Tiberius Dynasty

Roaming the Footfall

Finding a ship in a stack of hay

Aheron and Echo, followed by their newly acquired keeper – Emil, decided to check upon their family’s office in the Footfall administratum sector, but found it in ruin. Some records of trade they found dating 20 years prior, but as they soon found out asking around the clerk was killed only recently. They arranged for a cleaning crew and hired a new clerk to maintain their future trade from the reestablished office. Emil exhibited great financial and negotiative skills during these ventures so Aheron and Echo agreed that upon establishing their family again Emil would become their Senechal.

Echo decided to data mine the common records for any useful information from the past 160 years, and as Emil and Aheron were gathering information in their own way in the local bar, Echo found out that there had been a “purge” of all Tiberius family members and associates in the last 100 years. He also found out, what may have been a cause or consequence of the purge, that a certain “Black Crusade” had come to pass in which there was mention of Wolfaz Stormson, the apostate space marine they had known, who may have been the leader. There are supposedly Remnants of “The Shattered Faith”, Wulfaz’s organisation, scattered across the Koronus even to the present day. Dark and forbidden knowledge indeed. Knowing this, Echo took all precautions he could to leave no trace of his data mining.

Also he came across an ad for a ship that is currently on sale – the Hesrou class Transport “Lividity” – put up by a certain Vetoxia Rim. Emil knew there was something wrong with this deal so they proceeded cautiously to meet with Vetoxia at the arranged location in the Footfall garbage quarter. They paid a homeless fellow to bestow some information about Vetoxia and the ship and to act as a guide. Thanks to this wise decision they were spared a kidnapping and maybe unfavorable battle since Vetoxia was a sly person with shady deals often tied to dissapearances and ransom cases.

Desperate for a ship they decided they would use an astropath’s services to contact their ship Spyridon and whoever may be its current captain. But the services of Dahook the Astropath couldn’t come cheap and Emil had to jump through some hoops to arrange a future trade with him to satisfy his bloodthirsty arena with the promise of 600 fresh slaves. Dahook was offering that they step into the arena themselves but Echo advised Acheron not to expose himself in such a way. Namely because of the Tiberius purge that came to pass. There was obviously forces that wanted his name stricken from the tomes of history.

As the message from their ship returned it was not a good one – the Spyridon was dead in the water in an asteroid field, hiding from bounty hunters, in a system near the Kain’s abyss. The crew was hurt, starving and desperate. The ship’s engine had been damaged so they couldn’t go anywhere unless Aheron came with appropriate parts and men to repair it. So they got the information that a Dauntles class cruiser “Avarice” was stranded near the Siren star, and some survivors were recently surfacing all over Footfall. Maybe this was their way to get a new ship, if some survivors had any valuable information.

One such survivor was in the custody of Vexia, daughter of Vladimir Tokarev IV – an employee of the Casaballica commission. So careful negotiations ensued and Aheron and Emil managed to talk the girl into surrendering him to them to their mutual benefit as they were essentially working for the same boss. This man’s name is Vidas Kompost, an ex high militant officer, from a far away Fortress world. He was happy to be out of slaver’s chains and in good company and agreed to perform the duties of an Arch Militant when this profession was explained to him by Aheron. They also hired 4 storm troopers for the Arch Militant to command. Corporal Quentin and Privates Davos, ? and ?.


Storykillinger TeaVioleta

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