Tiberius Dynasty

Eyes everchanging

Change everlasting

The dimmly lit atmosphere was starting to fill in with cigarette smoke from the exorbitant source that is Octavious Kind. With most present squinting from the sour smoke, apart from the Explorator, the dinner was much more of a negotiations table rather then what poorly made food bits and over-fried vegetables represented. Not long after the servants brought the food, the smalltalk was interrupted by Maxwell’s query and his serious tone. He had an official request for aid from the Tiberius family for the Kind family. Rather for them to help him destroy his Rival, and possibly retrieve his prised possession. The Argo Malleus. With a few nods around the table, members of the Tiberius Dynasty agreed to repay the Kinds for their generosity and sacrifice in these steady waters of this Accursed Demesne.
With that done and the dinner concluded the day was done, and the crew spent it in mingling about the ship and great many questions towards the crew. While Echo spent his time talking with his long lost and abandoned assistant Ericah, Emiel inquired about the faith from father Sigismund and discussed other quandaries with Scylla.

On the morrow they returned to the Satyricon and decided to brave the first component, nearest to the Bridge. The deployable orbit to ground temple to the God-Emperor savily named by the crew, Autotemple. Its majestic halls were vast and the air inside was heavy and stale, its grandeur reflecting light from the small lumensticks and torches of the Explorers, glowing with that golden sheen, making the shadows dance in the strangest ways. The air was heavy for a reason, for the bodies of the deceased littered the hall. They have all died peacefully by the look of things, and their remains were extremely well preserved.

Accompanied by the two dozen sailors from the transport ship Spyridon, and Maxwells Archmilitant, Aheron, Echo and Kompast decided the next order of business was the Manufactorum, on the explicit wants of the Explorator. But along the way to the objective, the eerie melody they have known from before started spreading the hallways and reverbing the bones, shaking the soul. The song has disturbed the sailors but it has riled Syntia to a frenzy, emptying a stormbolter into a contingent of troops, decimating them. Her frenzy was subdued by Echo’s mighty mechandendrite. As she regained control they have quickly changed their priorities, they had to find out what was causing the daunting melody. It was time to visit the Melodium.
Attempts at scouting the Melodium doors from inside cover have failed for the strange interference short-circuited the Servoskull. But as they bravely went in (under no fault of the GM) the sight that struck them was terrifying. The grand melodium, was littered by bodies, mutated and in some sort of a zealous frenzy, blowing on strange pipes that extended from the Organ in the far back of the Melodium. On that far podium operating the keys was a strange cowled figure with antlers sprouting from his head as it jerked violently as he struck the keys. He stood up as they unwashed masses stopped blowing the winds of life into the organ, and as the air was taken away from the pipes, they made dying sounds. Figure lunged up and turned around to greet the Explorers. Before even noticing his disturbing visage Syntia ran to face her enemies, but before the Explorers squeezed their triggers, inside Aheron’s head rang the words: Stop! It is me Flayl Kern" I have been protecting this ship you fool!". The words were
so adeptly shaped that they rang like a hammer inside Aherons head. But the echoes had a reverb in the thread of reality, ripping it open a bit and letting in the seeping voices. This words heard by the entities of chaos beyond the veil changed Aheron forever. His skin started burning and he ripped his helmet off in anguish, turning towards his crew to show them the terror he has become. His skin seeping blackness and only things distinguishable on his features were his disturbing glowing eyes. His form was ever changing as the blackness was evaporating downwards.
Seeing this ArchMilitant Kompast could not keep his composure and in a state of panic he threw up inside his sealed light enforcer carapace.


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