Tiberius Dynasty

Rats in the maze

Having not much choice in the matter, Aheron and the crew decided to split ways with Leerus and the other humans. They explained to him that they would try to hunt down the monster and get to the center of the maze where they could find a way to reset the maze and maybe enable the civilians to flee when the maze is reset. But as they started walking their separate ways, the mercenaries discovered something in the dark hallway – a corpse, horribly mangled. Emil stayed back with Zepha and the Eldar, while Kompost and Echo ran towards the newly discovered horror. They decided to incinerate the corpse, for the purpose of keeping the peace among the workers. Unfortunately, a slithering sole Rak’gol warrior used this opportunity to attack the separated three individuals.

Emil bravely started shooting at it, and so did the Eldar. Upon hearing the shuriken fire, Echo and Kompost quickly realized what was going on and started sprinting back to aid their colleagues. But the distance was quite great and in mere seconds, the fight was over before Kompost even managed to fire a few rounds. The Rak’gol was no match for the swift Eldar and Emil’s excellent adrenaline-fueled Hellpistol gunslinging. Unfortunately the sprinting and 0 recharge chances took their toll on Echo’s energy levels. He was operating at 50% capacity.

They pressed on deeper into the maze, leaving the civilians behind. The monsters lair soon appeared in a particular crook of the hallway, but there was no sign of it’s denizen. This sent the crew’s minds into grim thoughts – maybe it went to kill the humans… but the Eldar insisted on going further. Her presumable care for the lives of others was just a guise, she never cared for the creatures but cared only for the self-sacrificing quality in the potential business associates. Echo frowned upon such logic but understood that the double standards were due to the fact that it is only natural for the Eldar to care little of “lesser” races.

She successfully guided the crew into the center and at the end of the hallway there laid a chamber of amphitheatral structure. In the middle, below their gaze shone a small pedestal upon which a box of strange material nested quietly. Stillness and silence echoed throughout the room, and Aheron mouthed “This is it? Have we arrived?”

The Eldar responded affirmatively, and proceeded to take the box, but before she got the chance, the monster lounged at her from an unbeholden angle and slammed her into the stone bleachers. It was obvious that this was a devastating blow and that she would not last long as a big puddle of xeno blood started to form below her and trickle down towards the center of the amphitheater. Fearing for their own fate now that they lost the Eldar’s support the crew panicked and started shooting at the colossus. The sight was quite too much for Kompost and he fainted on the bleachers. Acheron stood sternly as is usual for him and drew both his pistols aiming directly into the thing. Echo tried to destroy the monster firing his Meltagun twice at pointblank range, but to no avail – it regenerated its melted leg and head as if some demonic force was driving it. But he noticed that there was a strange spear-like mass lodged in its chest, pulsating. In fact they all noticed this, and just as Echo had tried to pry the thing from he monster’s heart with his mechadendrite, Aheron barked “Save her!” so Echo charged along the bleachers to get to the Eldar warrior before it’s too late. Unfortunately the beast reacted quickly and slashed Echo’s mechanic tube-like entrails as he was passing by it, leaving a slippery oily mess behind him.

Fortunately, Emil reacted quickly and took aim at the monster’s weak spot, which was soon proven to be the secret to its defeat. It fell to the ground with a loud screech and never moved again. During those short moments, Echo had to stop his sacred ungents bleeding out, and quickly proceed to stop the Eldar’s bleeding too. But her anatomy was too strange and he wasn’t successful. Not even Emil could find any semblance of a medkit or anything that could be used to help this being. So unfortunately she passed away. Echo decided to haul her body in case her companions appeared so that the company doesn’t seem like uncaring bastards in Eldar eyes.

Acheron decided he would claim the box that the Eldar warrior failed to claim and as everyone took a step back – he reached out his hands and grabbed the box. For a moment there was silence in the room, and an eerie expectation in the air. But Acheron heard a question in his mind “What is your name?” To which he responded “Acheron Tiberius”.

He asked for the voice “Who am I speaking to?” but got no answer… The box was simple with no visible opening or latch. Echo scanned it but to no avail. They had no idea what to make of it. But then, Acheron heard a voice again, this time a different voice, like an Eldar voice. And so it was, a companion of the fallen one, as they would soon find out, Acheron was contacted by the leader of the Crows, an Eldar treasure hunter band. The Eldar insisted they proceed to the nexus point and use the key to reset the maze and exit it in the process. But no one knew how to find the exit so he decided to possess Acheron and lead the crew. At the site he gave our heros the combination and suggested running fast after the key is turned properly. It was obvious that the civilians had no chance of survival at this point.

