Tiberius Dynasty

Savages in Space

The Five Kooks

Scouring the Ancient Battlegrounds, auger arrays picked up the basic signal for help. Localizing on the frequency, and performing a focused scan they established it was a lost pilgrim vessel traversing the void to pay homage to the Macro Statue of the God-Emperor on Drusian Footfalls. She was crippled and bleeding plasma into the void, making the approach with a bigger vessel dangerous. On that note it was voted and decided by the officers of the Sanguinain Krieg, that the exploration mission of the derelict vessel should be undertaken by the five “lucky volunteers”.
The honoured five were the Sarge, Darius the assault specialist, Kunz the heavy weapon specialist, Dagon the Demolitions and Engineer, Walter the Recon specialist.

The Aquilla Lander was fueled and primed for a longer journey to the near-by vessel a couple of void units away. Sarge took the helm started the engines and the rest embarked the troop carrier in the back. Six poker matches and Sarges eight Lho-sticks later, Kunz won a dinner date with the Navigator Wyn on which he must make at least two puns about the eye, Darius had to confess to the Missionary about his sinful behavior in the bunk when thinking about Mia, who was the Missionary, and the worst of them all, had to sneak into the crazed teenaged missionaries room and plant pict-capture devices and later retrieve and deliver them to Darius.

The arrival was a little bumpy thanks to the intoxicants in Sarges blood, but they managed somehow. Gaining entry to the ruin was harder then expected, requiring copious amount of explosives and even overloading the lasgun battery packs to melt the rusted locks.

The belly of the beast was haunted by strange sounds and spreading flora of a broken Arboretum. The insides of the great ship resembled an abandoned temple to the God-Emperor, on a verdant world. In the far back of the great hall, covered by debris overgrown by moss, something moved, and ran away from the motley crew, which they enveloped in extensive lasgun fire.
The foolish five, for some reason decided the best course of action would be to split up. Walter took the vox caster out of the belly of the bulk and on the fringes tried to contact the flagship. While the rest explored the strange noises coming from deeper within the vessel.
Moments later they suffered a terrible ambush by what looked like savage primitive tribe of Ancient Tera. Few spears later and gunshots, Kunz was disabled and engulfed by the oncoming waves of savages. While Sarge almost sacrificed rest of the survivors trying to save a fallen comrade.
While Walter Went With a Woman Who’s Wax Was Wet
On the other side of the ship, Walter found a strange stalker. Young girl, with a lack of communication skills, who lead him to her village where he was captured but the girl tried tried to convince the chieftain to let him go. In the end Walter was taken to be sacrificed to the Dark God.
The remaining three, decided their bravado would not end like this, they tracked the blood trail, of their former heavy weapon specialist. Arriving in the village near the life support system, where from the higher position they had saw their friend in a cage amongst eaten skeletons that belonged to the differently dressed tribe. They decided the best course of action against a countless horde of people would be an open assault. They were wrong.
Upon sustaining multiple wounds of onrushing attackers, they too were captured and taken to the Dark God.

When Walter arrived to the Temple to the foul creature he found a strange machine of war, and inside a man, skeletal and frail, surrounded by four fit tribal warriors with tarnished powerswords in their hands. His allies tied to posts surrounding the podium where the evil machine spirit lay. It was an abomination. Sacrilege. Frail human in the astartes sarcophagus of war, The Ancient Dreadnaught.

Sarge tried to negotiate when Walter arrived, but that proved to be a mistake, for when he requested to be freed from his bonds, his wish came true, but he lost his arms at the wrist, in one fell swoop of the powersword. Thanks to the other tribes pacifist way, Walters hands were not bound, and he took a krak grenade and tossed it into the malfunctioning Dreadnaught. The ancient machine of war, was not meant to be used by a human, and therefore could not close properly, allowing Walters grenade to slip in and damage the frail man. Walter survived a cut from a powersword, and parried the other with his monoknife which against all odds held and deflected the enhanced edge of the power sword. While damaged machine trashed about, not differentiating friend from foe, Walter saved Kunz and Darius, while Dagon managed to dislocate his thumb and slip his bonds.

Few more of Walters grenades that were now passed about to all apart from armless sarge, who could not snap out of shock of losing his both hands and bleeding to death. They filled the ancient machine with all sorts of ordnance, and fought the fit tribesmen while their “God” slowly let out their final breaths. Earning more wounds then they can count, the ordeal was over, the flagship was hailed and savages were press-ganged, to feed the great engines and serve unto death, never to feel the freedom of running about the derelict floating city. They recovered a great gem, worth much to the right buyer. Ancient Machine of War, belonging to Adeptus Astartes. Rest of the ship was scavanged and the hulk taken apart by macro-cannon fire, in hope to prevent it from becoming a part of a dreaded spacehulk.


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