Tiberius Dynasty

Exploring the Righteous Path

Upon disembarking the Aquila-Lander they started navigating the icy asteroid in their bulky void suits. Seconds later they noticed two voidsmen dressed in Fel colours, running from the Gun-cutter which was gearing for a takeoff. Seconds later Tiberian Aquila Lander was taking heavy fire in a dogfight. Afraid not to lose profit in repairing and purchasing another vessel, inexperienced Rogue Trader ordered the vessel to back off, leaving the infantry and officers that were now exposed to Fel Gun-Cutter.
Vorians quick thinking and command saved the officers lives, for he immediately belayed the previous order, and saved a lot of lives that day.
Reaching the safety of the thick Grand Cruisers hull, they absolutely forgotten to give the disengage order to the Aquila-Lander, suffering heavy damage but winning the dogfight.
Dark and vast hallways awaited them, filled with possibilities of ambushes around each corner.
The old vessel had too many bulkheads and anatomy unknown to the crew. Eventually the Tech-Priest convinced everyone that his maps were right, and lead everyone to the bridge, surviving one ambush in vacuum along the way.
Coming around the corner to the bright light and a few stark shadows, they tried to surprise the bunch of Fel Armsmen in front of the bridge door, but that went afoul when the missionary failed to sneak up to her position, alerting the enemies.
The gunfight erupted, and it went in the favor of explorers.
Troops that died in the firefight were the Hadaraks men, guarding the first door to the bridge, behind whom Hadarak was with his psyker, trying to decipher the second keycode lock.
After a brief negotiation the traders struck a deal, Aheron and his men find the keycode to the second door, and in turn they would duel for the ships bounties. Explorers set out through the dark halls to the enginarium, shadowed by something dark. After the arrival to the enginarium they broke in and tried to start up an emergency power generator.
Scouring the ship, they didn’t find any bodies at all, apart from the med bay, where a few corpses lay strewn about, one amongst them was a previous captain of the derelict ship. Previously found dataslate in his quarters that was being charged by the techpriest lumien, to reveal a disturbing message in the last journal entry. In his lunacy, he has hid puzzles along the ship, playing with the crew, one of the puzzles was hidden in the med bay autodock, where the series of chain scalpels and monoblades would carve the numbers in a live occupants flesh. The nervous subordinates exchanged worrisome looks, who of them was to be sacrificed to the madness of the long dead captain. There was a disturbance in the hallway, after a careful exploration, they noticed the debris from the ruins, floating around in zero gravity, attracted by the artificial gravity of the med bay. After the false alarm they returned to the subject at hand. As soon as the first breath was taken to talk about the machine and the sick puzzle one of the five soldiers in the corridor noticed a shambling corpse, followed by a horde of others.
Bunched up in the medbay, the time running out, Astropath jumped on the torture rack and hit the activation rune, butchering himself and almost bleeding to death, while the EchoNotch worked on opening the vents for their escape.Making their escape they returned to the bridge avoiding hordes of shambling corpses.


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