Tiberius Dynasty

Leaving Footfalls

After a sudden realization that someone was trying to kill the Captain, Echo Notch decided to do Vorians job and to guard Aheron closely. He did it so well that before they got to the ship, there was two more attempts on his life. Not feeling any of the stabs and arrow shots, Aheron’s body was failing, his leg began to falter, his knees to quiver, and he started to cough blood.
Ambush on the way back to the ship, did not help Aheron’s frail condition.
Surviving a scuffle, and learning later that Krawkin Feckward was behind the trivial attempts on their lives.
Having but a day before The Auction begins, they decided to ask around about this Krawkin Feckward. Learning that he’s a rogue trader and a slaver, and that he has near his dock a cargo container with ten thousand plus slaves, ready to be sold to the auction.

They left the business to the Seneschal, and she spared no expense and found the best of narco-gangers to get the job done sloppily, but efficiently. More then three thousand slaves died, and they let them loose all over Footfalls. Creating major disturbances over the entire station, and leaving quite the name for themselves in the records of the Imperium.

Later in the Obsidian Emporium the auction was being held, following the Madman’s plan, they offered him, as he was also a deamonhost. Bound and gagged, with his tentacle arms replaced by bionics, that were easily detachable, Keith Richards found a bit of a problem in killing twenty plus armed infantry, without hands, and in chains.

So the officers scored the entry to the witches secret club, and seen things that they shouldn’t.

Hour or so later, they disembarked for the system’s jump point, along with every other Rogue Trader that was in the port.

Several days later, nearing the outer reaches of the system and onto the warp jump, they were hailed by a nearby Rogue Trader Lord Admiral Bastille the VII. Who seemed to be firing into the void blindly, like he needed to get rid of all the ammunition his Cruiser was carrying. Deciding to help the old war veteran, they steered their transport ship with pathetic amount of ordnance for the fray, against an unknown assailant.

Responding to Bastille’s cries for assistance, they notified him, and Bastille ordered them to position themselves on the location near his ship, and await for the next strike. They learned that the threat was a cloaked Eldar ship.
With their meager positioning and not being able to score any hits against a far more maneuverable Eldar vessel, two Rogue Traders found themselves outgunned by the sole enemy ship.

Seeing that the enemy has chosen to cripple a weaker target, Bastille decided to break away from the combat and go silent, avoiding Eldar and leaving Tiberius Dynasty to fend for themselves.

Realizing they do not stand a chance against this vessel, Aheron called for a ceasefire and disengage. This was tried multiple times until finally they shook off the Eldar.

Now badly damaged, their ship continued the journey towards the warp jump point.



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