Tiberius Dynasty

A change is on the horizon

Arrival of the new Tiberius

In the middle of debating the best course of action about cleaning the Satyricon, Regis had excused himself and explained that he has a monstrous headache. Moments later Echo Notch noticed something very disturbing on one of the viewing shrines on the bridge of the Grand Cruiser. A throng of cultists were dragging one of the macro shells to a designated spot, where they were probably going to use it in some deadly ritual. Knowing how dangerous that could be, Echo Notch and Kompost, along with their squad of stormtroopers and a platoon of armed men Astrid agreed to spare, rushed to the macrocannon loading bay. At the same time Aheron rushed over to the lighter bay of the Argus Maleus, pleading Maxwell Kind to prepare a detachment of soldiers and a flier. Unfortunately as he did not give them enough time to do that, he jumped into the first available guncutter by himself and rushed towards the Satyricon to help his friends.

Echo Notch and Kompost soon arrived to the loading bay with their troops and, to their horror, the shell was about to be hit with a large shock maul by a chosen cultist. Kompost immediately took a lasgun from one of the troopers and killed that cultist which was holding the hammer, while Echo Notch sprinted to get closer to the shell. With the chosen one dead, anger overwhelmed the cultists and they started charging at the intruders. There was about one hundred and twenty of them, dressed in tatters with a crazed look in their eyes. Kompost continued to shoot at the ones that were climbing to hit the shell whit smaller hammers.

Echo Notch tried to intimidate the masses by using the power harnessed in his potentia coil to rise from the ground with his Omnissian power axe in hand, releasing crackling bolts of electricity in the process and speaking in a terrifying voice “YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU ARE DOING! YOU DEFILE THE MACHINE SPIRIT OF THIS HOLY VESSEL OF THE OMNISSIAH WITH YOUR HERETICAL DABBLINGS! OMNISSIAH WILL BE ANGERED AND THOU SHALL BE PUNISHED SEVERELY! STAND DOWN AND DISPERSE IMMEDEATELY FOR DEATH SHALL BE A WELCOMING SIGHT AFTER WHAT PUNISHMENT AWAITS YOU…”. But what would work on normal men, did not work on these crazed cultists and they continued their charge. The soldiers, along with Astrid’s men and Kompost, prepared to fight when they noticed that the shock maul was once again in the hands of one of the cultists and the first strike was made. Luckily nothing had happened this time.

Aheron was trying to get to the loading bay as fast as he could, so he thought that it was best if he ask Echo to open a macrocannon tube for him to land inside. But Echo couldn’t spare a second since the strikes to the shell were getting more and more frequent and he feared they could soon ignite the charge. In this dire situation the Explorator’s quick thinking and capabilities saved the day. He piously uttered his prayer to the Omnissiah and extended his hand towards the hammer. Everyone was amazed as the anger of the Omnissiah manifested in Echo’s potentia coil, which released more lightning sparks, evoking a magnetic force that instantly summoned the deadly tool to his hand. To his surprise it was a thunder warhammer, a weapon uncommon amongst non-astartes.

That was the sign to open fire as it did not stop the cultists’ charging. All of the troops started shooting, soon killing most of the cultist and hunting down those that tried to run away. Aheron took Echo’s advice and came to the bridge with the guncutter. He congratulated his friends on a mission well done. As a safety measure gun nests were put in each of the loading bays and patrols were formed to stop the same thing from happening again. After a brief break they tried to get in contact with Regis but he still gave no response. They contacted the bridge on Spiridon but no one had seen or heard him in a couple of hours. Acheron and Echo decided to investigate what is going on personally, while Kompost stayed on the Satyricon to guard it as best as he could. Aheron wanted to pilot the guncutter himself on their way to the other ship, but Echo urged him not to since he didn’t have one arm and on his other the hand was severely damaged. The Rogue Trader stubbornly agreed but insisted Echo lets him be the co-pilot, which soon proved to be a big mistake.

As Echo sat down in the back, the Pilot strapped himself in next to Aheron and set off from the Satyricon. Since it was a short flight Aheron didn’t find it worth buckling his seat-belt. Soon as they started traveling towards the Spiridon the pilot used subterfuge to divert Aheron’s attention towards a crack in the windshield. As the gullible Rogu Trader turned his head to look at it, the pilot stabbed him in the neck, wounding him greatly. In self-defense, Aheron drew his gun and fired, but unfortunately he missed and instead blew out the windshield. The assassin stabbed him again. Echo heard the claxons as the cabin pressure dropped and tried to kill the assassin quickly shooting him in the head with his melta, but the assassin was too agile and dodged the shot. The result was that the front of the cockpit melted away into the void, exposing Aheron to suffocation.

