Tiberius Dynasty

The Duel

After negotiating the terms for the duel, Hadarak set the terms, his astropath sent a message to their ship to attack and kill everyone aboard The Sanguinian Krieg. Hadarak had a Sword Class Frigate with abundance of heavy ordnance on board, while Sanguinian Krieg had one Macrocannon battery and flickery void shields. It was all on the honor, of Hadarak Fel, that he would call off the attack after the duel. They were to fight until yielding but not unto death, a rule that captains in their zeal have probably overheard. The automatic doors closed and the atmosphere started re-pressurizing. Hadarak said “..its a deal then, we duel, ’til yielding or untimely death, savy?”
“Aye, one condition, the victor allows the other a quick peak on the bridge.” -said the young Rogue Trader Acheron.
“Nay, I disagree with this, in both ways, win or lose I don’t want to see what I’ve lost, nor for you to see what I’ve won. Would defeat the purpouse of this duel. No?” – said the old grizzled trader.
They lowered their belts, disarmed their equipment, and took up mono-swords. Acherons team mates looked through the glassteel window of the bulkhead door, sitting in zero gravity, in their voidsuits awaiting the results of the duel.
Their raised their mono-blades and awaited one another to act first. The younger one was quicker on his feet and rashly struck for the old ones head, but he was ready for that strike and he parried the strike dashed for the kill, striking the young one in the chest, railing him back, and provoking him for another inaccurate strike. Adopting a parrying stance, Hadarak braced for the attack but the blade went through and caught him over the eye, opening his old scar. The old man reeled back taking defensive swings mid air to ward off any killing blows while he recuperated. Acheron said: “Do you need a moment to recover?” which sounded more provokingly then he intended, to which the old man replied “Quit blathering and fight.”
Swings of steel cutting the air filled the room and as the blades met sparks flew as mono edge bit the other one, old one fainting and slashing, each strike weakening his opponent a tad bit. Flesh was weak and Hadarak knew it. The victory for Hadarak was in his grasp.
Watching the spectacle paranoid ArchMilitant Vorian glanced back at the flood light illuminated hallway to see a stark shadow moving across the wall. One, no four more walking corpses appeared lumbering around the corner. Vorian shouted over the vox for his teammates to stand at attention and fire upon the oncoming horde.
Las rounds started flying and flamer started sloshing the flesh from the undying creatures bones, engulfing the entire hallway in a ball of fire, the heat was palpable even through the voidsuit.
Techpriest had misfortune with his bolt gun, it jammed every other shot making him miss terribly, but his technical knowledge of the machine spirit and their former relationship he knew how to appease the old spirit in a way of a quick and violent thrust of his hand, it was a magnificent sight to watch him work. ArchMilitant shot one dead with his bolt pistol, but the horde ignored the flames and continued coming.
The duel kept on and the two of the highest ranking figures of the imperium in this sector continued their death dance. Old vet pressed hard against the inexperienced combatant, fainting him with almost every strike, giving him multiple grievances, and fatiguing the young Acheron Tiberius.
As a kill strike was coming a miracle happened, a dance of fate, a strike that would pierce his sternum and come out of his back was avoided by sheer luck. Aherons back leg gave way to his weight for just a moment and the blade missed his center mass and went below his armpit. Remembering his training Acheron applied the strategy of fainting before striking, the old dog seen through the attempt and parried the strike, but not fast enough and the strike hit his leg, tearing a bit of the armor off and doing no real damage.
In the zero gravity grenades were creating spacing between the horde and the crew, but as the corpses were blown apart by explosions they just kept coming on, and soon would charge into melee.
The duel lasted, and by miracle or wave of fate many killing blows were thrown off, which greatly frustrated Hadarak, making him lose his temper at moments, forgetting to faint and just making a all out attack, catching Aheron on the leg, where armor absorbed most of the slash.
It was moments after the things gotten serious for Aheron, as he sustained a deep gash across his chest, leaving him breathless. Outside wounded Astropaths floated above the mayhem of melee bellow, psychically attacking the monstrous horde, use of his power manifested and everyone around the manifestation lost their breath, and soon after another strike, all electronic devices started malfunctioning and all the weapons jammed, whatever it was, it riled the machine spirit of everything nearby.
The manifestations left duelers devoid of breath, but unrelenting in their attacks. A slash across Aherons chest parted flesh from bone and blood soon covered his torso. The hit was returned in kind but Aheron made a deeper gash, opening Hadarak’s chest and splashing red warm liquid all over the floor and combatants. Aheron yelled: “Yield!” and Hadarak responded with a fierce determination: “Never!” blood spewing from his lips.
Hadarak lunged and changed direction of his attack and caught Aheron flat footed, stabbing him deep through the stomach, making him rest on Hadaraks shoulder and grabbing his arm not to twist the blade as Hadarak intended, and with the other arm, he planted the sword deep in Hadarak’s gut, cutting it open and spilling his innards on the floor, dropping Hadarak to his knees and back to the floor, splashing against the pool of his own blood that was smeared by footsteps. First action Aheron did after he pulled out the blade from his gut was to go for a nearby medicae kit, and a spray of syntiflesh and sealed a gaping hole on his stomach, and as he was about to seal the other wound on his chest he looked at his dying opponent. He was a miserable pile of awful. Resting on the floor, his guts sprawling about and bleeding with each heartbeat his lifeblood, Aheron could not help it but feel sorry for the creature that was dishonest to him. He gazed at the bottle of synthiflesh and decided his previous opponent needed it more then he did, and he went to aid him. He did not put the viscera back in, but just sprayed the flesh to stop the further bleeding, he would need surgery anyway. This was possibly the only thing he could have done. He then wiped the fog that has formed on the glassteel window where his allies fought and saw them in peril. He quickly proceeded to put on his void suit, so he can depressurize the cabin and let his allies in. Another minute passed and the combat outside was becoming grim. Aheron opened the secondary door to the bridge without even looking at the code written on his dataslate and dropped the corpse of the late Hadarak Fel onto the bridge, closed the door and rushed back to open the door for his allies, helping himself against the wall, hunched over holding his wounds, bleeding into his voidsuit. He opened the keypad from memory again, as he saw the combination when he entered and his teammates fell in shooting at the mangled bodies that lumbered after them. The heavy bulkhead door came down and crushed one of the following corpses, and the room started pressurizing, but before it was completed Vorian opened the door to the bridge and created a vortex inside the bridge that raised all the dust, which reduced the visibility down to a meter. Nothing but lights of lumen torches on their voidsuits wasn’t visible in the dust. Incredible sense of isolation came over them. Mia realized that the particles flying around was human skin, and noticed that Hadarak Fel was still alive, she was to put him out of his misery but Aheron said to aid him, so she did as best she could. Suturing the wounds not covered with syntiflesh, and covered the fallen captain from the exposure to dust, giving him a re-breather mask.
In front of them stood a climax of their labors, rewards and hopes of treasures untold.


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