A fer minutes later the heroes were running through an ever increasingly moving maze, gigantic walls opening and closing, sliding all over the place. To make things worse, the Rak’gol were following them and one of them decided to grab a hold of Echo while he was running. This is where the Arch Militant Kompost saved the day and thanks to his quick reaction managed to fell the Rak’gol with one decisive and well calculated fatal shot to the chest. Everyone managed to dash out of the closing gates of the maze out into an unknown snowy landscape. They took a deep breath and soon saw an approaching Eldar Bomber ship getting very close. It came to a halt and hovered above the ravine. On the cargo door stood a tall armored figure – Akanasha the Crow who Stalks. He asked what had become of Badab Ra – and was infuriated to see her dead body carried by Echo Notch. He took the body and asked about the box in a rusty low gothic tongue. Emil explained the deal that they had struck with Badab Ra earlier – transportation, in return for this box. So he motioned them all to enter the ship.

Inside there was a long discussion where our heros manage to explain that it wasn’t them who killed Badab Ra, and Akanasha believed this upon seeing the fatal scratch marks on her body. He extracted the information about the eldar star map from Acheron, and said that this had to be turned over to them. He also explained to Emil the nature of the box – that it is a part of an ancient Eldar treasure hunt, and that it was forbidden tofollow it since meany ELdar have died trying in the past. Acheron suggested that they – the humans, do the hunting for the Eldar, and in return, they would share the knowledge and the ELdar would help them get their ship Satiricon back from the Processional of the Damned.
Akanasha agreed to this deal. He also agreed to transport the heroes via the Webway to the last known location of their other ship – the Spyridon.

This was their only hope since Maxwell Kind left the system with his ship almost as soon as he had left the crew on the planet surface.

When they exited the Webway and scanned the system, there was several ships in it, one Dauntless class light cruiser and two Raiders, as well as Maxwell Kind’s ship – the Argo Maleus, and the damaged transport ship Spyridon which was hiding in the nearby asteroid field. Unfotunately the Eldar Bobmber ship was not supplied with any warp shields and it could not take the heroes to the Spyridon because between it and them there was a thin bubble of Empyrean (Warp) that would surely cause grave exposure to everyone in the vessel and most certainly destroy the fragile Badab Ra’s soulstone now residing in Akanasha’s possession.

Akanasha had to send a psychic memory of Acheron speaking to try and contact any of the ships, and hope that they aren’t bounty hunters or assassins, since Acheron’s name was now very famous. Akanasha explained that once Acheron had grabbed the box and said his name – he became the next temporary key in the treasure hunt and that the location of the box glowed brighter now in the minds of all Psykers and Astropaths than the Astronomicon itself. Unfortunately it was the only way to transport the humans through the Empyrean bubble.

The Call was answered by Victor Vor Bien from the Dauntless class light Cruiser, and Maxwell Kind from the Raider ship “Argus Maleus”, both offering transportation. Emil recalled that Victor Vor Bien was an ex Imperial Guard general who once performed a great service deffending a Rogue Trader’s planet succesfully from invasion and therefore was granted a great treasure and an armada by that Rogue Trader. From taht point he went on to retire as one of the most honest bountyhunters in the Imperium. His cruiser was his home and he enjoyed hunting down traitors and heretics.

Normally they decided that a secret message had to be sent this time and Akanasha strained very hard to transfer it correctly since it was their coordinates in the secret Tiberius tongue. A message from Maxwell arriver – ETA 4 days.

During the wait the heroes got friendly with the Eldar and Echo even made a primitive kind of Eldar – Low Gothic lexicon, to help them in their future exploits. They found out that the Eldar keep time in a different way and made comparative measurements to make a conversion formula from Eldar time to Imperial time. The generous Crows even decided to share their food and water reserve with the humans. But the humans would have to give some food back upon being handed over to Maxwell Kind. Also a deal was srtuck with Akanasha at that time that they would meet in the Unbeholden Reaches in 6 months, to take on the joint endeavor of getting back the Satiricon.

The Kinds, Maxwell and his brother greeted the Tiberius and decided it was time for a second chance. So they sat down to talk and try to get to know each other. Maxwell was first off set aback by Acheron’s blatant cooperation with the Eldar but Emil and Acheron managed to explain to him that the Eldar may be the gentlest of the xeno and this band – the Crows especially, and that many riches would come from doing business with them. Maxwell was convinced. He even agreed to strike a business deal with Acheron, do trade together and follow him in some of his endeavors wherever he may deem it profitable.

The next item on the itinerary was the bountyhunter and his armada. Something had to be done before they could get back to repairing and taking Spiridon.


Storykillinger TeaVioleta

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