Tiberius Dynasty

Old memories

After reaching a safe distance from their former homeworld, Alaric and Aheron Tiberius with their ships The Emperor’s Will and “freshly acquired” Irae Juste, decided to randez-vous before making the warp jump out of the now hostile system. An urgent officers’ meeting was proclaimed and therein was decided that they are greatly understocked with food and should figure out a way to replenish their supplies without going to a major port. Alaric fortunately advised counseling with a crewmember of his who is a former (or current) pirate.

There was the minor detail of initializing the warp engine of Irae Juste and checking if she is in such a condition as to safely warp travel at all, which would require the attention of Alaric’s Tech Priests who assisted Echo Notch in diagnosticating the Gellar fields and both Engines’ condition. Incidentally it was the Senechal who finally managed to gain them entrance through the heavy bulk door locked with a missing and probably inexistant key that lead straight into the Warp engine control room.
Inside was a network of methusalean machinery in center of which hung a coil-suspended servitor that granted Echo Notch interfacing with the ancient vessel’s moody machine spirit.

Upon initial inquiry, the Explorator deduced that in order to gain access to the ship’s system, he would need to remember the last ship’s commander’s name. Contacting Aheron seemed to do the trick as he had immediately remembered this as being Lorchanus Ryn, to their mutual horror, possible ancestor of their new mercenary Lien Ryn. Quickly Echo deleted the old officers from the log and input new names, his, Aheron’s and Duncan’s into the system and thought to be giving them exclusive access to the ship’s machine spirit.

The tech priests repaired the void engine as best as they could so that the ship would be capable of facing and defeating pirates. Echo proceeded to install the Almanach Astrae Divinatum into the war room next to the ship’s bridge during that time, as per Aheron’s orders. Thanks to Alaric’s “backup” navigator, they were able to warp jump to a location suspected to be rich in pirate activity and set up an ingenious trap for the greedy pirates. It was Duncan’s know-how of Raiding parties’ inner workings that gave wake to Irae Juste being the bait, since in her current state she could easily seem to be a bountiful wreckage with no guns and defenses installed. The Emperor’s Will would of course run silent in the Grand Cruiser’s shadow until it was the right time to attack by teleporting the apostate marine and Lien Ryn onto the bridge of one of the enemy ships and shooting macrocannons at the other.

Two ship rammings later some intimidation attempts were made by both Aheron and Echo on the pirate crew, and when those tactics failed Duncan suggested looting the food quickly and leaving the pirates afloat in their damaged ship. But Aheron made another attempt, this time using his silver tongue to negotiate directly with the enemy ship’s captain. And he did manage to make a good deal with him to lend him his navigator, astropath and some crew to help with a very important mission to Port Wander in the other undamaged pirate vessel that had almost been cleaned out by the savage brute let loose earlier via teleportation. The foolish pirate asked to claim Irae Juste in return in case the Rogue Trader perishes on that journey, disregarding the fact that his brother’s light cruiser would obliterate them from existence before they could ever set foot on her.

And then another officers’ meeting was called. The fate of Wulfaz Stormsson was finally to be woven and sealed. It was decided that Alaric’s astropath would notify the Inquisition that the heretic is going to be delivered by Aheron to Port Wander in the aforementioned pirate vessel. Duncan was to accompany him and no other crewmembers or fancy equipment was to be taken, just incase the Inquisition would have proven to be impossible to reason with. Also precautions were made at great expense of the Senechal’s and Rogue Trader’s health, to put in dementia-inducing psychic wards around all memories of the apostate items, daemon sightings and questionable dabblings, since they were sure to be questioned and mind probed by the Inquisition.

Aheron made haste and the pirate navigator managed to get them into Port Wander in about 7 days. They were immediately hailed by the Inquisition. Luckily Wulfaz had never stopped rampaging aboard the vessel as there were still some entrenched enclaves of the former pirate crew all over the place. A perfect hunting mission to preoccupy him while he was being brought into the mouth of the beast. As he was resting from the battle in the cargo hold, the ship had docked under Inquisition’s commands. Aheron was ordered to join Wolfaz and meet the Inquisitor, whom hadn’t come alone.

The Ordo Hereticus squad consisted of two Deathwatch marines, several soldiers in power armour, a sanctioned psyker and the Inquisitor himself. Upon seeing them, Wolfaz gave one stern look that conveyed a plethora of really horrifying emotions to Aheron and charged with a deafening roar towards the Inquisition. The marines were quickly disposed of, one even lost his head, after which the apostate’s attention turned towards the human members of the party. Unfortunately his anger blinded him to the fact that he had previously been dominated by psykers, and as he concentrated on a horrific smiting blow to the Inquisitor’s head, he found himself once again unable to move, as little rivers of blood trickled down the psyker’s nasal orifices. He was forced to disarm himself and step onto the stasis field platform, followed by the cold Inquisitional eyes and a look of utter terror in Aheron’s eyes.

Aheron and Duncan were apprehended, separated and taken to the Interrogation rooms. The Inquisitor asked Aheron many intrusive questions and hurried him when he was speaking a tad bit slow for the Inquisitor’s taste. A finger and a kneecap suffered during the interview and Aheron strained himself to act as if in pain, lest his mutation be discovered.
Unsatisfied with Aheron’s story, the Inquisitor left the room to have him mind probed. But when the miserable and desperate Rogue Trader was left alone in his room, he was granted a peculiar visitation.

The sight of Rushana Saiid, his deceased wife and Senechal chilled him to the bone. As she started speaking of a deal they are to make and favour he is obliged to do, he reluctantly asked himself what would happen if he were to repudiate the apparition and give himself to the mercy of the Inquisitor’s judgement. But the words were too strong, and the thing that was intruding his mind managed to make him accept the terms, lest he suffer the loss of his life-saving mutation and his name forever be deemed heretical, although they didn’t seal it with a kiss as the creature had suggested.

The Inquisition disposed of Aheron and Duncan very quickly, clearing the Tiberius dynasty name in the process and giving Aheron a replacement bionic hand and leg of best craftsmanship. Despite that, they found themselves on a heap of trash in the middle of the Port Wander underhive. Luckily there were just enough rags and shady corners around to save the newly acquired bionics from being detected by the indigenous rascals. They met a man who helped them navigate to the docks and Aheron decided to repay him by taking him aboard the vessel, since he was a retired member of the Adeptus Arbites. His name is Durak (the Fool).


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