Tiberius Dynasty

The Righteous Path

Quick overview

Upon arrival on the dock of the Port Wander, the crew of the Sanguinian Krieg, was hailed by welcoming messages from all the docked ships, granting them the right of passage, as it is per custom. One of the messages was a contact from the strange man, Orbest Dray, filthy old vagabond, claiming he has something belonging to the Tiberius family.

Upon some consideration, Bloodwyn Tiberius, his brother Aheron, and a couple of his officers ventured to inspect the claims of this man.
Indeed the vagabond had something for them, a mnemolith, which was taken a second after discovered, in the ambush on the officers in the middle of the Court of the Dead. Engaged by another Rogue Traders party while staying in a protected zone. Something strictly forbidden by all laws and in the warrant of trade. Crew of the infamous Hadarak Fel attacked the group and murdered the other Rogue Trader Bloodwyn, making Aheron a new Captain of the ship.
Mnemolith was almost lost if not for Mordechai, who read the signatures from the astropathic beacon.

Prideful Aheron, stricken with grief and bound for vengeance set out to hunt Hadarak Fel and his crew for their crimes.

Careful planing of the route through the warp, made them stop in the Battleground to scour a vessel, where five brave soldiers took the task, and brought profit back for the entire dynasty.

Discovered the Righteous Path they did.
Aherons officers consisted of Explorator EchoNoch, Arch Militant Vorian Blade, Astropath Mordechai, small but always angsty teen girl with a chainsword, null maiden, Mia.

After the search of the sector, investigation of the ancient ruins of a race long forgotten and some near encounters with the Orks, they found the location of the crashed ship.
They arrived near the Grand Cruiser “Righteous Path” on the same frozen asteroid, in the halo surrounding the system. The ship has sat there for over ten millennia, safe to say all aboard it was dead and beyond.


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