Tiberius Dynasty

Troubled waters

Talking with the Orks

Starting in the path of void combat, in a wide salvo of ork torpedoes, unbeknown to the them they maneuvered out of the way, after they failed five auger scans. The wide salvo hit Avarice doing heavy damage to already damaged ship.

They retaliated back with a full salvo that did considerable damage to the ork Krooza, even through their heavy prow armor.

That made the Ork warboss accept the parley to see what the ’umies want.
After some negotiating they convinced the orks to split the ship, getting the kanonz from Avarice, aka Broadside Macrocannons.
Aheron managed to insult the orks and try to get killed by the massive creature.

They continued towards the enginearium to get the strange teleportarium.

Killed more then 12 Marines in close combat, buy the luck of bolter turrets.


Storykillinger Storykillinger

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