Tiberius Dynasty

The Damnation

Aftermath of the Processional of the Damned

Instead of relishing in their defeat of the infamous captain Corda, Aheron sways his crew into proceeding with the mission that eventually cost him his warrant of trade, ship, riches, crew and family – The Astrarium Koronus.

What exists in the records of this unfortunate turmoil is that in the months leading up to the mission, Echo had developed a way to backup his psyche into an AI chip hidden in his trusty companion servo scull C14n63dd1n. He had done this at the expense of a portion of his memory – during the time of the rite of transference, he could only operate on a servitor-like basis and thus was not able to stop the warp-incited idea that had taken root in Aheron’s power hungry mind. Um Nama, although prooven to be a great war aid, had become a great enemy of the crew’s safety. Fueling the idea of plunging the precious Satyricon Grand Cruiser into the Processional of the Damned, Aheron briefly lost his mind and along with it all of the memories of what became of his crew. Short episodes of roaming the ship in desperation and drug-like frenzy, feverishly sweating and spinning into a maddening spiral of doom still flash before his eyes, but no useful information comes from it yet. No clues or hints of where Um Nama Narayan and her assistant Saab went, what became of Lien Ryn and Duncan, did Flyol Corpos die in a clash with the mysterious warp-bordering sea of despair that is the Processional… Occasional words of prayer from the Missionary and other denisens… and blackness…

When he finally regained his wits , he was in a hospital bed, overlooking a familiar space station, with a great big golden statue of the Emperor in the middle. He deduced he was now in the Footfall, rescued by some fortunate mgickal means of the Emperor – or something else.

On the neighboring bed was Aheron’s oldest and most faithful companion Echo Notch, stripped of his robes and attached to external medicae cogitators to monitor his status. Aheron soon got up on his feet and approached his friend, and for a brief moment they relished in the fact that they were both alive and aware of their surroundings, although unsure yet if the hospital was just a guise for a prison of some sort. They celebrated with a hug and a pat on the back, and in the short exchange of words admitted either of them had no recollection of the unfortunate events leading up to their current position.

Then a well dressed – clean-shaven slender man with long dreadlocks entered the room and introduced himself as Emil Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy, an employee of baroness Agnes II Nataly Orfelian of the Casaballica Comission. He explained that the Casabalica agents had pulled Aheron and Echo from the derelict Grand Cruiser’s bowels, thus saving their lives, but established that it is now the year 41163, and that they have been lost for roughly 170 years. The Baroness was very venerable and thus highly intrigued by Aheron’s longevity so Emil took the survivors to have an audience with her. On the way there they also met the baroness’ daughter Ann Hester Nora Orfelian, a charming woman of youthful appearance.

They were offered a simple deal, in exchange for their lives – they would work for the baroness from now on, under strict surveillance of Casaballica’s people. The woman openly asked Aheron about his secret and threatened to dissect him if he refuses to speak, but he managed to slither away from her grasp using confusing words and ramblings as he usually does when pressed for information he wishes not to share. This was a chance to redeem their sins and get back on their feet, which they eagerly took. But first they needed a ship.


Storykillinger TeaVioleta

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