Tiberius Dynasty

To Forge Anew

My first Ground War

On their way to the forge-world when they jumped into the void to rest for a bit, while scanning they noticed a distresses call, as good guys that they are decision was made to go closer and see who is fighting. As it turns out it was an administratum’s ship that was attacked by some pirates in a light cruiser with lots of guns. So the plan was forged, ramming, hit and run tactic and hailing the enemy so they break their morale and surprisingly it worked. After the fight the pirates went cold and Aheron’s ship helped with repairs on the administratum’s ship so that both can go on. The meeting was arranged between to ships and the administratum explained that they are on their way to meet the rulers of this sector, and asked if Aheron could take a missionary and his entourage because their destination was closer to Aheron’s, of course they accepted. The missionary was an old man, totally different thanMia, and when he came on board they departed for the forge world. The trip took for the worse, the travel felt like they traveled for weeks, months and perhaps even years, but they managed to come out of the warp mostly unharmed. Arriving at the forge world in hopes of upgrading their ship, getting rid of the cargo and improving their gear, the crew of Satyricon was greeted by the Tech-priests and informed that the planet was under the attack of the Orks. The scan revealed one Ork ship in orbit, just out of range of the stations defenses. The officers agreed that Echo Notch and Lien Ryn will go down to the planet and help with the ground fighting, while Aheron andDuncan will stay in the ship and help with the communication, coordination and will keep an eye out for the Orks ship. Lien’s troops landed first and she started sweeping the grounds, while Echos troops landed not far from hers and started their attack as well. After a while the Orks came into melee and Liens troops started to lose, but with the help of Echo who ambushed the Orks, they managed to push them back towards their Warboss. Meanwhile captain Aheron came to the planet as well and took control of PDF forces, but was unfortunately ambushed and surrounded by enemy himself. Duncan managed to locate the warboss’s location and came down to the planet to help with the assassination of the boss. A hub base was put at the town square and was made to be HQ for the rest of the mission. Suffering some losses, Aheron managed to push through the Ork forces and came to the HQ but he was late for Duncan, Echo and Lien were already gone to face the boss. They managed to coordinate that Aheron will attack at dawn and distract the bulk of the Ork forces; meanwhile the rest will try to kill the warboss. Traveling through the sewers and without a sleep for a day, it was decided that they will rest for a bit. At Echos watch a gretchin came and almost raised the alarm, but was killed before he could do that. Coming to the building that was behind bosses tent they hid, Duncan and scouts on the roof, Echo in the basement and Lien at the door and waited for the attack to commence. When it started and the warboos came out with his bodyguards Duncan took the shot and the bodyguards went strait to his location while Echo and Lien started fighting the boss. Meanwhile Aheron was bored with only fighting the Orks and wanted to fight the boss, so he took a ship and went to stratosphere so he could avoid air defenses and land right at the boss’s tent. But his plan failed because the flyer was shot and lost control, he failed to activate his gav-chute and hit the ground from a 300 meter fall. Praying to the emperor he managed to only break his legs and passed out from exhaustion. After exchanging a couple of blows Lien noticed something in the sky rushing towards the location where she was fighting the boss, she managed to escape the impact location of the flyer that came from nowhere and it killed the boss on the spot, pushing him to the building. Orks have lost their leader and the killing was easier now, the three officers came to HQ only to find out that the flyer was under Aherons command. Echo and Duncan went to search for him while Lien stayed to command the troops, for she was pissed at Acheron for leaving his inexperienced troops to fight Orks while he went to kill the boss.

- Battle Log-
Lien’s Journal Entry


Storykillinger Iwan

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