Tiberius Dynasty


AftermathAheron Tiberius’s view on the happenings after entering the material realm.

The half-obliterated crew of what was now the wreckage orbiting the planet of Zayth, was fighting to survive. The lucky 100 voidsmen that boarded the troop carrier along with the officers and sarge’s men would be spared of the horrible fate that the rest of the crew suffered. Captain Aheron knew that whatever they left behind probably wouldn’t survive to be rescued later but he fooled himself in thinking that somehow when they’ve found shelter on Zaith, they would send the carrier to get them. Aided by Echo’s projections of loss of their own lives and those of the 100 voidsmen if they stay any longer in the wrecked ship convinced him and they were ready to depart.

Sarge, being the only other remaining pilot in the crew, aside from Aheron himself, proceeded to scout the planet surface in an Arvus, while Aheron sat behind the steering dashboard of the troop carrier. The planet atmosphere was ridden with radioactive sandstorms and maybe thanks to sheer luck, Sarge managed to find a good landing zone. The troop carrier landed near the arvus and the officers were discussing their future advances when suddenly Mordecai detected a psychic beacon somewhere underneath the surface, not far from where they were. It seemed to be the same kind of signal that he’d sensed before, on their hunt for the dread pearl. A team was quickly assembled and sent on an exploring mission, despite the crew’s growing anguish.

Echo and Mordecai were to go with Sarge and a few others to retrieve whatever was giving off the beacon. Aheron stayed behind to provide quick rescue with the averus in case they run into hostiles. Beside that purpose, he was strongly advised by Echo to stay back and mind his injuries as at this time he hadn’t yet recovered from his “death”. This would soon become a very common plea from Echo to Acheron since he had lost touch with his pain receptors and often withstood much damage, yielding only when his body was already heavily damaged and in need of weeks of recovery and medical treatment.

They found the way to the beacon through an apparently dilapidated building, almost completely buried in the sands of Zayith. Along the way they found a few people, indigenous folk that scavenged in the ruins and were afraid that the officers were a gang or other hostile types. But after not that many bolts fired and some negotiation the female scavenger agreed to lead them to the thing that was supposedly the source of the beacon. She said it was a vessel and that she and her partner were trying to get inside for some time. But when the crew got all the way down to the small clearing in the deep sand and concrete abyss, they discovered it to have been just a converted xeno craft, supposedly of dark eldar make. Echo detected that the machine spirit of the craft was probably very unstable or corrupted and refrained from interfacing with the craft, but instead searched the body of a Tech priest found inside. His SD card was still present and the explorator stashed this deeming it for later research, once they were out of the dangerous pit. Unfortunately, at that moment they were ambushed by a huge local gang, counting even a couple of hideous ogryns and some big creatures that Aheron’s crew hadn’t seen before.

Back on the surface, Aheron and his two vessels were surprised by a visit from a quickly aproaching land speeder. To his horror the Rogue Trader noticed a hulking black figure inside the vehicle – immediately he knew that must be what the Emperor’s finest look like, although he had never hoped of meeting one on such terms.


Storykillinger TeaVioleta

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