Tiberius Dynasty

Fine Wine

Couple of days and few Gellar field flickers later, they emerged unto a verdant world.
Disembarking in their trusty Arvus Carrier, they shot for the orbit of the planet.
During descent Mordechai sensed a disturbance in the warp, and they were quickly washed over by unknown energies that disabled their ship, and left them crashed in the bog. The Captain was hitting the bottle hard that day for some reason, which in Vorian’s eyes had made him less then human.

The marshes were hard to traverse, jungle thick, and air humid. Thousands of small insects plagued the crew, and a large one was trying to eat their Arvus carrier.

Later that horrible day, the captain started emptying his third bottle of wine, to which Vorian objected by cutting an elaborate straw that lead through Aheron’s respirator on his helmet, and spilling a fine stock on the thick flora. Running out of water, they hailed the ship to send the Dread Claw Droppod, which they found on the Righteous Path. Apart from that Aheron had some more requisitions in mind and wanted to talk to the ship, trying to take the Vox Caster from Vorian’s hand. Vorian, responded with “You’re drunk!”, disobeying the order. In response young Aheron was so outraged that he pulled a pistol on his officer debating if he was to fire. Not being intimidated by sniveling threats, Vorian knocked down his Captain before Aheron could even pull the trigger. Aheron sat down in a bulk of a tree where something tried to bite him. A large centipede, broke the tension, making them forget and work out the excess anger on squishing some bugs.

In the end they found the Ancient Eldar Temple.


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