Tiberius Dynasty

Mutiny at High Waters

A small problem

Upon leaving the Qupa Psi 12 – Verdant Eldar world, Aheron shared a few moments with his wife, telling her all his woes and how he was to discipline Vorian for these actions. She was pregnant 6 months now, carrying their little bundle of joy, so she paid no mind to his words, apart from talking about where the baby was to be born. He stormed out ready to deliver his vengeance upon the disrespectful officer. Meanwhile Vorian was being treated for broken ribs, earned from a fall from the ivory tower.

Vorian was summoned to the observatorium, at the topmost deck of the ship. In front of the heavy bulkhead door were two loyal guardsmen, Kunz and Walter. The observatorium was a spacious ballroom-like hall, illuminated by dimmed lumen candles in sconces across the hall and adorned with beautiful digitized window ports that were displaying a view into the vast mysterious void (although the ship was engaged in warp travel at that time). The middle of the room was dominated a heavy wooden table, on which sat two monoswords, two powerswords, two glasses, a bottle of whiskey, a lit candle and Aheron stood beside it.

Aheron offered a drink to Vorian, and wanted to talk about Vorian’s insubordination.
Vorian was not in the mood for a talk. Aheron insisted on Vorian hearing him out, and that they should settle their misunderstanding with a duel, while all that wine business and the talk of the duel in such injured state angered Vorian to the point that he didn’t even listen to Aheron to the end.
The young captain, was trying to explain that he would wait for Vorian to heal up so that they could duel properly, onto which Vorian replied “If you want to duel, lets do it.”, pulling out his bolt pistols and firing a couple of shots at his captain’s head. They grazed the flesh, and one bit deep, blowing apart Aheron’s right side of the jaw, and mutilating the right eye, leaving Aheron a mess. But thanks to his mutation, Aheron did not feel a thing. He grabbed the swords and tried to duel the wounded Arch Militant, but his injuries stopped him from landing a successful blow.
He dodged over 12 shots, and missed Vorian six times. The last four bullets got Aheron in the leg and chest, dropping him dead. To be safe, Vorian pumped a couple more shots to his heart.

Vorian left the Observatorium in a mess, which caused dumbfoundednes in the two guards in front of the door. Behind Vorian’s back their Rogue Trader lay dead.

He ordered them to dispose of the body, which they obeyed under fearing for their own lives.

Vorian proceeded to his chamber and, in fear of reprisal from the crew, had summoned his love interest to seek consolidation from Mia.
When she heard what had happened she hit the bottle and gotten drunk.
Meanwhile Vorian invited Mordechai to his chambers to explain to him what has happened. Upon hearing the news, Mordechai negotiated carefully to get away from the troubled man, and put himself in such a position that even if Vorian succeeded to take over the ship, Mordechai would still be considered a friend. He explained to Vorian that they never had this conversation, and left Vorian and Mia bolted up in Vorians room.

Over a flickering pict feed Rushana saw Vorian leave the Observatorium, but Aheron was nowhere to be found. Moments later soldiers were carrying a black bag out of it. Mordechai was moving towards Vorian’s room. Through tears she was barely hearing Echo Notch who was asking around on the officer’s channel where Aheron was, since he had fixed his armor and iron halo and was looking to deliver them to him.
She told him to ask no questions and just come to the bridge immediately. Upon arrival she took Acheron’s repaired protective items and ordered Echo to locate him.

Calculated and calm, Echo Notch regrouped with Mordechai and they left to find the Captain.
In the meantime Vorian rallied 5000 newly hired soldiers, scoured up from Narco-Tribes on Footfall. He tried to contact the loyal soldiers that disposed of the body, and ask them where they have hidden it, but to no avail. They would not answer, so he gathered some of the narco-tribesmen and headed for the bridge, where he tried to talk to Rushana, who was emotional and blamed him for the Captains murder. She warned him not to come any closer, but he didn’t even let her finish her accusation, and decided to storm the bridge with his men, gunning down theVoid Master, and her in the process.

During that time, Mordechai and Echo found the body of a deceased Aheron Tiberius, and heard gunshots ringing faintly throughout the hull of the ship. They contacted the Bridge to what Vorian answered and said that he has taken over the ship. Echo and Mordechai split up, one heading to the enginerium and the other to the cargo hold.

For in the cargo hold was an Abominable Intelligence that could have influenced the machine spirit of the Ship itself. Echo Notch, has made contact with this creature before, and they have grown to understanding of one another. Something deemed highly heretical by the AdMech and the Inquisition.
Communing with it gave him a way to access the ship’s functions without being physically present on the bridge.

While Mordechai went to the ship’s engine, in an attempt to gain leverage over the madman on the bridge, this only made Vorian respond by planting a Melta Charge on the navigator’s bubble during the already difficult warp journey.
Echo Notch locked down each of the bulkheads on the ship, disabling troop movement, and leaving them scattered all over the voidsmen quarters.
After a dozen of hours Vorian and the men had grown hungry, and he demanded that the way to the cafeteria be opened. The explorator obliged, opening only a few doors which lead directly to the mess hall. Vorian sent two armsmen to bring food for 400+ people in the officers quarters and the bridge, but his requests didn’t stop there. He requested that a way to the armory be opened, he wanted his men armed. Echo Notch would not comply with this during warp travel, saying that he will give him the guns, his men and everything he wants, as soon as they hit planetside, so he can leave them in peace. Vorian, by that time already greatly dissmayed by his ill fate, disagreed very quietly, and DETONATED the melta charge, killing the Navigator by burning her alive in the bubble.

Without the ship navigation and the ship bit deep from an empyreal eddy and a warp intrusion happened. Not before long, possessions were happening all over the ship, and all this tomfoolery and blood spilling had attracted a rather large beast. After shedding its mortal flesh, the Deamon started roaming the lower decks and killing everything in its wake, to a wailing sound of klaxons.

For reasons unknown, Aheron Tiberius, opened his eye. The other one was leaking on the side of his head, down to his mutilated right jaw. A hole in his chest revealed his beating heart, previously blown open.

He tried to contact the Seneschal but the link was dead. Then he contacted Echo Notch, who thought the warp was playing tricks on his mind, ignoring the first hail.
He tried one more time, and Echo Notch again disbelieved it, thinking someone had gained access to the officers’ channel, or it may be the deamon’s work.
Finally deciding it wasn’t of that nature thanks to seeing Acheron over pict feeds, he proceeded to guide him through the vents, away from the rampaging deamon that was chasing him through several levels, all the way up to the barracks, where Echo guided Aheron in such an inhumane way so the deamon became “preoccupied” with the newly hired soldiers.

Guiding Aheron all the way back to the Engine room, where Mordechai was entrenched.
Mordechai refused to let Aheron into the engine control room, fearing that a deamon has possessed him and brought him back to life.

After that, the Abominable Intelligence found a way to activate the warp engine and get them out of the warp on the planned location, following plans left behind by Wyn.
Although the warp exit succeeded, suffering critical damage, the ship was left floating in the orbit of Zayith.


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