The struggle for survival continued but with a new enemy, the vacuum. The assassin had proven to be too swift for them and he managed to fell Aheron, despite suffering a direct hit from Echo’s melta. The Explorator realized that it would be quite inconvenient to search the void later for Aheron’s body, so he disregarded his own safety and, with a new prayer to the Omnissiah, managed to lure Aheron’s corpse back into the vessel. The assassin used that opportunity to stab Echo several times, until he lost consciousness.

Upon waking up, Aheron saw the state the craft was in and rushed into the back section to seal it off so he could breathe. The first thing that he thought was that the Officio assassinorum had come to finish the contract that was put on his head more than two hundred years ago. Then he saw Echo floating about and rushed towards him, not noticing the assassin who was in the corner. Once again the struggle for life begun, but this time Aheron was ready and finished the already wounded assassin off. With the compartment sealed and pressurized, Aheron tried to help Echo and see if he was alive, but he didn’t know how. Luckily the next moment Echo awoke. They called in an accident and asked for a pick up from the Spiridon, giving their last known coordinates.

Upon arrival on the Spiridon, Aheron rushed to Regis’ room with Echo and several soldiers, fearing that the assassins may have attacked Regis as well. The door was locked and there was no response from the inside, so Echo decided to hack the panel. Entering the room, they saw a pretty disturbing sight – the usually clean room was now a mess. Table flipped, papers and dataslates all over the floor, blood on the wooden décor and carpet, pieces of clothes everywhere… The sounds of running water was coming from the shower, so they quickly turned their attention towards the bathroom.

They saw Regis standing in front of a broken mirror in ripped clothes and wet, as if staring into something unknown. Echo ordered the men to retreat and started walking slowly towards Regis, talking to him carefully the whole way and trying to get his attention. Regis finally snapped out of it once Echo was right beside him. With a scared look on his face and a trembling voice, the young Tiberius said that he had changed and asked for an astropath’s or a navigator’s help immediately.

Aheron was surprised and disturbed when he heard Regis’ scream in his head, but luckily no one else heard this. Not knowing how dangerous it could be, Echo ordered the soldiers to leave the room and asked Aheron to leave as well. Not wanting to leave, Aheron tried to persuade Echo to let him stay, but luckily La Roix had come over to see what was happening, and Echo asked him to take care of Aheron’s wounds. At that moment one of the crew brought a message for Regis. Aheron was trying to persuade the man to hand it over to him, but Echo took it and rushed Aheron into a neighboring room with La Roix. Aheron didn’t like that but he managed to keep his temper under control.

Moments later the astropath came over and Echo brought him into Regis’ room. After a brief explanation they came to the conclusion that Regis has awakened to the warp. As if this news wasn’t grim enough, the message that Echo gave him was from Scylla, his cousin, who was in a dire situation back on Footfall. After reporting the situation to the others and a brief training from the astropath to help him calm his mind, Regis set off on a voyage to the Footfall with Maxwell Kind. During their trip they talked about business and future mutual endeavors.

They met with an emissary of Dahook near the Footfall in an obscure underworld meeting hub, to hand over 2000 fighters for his arena, in exchange for profit and respect, as per their agreement. Upon completing the transaction, they went on to Footfall. The meeting place which Scylla was the temple of the God Emperor, but since there were a lot of worshippers and other people passing through the temple, the time that it took them to find each other was longer than they expected. Scylla was in the company of the missionary Sigismund, a stern looking priest with a passion for fine beverage.

They went to their hideout to converse briefly, but quickly agreed to move to the Argus Maleus, quite a safer location. After resupplying and buying necessary equipment they were ready to go back to the gate of The Processional. The trip went smoothly, and they spent their time talking to each other and to their hosts. For the first time after months of pursuit, they could rest. The most exciting thing that happened was the discovery that Maxwell had developed some feelings towards Scylla. The two moths’ trip seamed to go by like an instant. During that time, Aheron, Echo and Kompost decided to clear out the crew quarters of the Satyricon and reclaim some of the lost treasures that were on the ship.

Luckily Astrid had been living in Aheron’s former room in the officers’ quarters, and no one had cleaned out his secret stash below the bear hide on the floor. First and most important was the familiy’s Warrant of Trade. Second – the ancient flag of the family and, thirdly, but not less important, was the family’s Blessed Armour of st. Drussus, as well as a couple of Aheron’s personal trinkets.

As the Argus Maleus entered the system, troops aboard the Spyridon have prepared the mess hall and the welcoming committee. The guncutter with the guests landed in the ship’s cargo bay. Aheron was quite excised to meet his mysterious relative. Scylla immediately noted the poor condition of the crew’s uniforms, and the general unkemptness of the vessel. After a formal introduction, they proceeded to the mess hall for a banquet. Their conversation went on late into the evening.


Storykillinger Iwan

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