Tiberius Dynasty

The Coronation

Passing the title

- Echo has set up several techpriests and acolytes to provide long term palliative care to the injured warriors Kompost i Sigismund whom were the only two wounded in the battle against the Necron Lord. After a heavy employ of the Diagnostor tool, Echo has concluded that Sigismunds wounds are rather grave and that there was approximately 7% chance for Sigismund to die. Kompast fared a lot better with his wounds. His eye was severely damaged, it would need a bionic replacement, but he was steadily recovering, prognosis said that he would be fully operational in one month time. He needed rest and was in pain, but he was conscious and stable. In the meantime Aheron was nowhere to be found. Possibly went to investigate the capture of the creature that stalked the mess hall that Echo dubbed the Technovore, for its diet that he concluded consisted of electronic devices, depending on the strength of the machine spirit inside it. Nemesis of any follower of the Cult Mechanicus. It was kept and subdued in a cage that it could eat its way out of, but was constantly kept unconscious by the high powered shock batons, under the watchful eye of Quentin and Coolbreeze.
- Meanwhile Echo was contacted by Regis to ask a most perplexing question, Regis described events that unfolded within the walls of the Cargo Hold against the Necron Lord without ever witnessing them, this sparked Echo’s curiosity and with further investigation Regis gave the information that LaRoix was having visions that came to be prophetic. They described that Sigismund and Kompast were wounded and that there was a disagreement between Echo and Aheron but then he said something highly disturbing. He said that Spyiridon and Satyricon were wired with explosives and it was Aherons doing,
- Regis was on his way to the meeting with the deamonhost Ces Rass, how he came to be with that knowledge of the deamonhost amongst them was rather riveting, the words came from one of the Praetorian Guard, Davos Taal, but the wisdom was not his, for it caused him great distress.
Against Echo’s advice not to attend the meeting that could have fatal outcome for Regis, he went anyway. Echo demands the full report from Regis
- Echo demands emil tells him what he knows because of the risk that he may not return from the meeting , emil tells about dataslate he left with all the information in his room on satiricon
- Echo decides to go down to the enginarium to speak to ericaah
- He asks her oppinion about Bessy and „Echo Prime“, what to do with either and asks for a detachment of enginseers to accompany him at all times
- Echo sorts out tech priests to see which ones are competent for which tasks (1 h duration)
- Regis meets Cess Rus alone
- He is told that acheron is behind the mutiny and that mutiny is basicaly fake, in order to make the officers order the ships to sail once more
- He said acheron commanded this right after Scilla came onboard, but he never talked to acheron in person
- Davos got hurt so emil and scylla send him to satyricon to get examined by echo
- Acheron calls echo to come to lien ryn’s former room to crack open a safe for him
- Echo obliges after finishing the tech priests sorting
- The afe is too tough, archeotech, echo suggests a competent safecracker since they can’t afford to loose the eldar starchart that is inside
- Echo returns to autotemple to find that sombody had killed all the acoytes and shot sigismund twice to the chest, and the bugger survived, well barely, kompast claims it was acheron
- Echo quickly calls quentin and coolbreeze back to the autotemple to guard the injured, so they had to put down the technovore creature on echo’s orders, loosing much potential profit therefore
- Echo orders ericaah to lock the enginarium and guard it because there may be an intruder onboard
- Echo has to make the difficult decision to take the inquisitor out of the stasis chamber and put sigismund inside because he couldn’t survive an operation in such primitive and unsterile conditions, even if they had a replacement heart for him on hand
- The inquisitor is badly wounded and dressed in eldar xeno tech armor and equipped with xeno gadgets and weapons, echo treats his injuries as best as possible and predicts a very hard recovery
- Emil calls echo to report on his findings, echo assures him that it’s not possible that acheron is behind this, at least not the acheron they know and communicate with, alluding that his „prime“ version could be behind it or flyol kern is playing with their minds and promisses to keep an eye on acheron and also guard sigismund, while emil sends a guard to check on the primes
- echo asks that emil ask maxwell to lend them two or three doctors to take care of the injured temporarily so that echo doesn’t have to spend all his time with them, and asks that he tries to find out what kind of inquisitor this could be and what they could do with him
- scilla is in a bad shape after hearing of acheron’s possible betrayal, she thinks everything is grim and dark, emil has to put her to sleeep in order for her not to loose her mind or die of exhaustion
- echo demands that acheron doesn’t leave his room and explains to him someone has been impersonating him, acheron shows no signs of guilt
- echo puts a servoskull in acheron’s room so that he can watch over him during the night from the auto temple
- emil drugs scilla with obscura to make her sleep
- everyone spends a pretty tense night with interrupted sleep
- acheron supposedly stays in his room the entire night and sleeps
- echo tends to the wounded while the doctors rest
- in the orning echo examines davos and determines he doesn’t know why he had blackouts and a nosebleed. Everything seems to be ok with his health
- tech priests report the same thing kompast said, that acheron came in, took kompastsá guns and shot sigismund two times to the chest and killed all the acolytes
- some of them report acheron had used both his arms, and some report the he horrified them by removing his helmet
- kompast closed his eyes when aheron took off the helmet out of what he learned from previous sightings
- echo tells everyone it wasn’t acheron but an impersonator and that they were on lockdown until they determine who’s behind the attack
- acheron contacts echo after waking up in his room and finding his digimelta in his pocket, echo confirms noone entered his room during the night nor did he sleepwalk
- he warns acheron that people might be making a conspiracy against him because someone came into the autotemple and almost killed the missionary, suggest he should stay where he is but acheron insists he come into the autotemple to pray, echo accepts seeing the opportunity to test him for gunpowder and to keep an eye both on him and on sigismund
- echo talks to kompast to warn him that acheron would come to pray, kompast demads echo’s protection and a promise of his survival but echo only explains that he’d do everything in his power to protect the peace and that noone may guarantee kompast his life since he’s an arch militant, but he also makes him believe that acheron was impersonated and that someone is trying to put the apple of discord between them
- acheron comes over and tries to talk but echo asks him not to speak in the autotemple because his voice and pressence frightens the people, acheron reluctantly agreed.
- Echo questions Davos in the confessional about what happened during their investigation of the mutiny on spiridon, Davos reluctantly admits lady scilla was tortured by an officer from the satiricon, he had no recollection of what happened to himself or with emil, echo suspects domination by emil
- Coolbreeze replaces davos on duty as scilla’s personal bodyguard on spiridon
- Scilla wakes up and feels strange, emil admits to heving no choice left but to force her to sleep by drugging her. He tries to calm her emotions by telling her what echo thinks took place and how in his oppinion it was all a ruse to make them go to war with eachoter
- Scilla doesn’t want to believe but calms down for the time being
- When emil leves the room she decides to roam on her own, coolbreeze follows
- Echo explains to acheron after his prayer, outside of the autotemple that he has to give up the throne to scylla now in order to quell the mutiny and improove the morale of the men
- He urges acheron they go


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