Tiberius Dynasty


After eight long months the rescue has arrived in the form of captain’s older brother Alaric, and our adventurers were finally able to get of the dead rock of a planet. Gathering their possessions and crew they boarded the ship and left Zayth behind them. Alaric’s ship was marvelous both outside and inside, with facilities that were only a dream for our adventurers. Transport tubes, arboretum, cathedral, manofactorum and med-bay were just a few thing on-board the mighty ship. The ship was composed of female crew only and among them were members of Adepta Sororitas. After they were placed in their room and given new attire, they were summoned to a meeting to discuss what to do next. Alaric was different than our captain remembered him, wearing a mask and having his crew composed of only women, but that was a conversation for another time. Aheron was informed that he will have to give something of value to his brother by the order of their father because eight months have passed and no profit factors were made. The second and more pressing matter was Wulfaz, Alaric contacted the inquisition asking about him and found out that he was deemed a heretic and the Inquisition wanted him, now they were waiting for them at their home planet. They had until Foot-fall to decide what to do with Wulfaz. Echo, Mordechai and Duncan were for extradition of Wulfaz, but Aheron was against it, and so the time passed while Aheron tried to decide what to do. Alaric informed his guests that there will be a tree day debauchery and that they are all invited to join but the officers were of limits to all. And so the first night has come, they all went to the tower of pleasure and Mordechai, Echo and Duncan entered it first while Aheron came fifteen minutes later. They had VIP room for themselves while Aheron and Alaric were at the main table. Before the party started Aheron revealed his gift to his brother, a statue of God Emperor that was over thousand years old. And after that the party has started, conversation between brother was short but Aheron managed to learn that the reason his brother has all female crew vas due to his inability to get along with males, what happened exactly he never said. It was the first time they saw male crew members and it was explained to them that they work to death in the press-ganged part of the ship just so they could be here. Duncan was busy that night as well as Echo Notch while Mordechai went to the library, and Aheron convinced some girl to visit Duncan and play a prank on him. In the morning, with a new meeting was arranged to finally decide what to do with a heretic, and Aheron prank was reviled when Duncan asked them what does “faas nasruhr” mean, barely holding his laugh in Aheron asked: “what do you mean wrong hole?” and so it was reviled that Aheron convinced some poor girl to go to Duncan and have “fun” with him and at one point start shouting faas nasruhr confusing poor Duncan, it was a night full of bad decisions.

The meeting hit a wall again since only Aheron didn’t want to give Wulfaz. So Alaric told him that if he doesn’t get off at Foot-fall he will be given to the Inquisition. The remaining days were spent in relative peace, Duncan was studding with Alaric’s seneschal while Echo Notch and Mordechai were observing sororitas and trying to learn more about them and Aheron spend his days reading and writing his journal. One day in the gymnasium Aheron decided to challenge one of the sororitas to a duel, one of them accepted on the condition that his crew stops following them all around the ship. So the duel started and it was a fun thing to watch until Aheron managed to land a punch on the sister, that’s when shit hit the fan and she went into frenzy beating him without stopping and without care for his safety. Echo jumped in the ring and other sisters took the silver eyed away from the gymnasium, and so the Captain was forced to go to med bay again.

They jumped out of warp at Foot-fall to resupply and sell some items, and the time to decide was upon them. But first they went to the auction house to sell their Dread-claw drop pod and AI, they managed to place the Dread-claw for a price of eight profit factors, while the AI was to be sold to a traveler for a bountiful system. Echo was very sad and a bit mad that the AI was gone. Next order of business was to settle accounts with the Kasballica commission, they were greeted by cold attitude but that changed when they showed them Tau armour and rifle, but unfortunately Aherons sword was sold do to his late appearance. And so they started their cooperation again from a clean slate. When they returned to the ship final meeting was held and it was decided that Wulfaz will be handed over to the inquisition, and so their journey home began.


Storykillinger Iwan

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