Tiberius Dynasty

The Pilgrimage

Exploring the potential new homebase

Written by Echo Notch
On the way to the Reaches.

The Crew had come victorious out of the short Ork war on Barsuvian, the forge world. Duncan and Echo managed to pack Aheron’s “corpse” from the pile of other fallen soldiers and orks into an Arvus lighter, and Sarge piloted them back onto the Satyricon. Lien shortly followed with the remaining troops and her trophy warboss’s Power Claw and warboss head. Duncan set Aheron’s broken legs and they smuggled him into the secret refrigeration compartment of his quarters. They knew it was just a matter of hours before he rises from his “death” state for the third time.

They started to approach the Tech-Priests’ orbiting station, to negotiate the repairs they need. But along the way they found that a vessel had docked in their hangar demanding their attention. The new guests were greeted by Lien and Duncan accompanied by many soldiers and the Astropath Flyol Corpos. Since Aheron had only recently awoken and was unable to walk, he observed the arrival from his quarters over a pict feed where he was comfortably set in a wheelchair and guarded by Echo Notch. Out of the new Arvus flier came a short tan armed woman in flight officer’s fatigues and a slim tall figure in a black robe, wearing a mirror mask on their face. They introduced themselves as Um Nama Narayan, a female navigator working for the highest bidder and her assistant Saab. They had been involved in spearheading the attack on the ork fleet but their ship and crew had been lost to a perilous tactic that no one could foresee the orks using – they detonated one of their own ships and wiped out the defending fleet. They were allowed to stay under watch and would come to see the Fabricator General with Aheron if they so desired. Soon enough Aheron found that Um might prove to be a better navigator than “The Screamer” as they so aptly named their current one, and so he offered her a contract.

They were all welcomed in the AdMech station and allowed an audience with the Fabrcator General. For their help they were each offered free equipment and ship parts. They even agreed to fabricate the borderline heretical auto-loader macrocannons, Zayithian pattern, but demanded they surrender the blueprints and not share the design with anyone. Echo petitioned the Fabricator to upgrade Satyricon’s essential components as this could only be done on a well-equipped Forge World. The Fabricator General warned Echo and the Crew that it is not uncommon for such a ship as the Repulsive Grand Cruiser to fall to chaos as they are all very susceptible to the warp. If such a thing would come to pass, they would be obliged to destroy it, at the cost of their lives. Echo also asked for a permission to pull data out of the AdMech librarium for his personal research. They then humbly surrendered the Dreadnaugt they had been hauling from the far reaches of Koronus.

After extensive ship repairs, upgrades, acquisitions and implantation, they continued on their way to address the issue of their new bountiful system in the Unbeholden Reaches. The Spyridon, their background endeavor ship had reported seeing plenty pirate ships just before they turned their tail and fled from exploring the system. Aheron and the others knew they would have a battle on their hands, they just couldn’t have divined the scale of it.

Um Nama asked for a peculiar ship component from the Fabricator General, the Astrarium Koronus, but instead only received the precise location of the thing. It was in the Outer see of The Processional of the Damned, a place she had accidentally visited before and knew firsthand of its perils. They could only wonder how she knew of the existence of such an ancient Archeotech device and especially how it came to be lodged in that cursed place.

Thankfully, she plotted an excellent course towards the Unbeholden Reaches, but continued to petition the other officers to drop by the Processional to get the Astrarium, to witch they all voted nay except for the captain, who upon hearing that there would be abandoned eldar crafts in the region thought he could at the same time use the strange obelisk device he found many years ago on the then wreckaged Irae Juste. The device would arguably provide a map of unknown treasures if used on an eldar vessel’s bridge properly. Also combining that knowledge with the Astrarium Koronus would definitely deem profitable, but the dangers of the Processional were just too great. So the officers voted to explore this venture after liberating their bountiful system from the foul pirates.

During their warp journey they had a mishap which caused many of the crew to go about madly, rampagng, killing eachother. The missionary whom they had previously persuaded to come along with them instead of remaining in the Winterscale realm, made good use of his chanting and Emperor gospel and managed to calm the minds of the crew somewhat. Thankfully Aheron had acquisitioned an Autotemple and this had proven to be a good investment because many of the crewmen needed guidance and prayer after the crazy things they saw during the warp jump.

Upon arrival to their yet unnamed system the Navigator noticed a derelict space station orbited by several transport vessels, the dauntless light cruiser Ex Infernis, and a Lunar Class Cruiser The Queen Chorda’s Revenge. They remembered previously encountering Ex Infernis and how they thought their talk of a scary grand cruiser of the captain Chorda were mere empty threats. From their current point of view it seemed like the threats did have merit and were faced with a very difficult decision.

The officers called a meeting to try to decide what action they should take. First, a silent infiltration mission was suggested that would disable the cruiser so that they could battle just the other ships, but it would have to be executed by the officers themselves and it would be extremely dangerous and leave them vulnerable for the other pirate ships in the following battle. So a crazy idea had been thrown onto the table named after its proposer – The Um-Na-Maneuver.

The navigator would attempt something unspeakable, she would jump the ship through the void for a relatively short distance within the system, namely from their current position to the direct position between the Chorda’s cruiser and the station to make use of their new Power Ram, the pride of the Satyricon. This would become the ship’s most famous maneuver… if it succeeded of course. Careful planing was necessary to pull it off and every crewman and officer would have to do their part in the grand attempt to quickly and bravely surprise and annihilate the pirates in this system. It was so out of this world that it had to work! And the officers soon all agreed to go with that plan.

Everything was set in motion, everyone was on their posts. The navigator had taken every precaution to prevent damage to herself and used the Screamer as her scapegoat for the awful thing of the immaterium that would scratch alongside the hull of their ship, hungrily wanting to punish them for such an outrageous attempt at unsolicited warp abuse.

Echo had given the Satyricon’s Machine Spirit maximal aid to enhance its maneuverability. Acheron was behind the wheel, using all his force and several assistants to keep the attack straightly aimed at the Chorda’s cruiser center, for maximum ramming damage. Lien made sure to shoot the torpedoes and other glorious weaponry they acquired on Barsuvian from the second they exited the warp on the pirate’s side. Duncan was commanding the hit and run vessels and triaging the wounded. The horror in Chorda’s eyes must have been awesome at the moment that a gigantic warp rip opened right next to his prized vessel, from which the angry face of the Satyricon came spreading pain and destruction. The attack was a maddening experience and a grand success. In only a single hour our heroes had disintegrated the Lunar class cruiser and disabled the engines of the fleeing dauntless class light cruiser as well. The little transport vehicles were allowed to flee chased by the menacing message in Um Nama’s disturbing voice “Begone from here! And never return!!!”

Unfortunately during the few moments the Satyricon was plunged into the warp the gellar fields couldn’t take the strain and the crew was heavily irradiated by the maddening things that cannot be named. Thus many died, even the officers suffered great deteriorating of their psyches. Duncan even started to mutate as the corruption of the vile seeped into his muscles, permanently enlarging their tissue and strengthening them.

Gates of Hell, Log from Xavier Chorda


Storykillinger TeaVioleta

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