Tiberius Dynasty

New Beginnings

As with every story this one has a new chapter, this chapter begins with captain Aheron returning from the interview with the Inquisition. With his warrant of trade back, empty ship and a big dose of fear of the unknown and optimism they have started a trip to Foot-fall. Unfortunately Alaric has taken his whole crew due to the information regarding Geberic’s involvement with deamons , forcing our heroes to take the help of pirates, promising them spear parts and money in return. Course charted they started the travel, but navigator told them that the journey will take about eight months, so they changed their route to Port Wonder. During the travel captain had rode the elevator and for some reason started to run away from a female voids-men and losing his way on the new ship. The geller fields have flickered for a second, and our lost captain got a visit from an unknown entity and an abomination, fleeing for his primal fear made him hallucinate voices and after some time he got expunged into the space, dying for the second time. Fortunately that happened in real space not warp. Echo Notch and Duncan got the captain in a sealed room and tried to resuscitate him but to no avail. Lien joined them and they decided to take the captain to his room and pretend that he is alive but hurt so that the crew doesn’t lose moral or something worse. They used Echo’s capability to reproduce captains voice and managed to fool the crew. Upon arriving to Port Wander as if they had little trouble so far they managed to damage a part of docking station while docking. After that they bought a morgue and put the body in there, after that the officers began equipping the ship and themselves for the time to come. But as their track record shoes troubles follows them always and the newest edition was an old contract on captains head made to the Officio Assassinorum. In weeks to come ship and crew grew and improved but on one of the tour of the morgue Echo and Duncan found that the body of the captain was missing. That was the second time captain has cheated death. The ship finished equipping med bay and getting voids-men and troops and started traveling towards Foot-fall. Lien Ryn was promoted to the officer status and a bodyguard for the captain. And the list of their problems just got a new line. The captain told his crew about the visit of his late wife while he was in the interrogation chamber, and the deal “she” proposed and captain accepted


Well done man.

New Beginnings
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