregard all those who decided not to help the civilians when she was testing them. Aheron tried to strike a deal with her to get off the planet and share the contents of the vault but she only agreed to take his closest employees and him off in the Eldar ship, and wouldn’t have any mention of sharing the treasure in the vault. She said that she had the key thet resets the maze, and that they had to tell the people to be quick and run if they wanted to survive, but that only 9 “mankeeys” could come with her – Aheron, Emil, Zepha, Echo, Kompost and the 4 stormtroopers.


Storykillinger TeaVioleta

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