Tiberius Dynasty

The Auction

As they arrived on back on footfalls ready to spend their earned gelts, they noticed a strange figure with elongated limbs, stalking them from the shadows. They gave chase the creature, but after several tight turns, it eluded them.
Later that day, many acquisitions were made in the name Tiberius APC Rhino has been purchased, dozen or so Arvus lite cargo transports, new bionics for the damaged five loyal soldiers who gave their limbs to bring profit factor to the house name. Aheron, purchased some gifts for their loyalty and was ready to unveil them. He summoned the entire crew of officers and all showed up but one. Missionary Mia was missing and wasn’t answering her vox summons.
One of the crewmen on the bridge noted that a ciphered message arrived for the Rogue Trader, a underground contact notified the crew, that if they want to see their missionary alive again, they must come to the junkyard and look for a man under the name of Keith. Intimidated by this empty threat they all packed up and headed for the yard.

Keith requested from them in the exchange that they find the location of an auction, by attending the local Nobilitae party and gather the information about the auction.
The auction is held by a cult of wyches, and he explained that he is a part of a team that works for an Inquisitor, and that it would be very bad if they disregarded the empty threat about Mia’s life, because he would then turn the eye of the Inquisition upon them. Which is the worst fear of every Rogue Trader. Quaking in terror from the future promises of this crazy person, instead of just shooting him in the head and disposing of him through the nearest airlock, they decided to do his bidding in hope that it will create future profit. [All of this because the Crazy Person was being played by a Player instead of the GM].

As the crazy person prognosticated, a servo skull adorned with purity seals and an Iron Halo, invited the officers to a fancy ball and a dinner party twelve hours from now, in the Liege’s mansion.

Later on at the ball introducing the filthy roaming lunatic, who didn’t even change from the filthy fecal stained clothes, to Nobilitae really did wonders for the Rogue Trader’s image. Thank the goodness they are now all dead.
After the disaster they seemed to not notice rolled by them, noble officers and the peripatetic lunatic sat at the fine heavy wooden table, to enjoy some of the worst meals royal kitchens can offer. Disregarding the health and safety as the thing of Ancient Terra, Nobilitae tries to outmatch one another to gain prestige and favor by devouring disgusting dishes that can cause, among other things: stomach pain, fatigue, and death… and faiths worse then death. But all in the cause of good fun and laughter. For what brings more joy to the room, then when you see one of your hated colleague’s flesh crackle as they bloat to humongous sizes.
Being bred and raised on a noble world, where debauchery like this was a part of every day existence, Aheron Tiberius did not beat around the bush. He straight up understood the game and ordered the most vile, the most dangerous, the most exotic, Warp Eel.
Seeing his glorious leader taking the bite out of the big game, Mordechai, could not resist to try his luck with sharing the captains meal. He was followed by Keith, Tanith One and Only, in devouring the delicious squirming warp hazard.

The Eyes of the God-Emperor were upon the officers as they suffered almost no Ill-effect, apart from mental instability. Mordechai was blessed by the great warp fish to broaden his horizons further, and shine stronger in the warp. (Effectively gaining one Psy Rating) While Aheron grew hair on his chest and became a man.
He manned up so much, that he did not feel the backstab from a combat knife, when an unknown assailant left it in his right kidney.
And Keith became took on a roll of a calamari, growing tentacle like appendages from his hands.

All of this did not stop them to be the life of the party, and find the location and the invitation to The Auction.


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