Tiberius Dynasty

Dry Dock

After the nice chitchat with the inquisition, Aheron and Duncan headed back for their pirate vessel for a trip home. The bridge of the Hezroth class raider was the most uncomfortable place to be, due to the new quirky navigator, whoms vocal chords were over stained during the warp jump.
Screaming atop of his lungs from the horrifying abominations floating through the warp, and the constant strain of navigating the ship.
After several days of constant cacophony, two headaches and twenty seven pain suppressant pills later they have arrived at their destination.
They were hailed by the former Irae Juste and the Emperors Will. After a lot of planning and talk with Alaric, the former benefactor of the wayward young Aheron, has departed in the upmost queer way. He has done so after Aheron mentioned the fate of their brother Geberic. Whom was expunged from historical records of the Imperium.

Left to their own they rushed to footfalls and port wander gearing as much as they could and burning profit factor in the process.


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